Rounded corners

Custom made rounded corners on granite worktops

The rounded corners on granite worktops are made simply according to the customer’s wishes. If for example your preference are rounded corners instead of the ‘L’ shape ones, then you have a right to order as many rounded corners as you wish. They are a perfect touch to a granite or a quartz worktop, providing the material an even smoother layout and in the end they are original. Because not many people these days order a worktop with perfectly rounded corners. In addition such corners suit any colour or material, and according to specialists they look fantastic on islands or extended breakfast bars. Also if you are weary of your kids being harmed by the L shape corners then rounded shapes are perfect.

Range cooker

According to the fact that our company realize complete kitchen designs, you will find here also wide selection of range cookers.

We are able to offer our customers cookers excellent for small or big kitchens created in classic or modern style. We can help you to choose kitchenette suitable for your needs. We will propose you different size, colour, fuel source cooker with any feature you wish. Among various cooking possibilities, we can list a rotisserie for spit-roasting, grill pan, grill pan handle, slide-out shelves and also separate grill compartment.

As there is so many cookstoves available on market, we perfectly understand that it can be quite difficult to select the best one. Among them, there are ranges with different number of burners, with small or large second oven, with diverse distance needed between a cookstove and the cabinets. Nowadays most of kitchen electrical appliances have programmers, which can be used as a timers or you can program the start and finish cooking time. It is a very useful function, as it makes our kitchen duties simpler and more organized.

We will also help you to choose between ceramic and induction hob. One of the most important qualities of cookers is safety, so it is worth to check features as child lock and vestigial heat indicators. Equally important is that the kitchenette was energy-efficient. If you decide to buy quite a big cooker, you should necessarily check the number of ovens. Most of them have two ovens, what is considerably comfortable. Trust our many years of experience, we always keep up to date with all novelties on market in this industry. We take care of your future kitchenette was easy to clean, safe for you and your family, ecomonic, ergonomic and have some additional storage place. We will provide you a durable, high quality cookstove with long warranty and for reasonable price.


Mondo corner unit

In our offer you will find also instruments to make your kitchen more comfortable, functional and amazing. We propose you very popular and modern solution to make use of free space in the corners, which are worth to develop especially in small kitchens. Mondo corner unit it is a storage unit designed to smooth unused storage place, which always stays in corners.

This storage unit is not only a very nice-looking latest trend. They are also equipped with rotating storage system. Thanks to this it lets to make use of maximal storage space. The doors are also the element of the whole storage system. When you push it, it will rotate and you will have better access to things, which are on inside shelves. The wooden worktop is fitted on the top of the storage system. It is very solid and can be used as a chopping board.

Belfast sinks

Belfast sinks – ideal with granite worktops

A Belfast kitchen sinks resting upon a kitchen cabinet and also butts as much as the bottom part of the granite. This could appear quite effective with a contrasting granite worktop. Check the examples above to see exactly how a Belfast kitchen sink might look in your home with a granite worktop.

Belfast sinks already exist for a long time – evidently since earlier as the 17th century! The sinks were at first put in utility rooms and also made to prevent the fluid deficiency supply in London, which means the heavy-duty build was ideal for this moment, compared to the smaller Butler sink unit. Every Belfast sink unit has a weir over-flow included in it, which makes it possible for a much larger fluid supply compared to the cousin the Butler sink. The Belfast basin is generally stain-resistant, handy to clean as well as great for cleaning up the larger pots and pans that don’t fit in the dish washing machine. Exactly what better solution to furnish your place than with a little piece of luxuriant history?

Over mount sink cut out

Top sink with over mount sink cut out.

Nowadays there are so many different and beautiful sinks available on market, that each of them will make your kitchen looks unique and stylish. Most of them are not only very elegant but also functional. Sink producers overtake in ideas to create the product with many useful gadgets. We realize cut-outs for different types of sinks, such as over-mounted, under-mounted and also Belfast sinks.

An over mount sink cut out is a cut out which in later stages of the installation requires a sink to be inserted on top. Thanks to this, such cut outs are not visible due to the entire sink covering the area of the cut out. More importantly they serve a main function of joining the sink with the worktop. They are there to place the sink right within the worktop thus making it look and present itself as an even more united creation. Such a cut out does not require a polished edge unlike the under mounted sink cut outs, simply because the edge will not be visible due to the sink covering the entire cut out area. Over-mounted sink has one very important advantage. It has got a drainer in set and it seems to be better than grooves, which are usually the element of under-mounted sink. For many years practically nothing was changing in their appearance. Currently, with increasing competition on market, we can notice a great step forward not only in their amazing look but also in usability. Increasingly, the producers create sinks with various solutions, such as chopping boards or vegetable or fruit drainers. Today’s sit on sink is very different from the one of several years ago. All of them become much more luxurious part of freshly designed kitchens. The choice is in your hands.


Hob cut-outs

Perfectly placed hob

The hob cut-outs for are very convenient these days when it comes to having a hob in the kitchen. The cut outs allow our team members to directly place the hob on top of the cut outs, thus creating a sense that they are perfectly joined. This looks professional, modern and original. But most of all it is a way to make everything in the kitchen look modified and united. For example such cut outs are not necessarily for electric cookers therefore the cooker immediately looks separated.

We are professionals in our industry and we are able to create any size and shape cut-out specifically for your gas or electric hob in your countertop. It is not essential for us from which material the hob is made (ceramic, glass or steel) and which type of hob is it (induction or halogen), as we will perfectly match your top to the cooker. If these surfaces are well fitted together, they become one smooth and compact surface, which is very easy to clean and looks well-considered. In our gallery you can see examples, how our worktops ideally combine with different types of cookers. Hob cut-outs are made accordingly to planned dimensions and strictly to the agreed details of your unrepeatable kitchen design. Making hob cut-outs is not a very complicated process but requires a huge precision and attention. Sometimes, when it is necessary the final cut-outs are made at customer’s place. For example, if the edges are quite thin, there is a possibility of crack in transport. Before the countertop will be delivered into customer’s hands, it will be cleaned, polished and sealed. As the edges after the cutting will be hidden under the hob, there is no need to polish it again. Of course, if it is possible we do all works at our workshop to save time during the installation.

Pull out sockets

Pull out sockets – another type of a cut out that we offer to all of our customers.

At times when receiving your worktop you will require a specific hole to be put in, or a larger cut out either for personal uses or standard ones such as cables for example. Therefore to make everything even more comfortable on the day of the installation our team of experts will provide you a cut out wherever you need it and whichever size you require. Though it is always recommended to inform us about any changes that will be made to the piece of material.

Oval worktops

According to unconventional shape of oval granite worktops they can be used in many different ways. Decorating your kitchen with the oval worktop, you will make it more unique and also more practical and ergonomic. This kind of solid surface is perfect for compact kitchens and these, which are difficult to design. They are suitable for kitchens designed in classic and modern style.

Oval worktops make small rooms optically bigger. They easily adapting to complicated setting of kitchen cabinets. This type of countertops is also used in kitchen islands design, which are very popular these days. Ovate shape of the worktop is more functional and save space. Considering unusual look and great practicality oval worktops are very popular in use as a reception desks. They can be ideally matched to the small interiors and their unrepeatable shape really attract attention.

Draining grooves

Draining grooves in your kitchen.

Draining grooves are very popular amongst our worktop section of products. They are literally simple grooves that have been cut within the material in order to make the water that is splashed on the sides of the sink gather in the grooves and finally to let the water flow directly back into the sink, it’s as simple as that. The biggest aim of the grooves is to provide the worktop a more professional look, but also to protect it from water that can harm the stone worktop in the long term if not cleaned soon.

This solution is one of the most useful and interesting of all worktop’s details and is an excellent complement of our offer. Thanks to this brilliant idea we gain some free space, what lets us to fulfill freely our kitchen duties. You can use draining grooves exactly as you wish. The main quality of the grooves is that you can save your money, as you do not need to buy a separate dish drainer. You may put the dishes directly on them. Additionally whole system was specially profiled to improve the water flow. Draining grooves are also used to enhance the decorative function of kitchen countertop. Another their value is that they perfectly combine with Belfast sink, which will never go out of fashion. This kind of sink requires any drain system. If you already have a drainage grooves, you do not need another. Belfast sinks gained great popularity nowadays and they look like they were created specially for stone worktops. This amazing connection forms into ideally consistent unity. According to the fact that these two elements are incredibly solid, stabile and durable, they will serve you for many years remaining unchanged.

Gallery below showing examples of usage draining grooves on granite and quartz worktops.


Recessed area

Recessed areas on bespoke worktops.

We consistently strive to make the products in our offer more up-to-date, using advanced technologies available on market. Now we can propose our customers new, very functional solution for the most current kitchens. Our latest idea seems to be one of the most popular these days and it was appreciated even by our most demanding clients.

A recessed area is located around the entire sink (and draining grooves) if included. It is a little fall created in order for the water that is splashed from the sink to gather within the recessed area instead of other parts of the worktop. You have to remember that water never flows to the sink without any help. It is our job to manipulate the surface in such a way to guarantee the water drain system. This solution seems to be not very important but, as a matter of fact, they have an essential function in whole arrangement. We always make sure that our details not only look beautiful, elegant and stylish, but also are well prepared to serve our customers for a very long time.

The recessed areas are fantastic little additions to your worktop that create an even bigger satisfaction of the material. Not only they allow you to enjoy the worktop even more, but they also serve a function of being a protection for the rest of the worktop from the water. Of course water itself cannot be a harm, but if left over time it will damage it in the long term due to microscopic cracks that appear within the worktop. Even if they are sealed, water can damage them in the long term, and the recessed area will prevent this.

Surfaces designed like this have not only useful features, but they look also very decorative. According to our experience and our customers suggestions we try to bring to perfection all of our projects.