Kitchen countertops history

Early kitchen countertops

Everyone has a kitchen and a countertop used as working space or even dining table. The thing seems so obvious that not many people wonder about kitchen countertop nature and origins. Kitchen countertops history is an important element of history of human development and is worth to be carefully studied. First kitchen countertops were made of wood and stone. Only imagine early people from the distant past who cooked over a fireplace. What they needed was just a simple construction of wood and stone over the crackling fire. When first kitchens started to appear and became more and more popular the countertops were still wooden and stone. These two materials were simply the most available ones, hence it was only natural to have this kind of countertop.

Early 19th century brought some changes. In rich houses and estates people could finally afford more exquisite materials – such as marble, finer wooden materials or even metals. At this time countertops gained new appearance and became much more sophisticated than before. Finally, kitchen countertop became something more than just a necessary appliance, important only because of its practical qualities. Simple and sturdy countertops became things of the past associated with primitive old days. Soon marble became replaced with granite – but not totally. Countertop became more and more sign of wealth and style than only a basic tool.

Kitchen countertops nowadays

Today kitchen countertops have a lot of faces. Frist of all, they are still necessary elements of every kitchen. They need to fulfill the basic practical needs. They must be easy and simple to use but also to clean and maintain. They need to guarantee hygiene and safe conditions of usage. Yet, at the same time they need to be elegant and pleasant to look at. Kitchen as the very heart of many homes after all needs to be welcoming and inviting. Kitchen countertop at its center must be therefore eye-catching and stylish. It can’t be dull and boring.

Today market of kitchen countertops is constantly developing. New materials appear all the time and the designs become fashionable. Natural stones still remain very popular. There are highly demanded granite, marble or soapstone kitchen countertops, but there are also other materials available. Think for example about engineered stones such as quartz which can have a lot of colors, which are not available in case of natural stones. Kitchen countertops are gaining momentum now and it’s really interesting how are they going to develop in the future. Since, the beginning of history kitchen countertop has played an important role and this probably won’t change anytime soon.

Modern day kitchen countertop become more and more unusual in terms of design. Architects and common customers become more and more sophisticated and creative when it comes to kitchen countertops. Who knows what new ideas can make of them?


How to take care of stone floors

Stone floors – characteristics

Stone floors definitely look beautiful and give your home a classy touch, no matter the stone or style. Yet, they need to withstand a lot of harmful factors. Only think of splashing water, heavy lid thumping down, dirt and dust rolling all over. Stone floors are by nature resistant to all these factors. They are proved to be durable and difficult to scratch. Heat and liquids also won’t do them any serious damage. Still, to keep them clean and shiny for years they need to be taken care properly. Before even starting to mop the floor bear in mind its characteristics and the material. Only then cleaning can be truly effective.

Stone floors – ways of cleaning

There are of course many ways of cleaning. It all depends on the specific material and its qualities. First of all, be sure that your floor is properly sealed. This you need to check with the installer. Stone floors in bathroom and kitchen need to be additionally protected from ever present moist. Only then when your stone floor is properly sealed and caulked, if necessary, you can think broad how to take care of stone floors. Stone floors need to be regularly dusted to keep off the dirt. Good idea is to use vacuum, but remember to check it’s set on ‘hard floor’ mode. Never use ordinary rotating brush. This can destroy stone surface. Once a week or so you should clean your floor with damp mop. Be careful to use detergent designated to particular kind of stone. Best idea is to check with your floor supplier to be on a safe side. Mops should be soft. Never use abrasive cloths or brushes. Avoid strong cleaners, especially the ones containing acid or lemon juice. They can only scratch the surface. Summing up, to keep your stone floor clean remember to dust it with soft mop or vacuum and clean with wet mop with specially dedicated detergent. Basically that’s all.

Stone floors – further tips

What are other useful ideas how to take care of stone floors? To keep the dirt of it’s good idea to put mats at the entryways. In this way a lot of dirt can be kept away. This can be further helped if you use slippers inside your home. These simple ways can easily help you in keeping stone floors clean. Although, stone floors aren’t very porous if something spills make sure to wipe it dry immediately. In this cases you don’t need any special treatment. Generally, remember that stone floors don’t require any dedicated supplies or tools. Vacuum with ‘hard floor’ mode, soft mop and a few clean cloths is really everything you need. Clean water and some mild detergent can keep your floor clean. To make it shiny just polish the flooring with a cloth with few drops of oil. Also, you don’t need to wax your floor or hire professional cleaners. If you just follow these simple tips your stone floors should last you for many years.

However, to keep it safe every few years you may want to think of resealing your floor. This you should check with your supplier. If you have problem with discoloring, which can happen in rare cases try to use some bleach. Best practice here is to contact your supplier once again. Not all bleaches are safe for particular stones.


Kitchen visualisation – make your dream kitchen alive

Kitchen visualisation – online tools

Before even starting remodelling your kitchen you need to be sure what to do. You can always simply throw the walls down and see what’s left standing to start with, but much safer and cleaner option is to get prepared and think it all over. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on professional kitchen project or advice, online kitchen visualiser or sketcher can be a good starting point. Online kitchen visualisers and sketchers are tools, most often free, which allow you to create perfect colour combination of various kitchen parts and see if they match. In more advanced tools you can also select style of doors, worktops and flooring and choose where to place furniture parts. Anyway, it’s only a basic tool but it is always a good idea to play with, come up with some useful ideas or just find an inspiration. These online tools don’t provide full kitchen visualisation, so don’t expect to have a ready to apply kitchen design. These are just fun applications, that can help you decide where to start and what things to consider.

Kitchen visualisation – other ideas

If simple applications are not enough for you you can always get more professional and try using more advanced software. 3D kitchen visualisations are gaining momentum now. These highly professional projects are used mostly by retailers, manufacturers and designers to carefully visualise all elements making the perfect kitchen. 3D presentations, based on the newest technology, are state of the art designs, where you can truly immerse yourself in the kitchen. They are known for their quality and detail. If you are interested in using them you will need some basic knowledge of the 3D software. These tools aren’t also free. The best solution here is to get in touch with designer agencies and try it out. You can easily get involved in creating the project, decide on all the parameters and get custom designed kitchen visualisation fulfilling all your needs.

Kitchen visualisation – keep modern

Whatever way you choose to have kitchen visualisation remember to keep it modern. After all, the main purpose of kitchen remodelling should be to make it functional in the modern world. Indicators of modern design are basically: simplicity, minimalism, natural materials and light. In practice it means that you keep the furniture and appliances to the minimum, don’t clutter your kitchen with useless decorations, furnish it with natural stones like granite, marble or wood and use as much of natural light as possible. As a result your kitchen is spacious (even if it’s really small), functional and easy to navigate. All these qualities are especially important when it comes to living in the modern world. Today’s world with its constant haste, lack of time and ongoing change doesn’t leave you time to wander through clumsy spaces. Spacious kitchen with clearly arranged spaces is what suits you best nowadays.


What is the best stone for the kitchen?

What is the best stone for the kitchen? This is the question many of you ask when deciding on furnishing your kitchen. One of the possibilities are natural stones. They can give your kitchen classy touch and allure which some say may not be comparable with engineered stones. Texture, depth and colors of natural stones are truly unique and can really set your kitchen off. How to effectively use these qualities in furnishing your kitchen? The answer is to carefully consider your needs and find material with suitable features.

The best stone for the kitchen – important factors

Deciding on the best stone for the kitchen with so wide range of products available on the market paradoxically is not an easy task. As with engineered stones and surfaces there are many factors you need to take into account. First of all kitchen is most often a vital part of your living space, full of everyday activities. Therefore, it’s not only aesthetics that matters but also factors such as durability of the material used, its usefulness (think of all the spots and stains that need to be cleaned, of all the possible impacts that may affect the surface, of all the possible activities etc.) design which suits all your practical needs, the possibility of fabrication, installation and finally cost. Every kitchen is different, so there is no way to find the best stone for the kitchen fit for all.

The best stone for the kitchen – materials

The best stone for kitchen countertops considering the natural stones are: granite, marble and soapstone. They all have different features so it’s really important to carefully think over what suits our needs best. Granite is a rock formed from magma, densely grained and very hard. It can be polished in a variety of ways. It’s known for its unique color – each slab is different and its high durability – it’s almost impossible to scratch. Therefore, it’s a lifetime investment. However, you need to be careful with liquids, if they are not removed immediately stains may be left.
Marble is a metamorphic rock, the name derives from Greek and means to sparkle. It guarantees the timeless elegance with its unique color and veining. In contrast to granite marble is a softer material which can be scratched. Soapstone is made of mineral talc. Its name derives from the smooth surface, in touch similar to soap. It emanates certain warmth hence it’s often used in traditional interiors. It is hardly resistant to all kind of stains and bacteria. It’s also non porous so it doesn’t absorb liquids. The color range is however limited, from white to dark shades. These are just a few distinct features of the most popular best stone for the kitchen worktops.

With regards to price natural stones described here are not by definition more expensive then engineered materials. It all depends on variety of factors, starting from customizing the project, ordering material, fabrication, delivery etc. Certainly it’s an option worth considering.


Granite worktops – production and care

Granite worktops – why their production should be entrusted to professionals?

Stone processing is a difficult and time-consuming process. The final effect is achieved as a consequence of several actions such as giving the slab a desired shape, grinding, polishing, finishing the edges. In order to perform all these actions correctly, one needs to have knowledge, experience, years of practice and specialized equipment. So if you want to install elegant and durable granite worktops in your kitchen, entrust their production to professionals! There are several compelling reasons that justify this solution and we decided to discuss them.

Reasons why you should entrust the production of granite worktops to an experienced stonemasonry company:

  • Support of professionals – are you unable to choose the type and shade of stone and don’t know whether it will suit the shade of floor, walls and kitchen cabinets? The professionals from stonemasonry company will give you an advice and suggest best possible solutions. You just have to deliver all the necessary information and they will do their best to adjust the product to your individual needs.
  • Skills and modern equipment – stonemasonry companies, which have been producing granite worktops for many years know the requirements of the market, are up to date with modern technologies, improve their skills and invest in modern equipment. They do it in order to make the production process more efficient, expand the catalogue of products, increase the number of types of finish etc. In other words – the professionals do their best in order to meet the client’s needs and deliver item that he desires.
  • Information about estimated costs – almost every stonemasonry company, before processing the order prepares a quote and informs about estimated costs. This is very helpful because you get an idea about the costs before placing your order, you can compare several offers and choose the best one. Of course, in order to make it possible, you have to provide appropriate information such as dimensions of the worktop (width, length and thickness), choose type of stone, indicate the number of holes, define the type of edges etc. It is best to send a project, which takes into account all these parameters or use an online quote (if the company has one). Of course you can provide all the necessary information via phone or email.
  • Transport and installation – most renowned stonemasonry companies not only produce granite worktops, but they also deliver and install them (usually the cost of transport is included in the price, but sometimes you have to pay extra). The services are comprehensive and the company takes responsibility for potential damages that occur during delivery or installation. You don’t have to worry about anything. The seller takes all responsibility. It is convenient, safe and economic solution. Just think of the costs you would have to cover if you hired a shipping company and the worktop was damaged in transport!

How to care for your granite worktop

Granite worktop, like everything else in the house, require regular care in order to be admired. Responsible usage will ensure their beautiful appearance for many years to come.

Depending on the material used for granite worktop production, they require proper care. Laminate tops should be wiped using soft cloth with a small amount of washing up liquid and then polished with a microfiber cloth. For tougher stains one can use cream cleanser or baking soda mixed with water. The remains of the cleanser should be washed away with water and the tops wiped dry.

Granite worktops should be treated slightly differently. Stains should be  wiped off immediately and for granite tops cream cleanser (containing no bleach) should be used. One can buy special cleansers especially for granite and marble. For every day care, damp, absorbent cloth should be used for wiping the surfaces. It is advisable to protect those tops by impregnating them.

Wooden tops require special treatment. Wood can be easily damaged, therefore, it is helpful to use cleansers especially designed for it and to protect it from time to time using wax or oil. Regardless of what material the top is made, one must use cutting boards and mats to be placed under hot pots, which should not be moved  long the surfaces, thus avoiding scratches. All stains should be removed immediately with a damp cloth.

Following these steps will allow us to enjoy our beautiful kitchen and spotless tops.


Quartz Worktops – Desire of Every Cook

A kitchen makes way for an entire home. Combined with the elegance and pleasing appearance of other rooms in the home, families also need a perfect kitchen which provides the pleasure and pleasure of cooking great foods. It is therefore very important for individuals to find the right materials for that kitchen add-ons and fittings like sink, cabinets and countertops. Kitchen worktops come in a number of materials like granite, quartz, wood, etc. It’s an important decision for the folks to find the right material that might be effective by means of investments and utility. Any material that’s selected ought to be less costly and durable. It ought to last a long time. The fabric ought to be heat and scratch resistant to ensure that any danger from hot kitchen items could be averted.

Quartz movement worktops are extremely common nowadays because it possess the majority of the qualities that the ideal kitchen worktop material should posses. Quartz movement kitchen worktops are comprised of the natural combination of epoxy resins which behave as a glue and quartz movement mineral. The fabric enables removing food stains with tepid to warm water and cleaning soap with no damage. Quartz movement worktops are less expensive than granite kitchen worktops. Although the benefit of granite is much more than quartz movement, the price involved with quartz movement worktops are extremely less as in comparison to granite worktops. Quartz movement kitchen worktops will be a very good choice for those who have limited earnings. The quartz movement worktops possess a matte finish that makes it among the best materials. The constant maintenance price is very low without any dependence on sharpening and resealing. They’re non-porous and haven’t associations using the discoloration risks.

Once the choice between various materials for kitchen worktops comes, everything is dependent around the preferences from the purchasers. While coming to a such purchases, it might be essential for anyone to softly evaluate the qualities that every material offers. Specialist help where needed ought to be taken so the best is received from the investment. That material ought to be selected which doesn’t compromise around the desires of individuals according to the kitchen’s looks.


Stone Offcuts – the best Decor material

Let’s say you have ordered a granite worktop for your kitchen. The product you received is of the best possible quality, you have invested a lot of money in this extremely durable and immensely beautiful element of the interior décor (and a necessary one too, as you cannot imagine a kitchen without a worktop, right?). But did you ever wonder how your worktop was made and what is left after the manufacturing process is complete?

Making a marble or granite worktop is not easy and it demands a lot of skill and experience in stonemasonry and industry equipment use. When the experts from the worktop company finish their work, which involves cutting, grinding and polishing huge and heavy slabs of natural stone to fit the material of your choice in your kitchen, their workstations are full of offcuts which are then transported to the warehouse. Why, you may ask? Because marble and granite are very expensive materials and simply throwing the stone offcuts or using them for a simple construction work (for example as an element of a building’s foundation) would be a waste of the properties and looks of those resources. That is why stonemason companies store offcuts instead of getting rid of them – to give their clients yet another superb decorative material for a fraction of a pracie of a whole granite or marble slab of stone.

If you are satisfied with your worktop, you might be also interested in using a similar material for window sills, wall decorations or any other idea you have in mind. That’s where utilizing offcuts come in handy, as you may simply ask the company which prepared your worktop to create other elements of the interior design out of the leftovers of the same material! This way, you can create a wholly coherent space for a fair price – prices of marble and granite offcuts are very low (especially if you compare them to the price of a whole slab of stone used for a kitchen worktop), while the properties, durability and beauty stays the same. These characteristics make offcuts the best solution for cheap, yet wonderful home décor for every house – no matter what design you have chosen for your home, a stone decorative element will surely find its place in the interior.


Spectrolite granite

Spectrolite granite will certainly bring a unique and beautiful element to your kitchen space, what with it’s dark blue-black base with flecks of bright blue and even deep purple hues. Depending on the slab, you can find a look in this granite that rather resembles the beauty of galaxies in space, which certainly sounds gorgeous. This granite really is a beautiful, unique choice and will certainly never fail to look amazing.

The dark blue-black base of this granite rather resembles a midnight sky and the varying flecks of blue add depth and mystery. This granite will look amazing with cabinetry in any colour and material, though many people find that it looks especially attractive with light-coloured cabinets, particularly in white. Still, this granite will surely look fantastic with any design you wish, and we are sure you will be able to create your dream kitchen with this gorgeous granite providing a wonderful focus point.

There are many reasons for why granite worktops are so popular, not least of which is that despite them being one of the more expensive options out there, they are so durable and long-lasting that you are getting great value for your money. Granite worktops are highly heat-proof and water-resistant, so they will hold up wonderfully against any kitchen activities, and this durability makes them very popular in family homes with young children or for those who do a great deal of cooking.

Spectrolite granite need little maintenance to keep them looking great, a factor which is especially useful in family homes or for those who may find they have little time to devote to caring for the countertops, and you are unlikely to find yourself having to spend more money on replacement parts in the future as you might with natural wood or laminate countertops. They also have the additional benefit of being wonderful investments if you want to add value to your property, especially if you can see yourself selling your home in the future. Spectrolite granite  are highly desirable and people are often willing to pay a higher price for homes with granite countertops already installed.

Spectrolite granite countertops will surely add a wonderfully unique element to your kitchen which is beautiful and effortlessly elegant, and you will surely find it admired by visitors for years to come. This gorgeous granite is utterly beautiful and we are sure that you will love it for years to come.


Dakota Mahogany granite

If you are looking to infuse an element of natural chic to your kitchen space, then Dakota Mahogany granite is certainly an option to consider. This lovely granite stands out with warm tones of brown and red, making it as beautiful as it sounds. Certainly this granite will be perfect to help you achieve a natural look in your kitchen.

The main tones present are rich mahogany brown and warm red, though you can also find flecks of blue, light grey and black as well. The warm appearance of this granite will work especially well with dark cabinetry and warm colour tones, which is certainly great for those wishing to achieve a more natural feel for the space.

There are plenty of reasons for why granite countertops are such a great and popular option, not least of which is the fact that they are so durable. It will take a lot to scratch or chip granite, and this natural stone is incredibly water and heat-resistant, a feature which is especially useful in family homes with young children or for those who do a lot of cooking. Granite countertops will certainly hold up much better against any kitchen mishaps you may have compared to other options such as natural woods and laminates, and they are incredibly low-maintenance which is great if you have a busy lifestyle that will leave you little time to care for your countertops.

While granite is one of the more expensive options for kitchen countertops out there, the fact that it is so durable is just one reason why it is such a good choice. Unlike other options, you are unlikely to find yourself having to spend extra cash on replacement parts as a result of damages in a few years time, and granite lasts decades without issue. You are certainly getting great value for your money with granite countertops, and you will also find that they add value to your property. This is beneficial for you, especially if you can see yourself selling your home in the future.

Dakota Mahogany granite is a truly beautiful colour choice and will certainly be excellent for infusing a warm, natural feel to your home. It is both beautiful and practical and will hold up excellently in the long term, and it will certainly never fail to impress visitors. If organic, timeless elegance is something you want for your home, then Dakota Mahogany granite is definitely an option to consider and we are sure that you will love it for years to come.