Full splashbacks

Full splashbacks like additional up stands


Splashbacks are usually larger pieces of either granite or quartz placed right behind the hob or electric cooker in order to protect the wall from being stained. Full splashbacks fill up all free space between countertop and wall cabinets. Their biggest aim is to blend in with the remaining worktop creating a unity and a beautiful composition with the kitchen. If you are looking for something else other than standard ordinary tiles then stone splashbacks are definitely made for you.

Fully stone covered wall has got a lot of advantages. First of all it has an essential decorative function. In this type of arrangement all values of natural stone worktop are noticeable – its beautiful colour tones, unrepeatable textures and delightful shine. Stone tops located in this position look just amazing. What is the most important, this is an incredibly functional solution. It lets to protect the wall against the water from sink or against the grease and steam from cooker. All dirt and dust can be removed easily and without any problems. Whole wall arrangement does not cause any problems. All necessary socket holes will be provided. What is also important, the installation will take far less time than while fitting tiles. There is also no need to grout. We recommend our customers this design style, as it has got a lot of advantages and becomes very popular these days. The connection of base cabinets and the wall cabinets with the help of marvellous worktop and splashback create well-developed and stylish kitchen space. Thanks to this simple kitchen detail we can admire the natural beauty of stone in all its magnificence. This is a perfect kitchen idea for people, who like original, elegant and fashionable interiors. We can guarantee that you will not regret if you decide to choose precisely this solution.




Granite chopping boards

Are you looking for a Granite Chopping Board ?

Polish Granite Ltd make Granite Chopping Boards in all of the Granite Colours they can provide Worktops in.
Those Granite Colours include:  Absolute Black, Star Galaxy, Nero impala and much more.
These Chopping Boards may be in the shapes of Squares, Rectangles or even Circles, used either for design or practicality.

Chopping boards are one of our smaller products that serve a rather self-explanatory role of a traditional chopping board. They are a fantastic addition to any kitchen and can be cut out of literally any colour of either granite or quartz. Unfortunately marble chopping desks/boards are strictly not recommended as marble scratches easily, and it is definitely not a perfect material for being in contact with sharp blades.

Quartz and  Granite chopping boards are the ideal option if you already have a granite or even quartz worktop and you would like to keep them wonderfully perfect.

Maybe you are looking to have a quartz or  granite worktop in the future, however for at this point a chopping board is the most effective solution for kitchen area.

For many years professional chefs have been using marble and granite for preparing pastry on, this is because it truly is anti-bacterial, which remains chilly, suitable for rolling and stretching pastry as well as pasta dough.

Granite or Quartz chopping boards benefits


Granite and Quartz chopping boards not only look classy and also such as they fit in simply the stylish kitchen area however have some advantages:

  • Granite or Quartz Chopping board will not stain
  • Granite chopping board will not harbor bacteria and germs
  • It will not splinter or split
  • It will not be tainted by food odors
  • It can double up as a pizza stone
  • It can be used as a stylish cheese board
  • It is an ideal gift for any foodie.

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Granite join

Remember that in order to put you kitchen together, granite, quartz or marble worktops need to be cut into pieces. The entire kitchen can never be a one piece because it would be too large. This means that ordinary pieces of the granite or quartz worktops are joined, which may seem too most like a troublesome concept. It really isn’t, our specialised team members always join the pieces of granite perfectly so you can’t even notice that they have been separated in the first place. It could be argued that they are invisible, and only by looking at a very close range you’ll be able to notice barely anything. Especially if the colour of a given material has patterns or veins within.



Downstands are an extra addition to your worktop, if you require for it to extend downwards any further than 2cm or 3cm. They serve predominantly a decorative function for your worktops and are a component which transforms our worktop into something extraordinary, rather than it being a standard size.

The material used for downstands making is irreproachable and free from any defects. Presented solution is not essential for the right functioning of the countertop, but is definitely necessary to create a high standard surface and bring into your room a little bit of freshness and innovations. It will let you to combine better the kitchen cabinets with the countertop to get more smooth and homogeneous surface. It makes your worktop looks tougher and stronger. Thanks to this decorative element the top looks more impressive and more eye-catching. It is worth to improve it, as it is one of the most important instruments in your kitchen. It also can be a great idea to change something in your kitchen if you already have a stone top. In most cases these edges are chosen by perfectionists, who think that without them worktops seem to be unfinished.

We are always strive to do our best to meet all our client’s expectations and love challenges. Often new finishing elements are created as a result of our customer’s suggestions and requests. We derive a huge satisfaction from giving people some new arrangement ideas, especially these associated with countertops design. We are always up-to-date with latest trends in home design. Our team was created from professionals and the most important for us is to make our customer feels comfortable and happy in his own home. Each project is treated individually, as a new challenge and experience, and also with great attention and dedication. We are always open to your suggestions and recommendations.


Ceramic worktops as alternative for laminate

Ceramic worktops as another alternative for laminate.

As we always choose top shelf products we decide on Neolith surfaces. These ceramic worktops are available on market actually a short interval of time, but they already have got their adherents. They are made up of natural clays, feldspar, silica and mineral oxides, creating unrepeatable, solid and everlasting worktops.

According to their main features they don’t stand out from other materials like granite, quartz or acrylic. However, they have unusual appearance and beautiful texture, incomparable with others tops. Considering their technical features, they can be used in a wide variety of industries and applications.

Ceramic worktops are often used in kitchen, as they are impermeable, liquid resistant and also extremely resistant to scratches and abrasions. They are fire and heat resistant, so we can say goodbye to the stains after hot dishes for good. Ceramic is very hygienic and easy to clean surface. It doesn’t give off toxic substances, and it doesn’t let mold, fungus or bacteria grow, so it is suitable for contact with food. It doesn’t need any special care or products to maintain it in excellent condition. As ceramic worktops are thicker than others, there is very easy to transport and install them. As a result, they do not pose any major problems in large space arrangement. Ceramic worktops are very safe for your family and for the environment, as they are based on minerals. Thanks to this they do not fade with the sunlight. Although, ceramic counters are relatively new, we can offer our customers broad scope of colours and textures. Very diverse colour palette with smooth texture you will find in colorfeel collection. Fusion set includes grey and beige tones with delicate structure. Characteristic feature of iron selection are the colours of the earth. In textile and timber groups dominate grey tones with fabric or wood texture. Classtone it is a collection with surfaces imitating marble and quartz.


Quartz worktops

About quartz worktops.

Quartz worktops adds a unique style and design to any kitchen. From modern, kitchens to more classical styles, there are over 60 colours and many different finishes (polished), suede (matt) or volcano (rustic), to choose from. The unique physical-mechanical and hygienic characteristics of quartz for example, its beauty, resistance to stains, scratching and strong knocks, as well as its bacteriostatic properties makes it ideal for a work area such as the kitchen worktop. With quartz, the kitchen worktop will always look as good as new.

Engineered Quartz is an artificial stone which consists of 94% quartzite and other additives such like resin, natural detritus, mineral pigments etc. This material has a high resistance to staining and corrosion, and it’s extremely durable, as a stone worktop it can be even stronger than granite. Quartz is a man-made material, this means it will come in many colour options, such as plain colours, with imitation of natural veins, or with shining mirrors which will reflect the light in order to add more style to modern kitchen worktops. It really is a hard wearing, elegant, high quality product that offers you extreme number of possibilities for any designs.

Quartz worktops gallery.

Most common uses for quartz

Quartz is an even more durable and long lasting materials than granite, therefore often used for floors, claddings, worktops and other surfaces. Quartz is widely used in kitchens for quartz worktops, counters in pubs and bars, utility rooms, window sills, bathrooms, wall and floor tiles, and many others.

Edges and finishes

More importantly, same as granite it can have a variety of finishes and edges. As mentioned earlier this includes polished, honed, anticato, flamed or brushed. In terms of the edges  many varieties are also available, either pencil edge, half bullnose and even full bullnose, there are many options to choose from. Check them all out here.


Hob Splashbacks

Quartz or Granite Splashbacks are very popular amongst our customers.

Just think of full splashbacks like additional up stands. They are usually larger pieces of either granite or quartz placed right behind the hob or electric cooker in order to protect the wall from being stained. Their biggest aim is to blend in with the remaining worktop creating a unity and a beautiful composition with the kitchen. If you are looking for something else other than standard ordinary tiles then stone splashbacks are definitely made for you.

There have been numerous of styles as well as different materials used for splashbacks, either granite or quartz or for example glass, which has been very popular in the recent years, and a material we have also been taking care of. Overall splashbacks are a great solution in terms of keeping your wall on the side of the hob/cooker clean. It’s simply like an upstand, though extended a lot bigger reaching at least a standard area of 90/85cm. It replaces the commonly used tiles, ceramics and other materials that protect the wall from getting dirty/greasy. Granite or quartz splashbacks are highly recommended, as they are not separated by any grouts, thus being extremely easy to clean, just like a worktop. In terms of the general look, a specific splashback can really make your kitchen stand out even more. It  will match perfectly with your worktop, extending it’s colour and shine.

Splashbacks area unit over our commonplace upstands and area unit unremarkably in bound splash  areas of the room e.g. behind the hob or sink. we are able to offer them to match your selection of worktop or if you favor, we are able to give a contrastive vogue. All splashback edges area unit polished to convey a sleek sleek end. we are able to build cut outs for sockets and drill holes for extractors. There are not any rules, this is often fully a matter of non-public preference. Some individuals haven’t any splashbacks or up-stands – selecting to tile right all the way down to the worktops, this selection reduces the price. However, if the budget will stretch, we’d suggest payment the additional cash on the extras, as they extremely do give a good end.


Breakfast bars

Granite breakfast bars.

Here at Polish Granite Ltd we offer our customers the best range of products and services that’s available to them. In this section we offer you luxury high quality breakfast bars of your specific choice. You can pick the size, shape, colour, shades and material from quartz, acrylic or granite. Everything goes according to you. You tell us what you want and we will give you that specific product made from the best materials available to us.

The benefits of having a breakfast bar is that first of all its a table/bar top where you can eat on or watch the kids do their homework safely while your busy in the kitchen. Another benefit is that this will help you save a lot of space which is important in smaller houses. Your breakfast bar doesn’t have to be only used to eat on it can be used for other actives such as a quick place for you to sit down and look through your bills. Recently breakfast bars have certainly increased in population so if you want to give your house that modern look you must get one in your kitchen, normally customers don’t go for big breakfast bars but its totally up to you.

If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to ask any of our team for any advice or opinions you may need to guide you, we are here to help you and to ensure you receive the best products and services from our business.Also we can arrange a time and day for us to send someone from our team over to your specific address to install this perfect made to choice breakfast bar for you once your breakfast bar is made.

If you choose anything from one of our off cut remaining / materials then the cost of it will be reduced from 10 – 50%





Granite upstands.

The one thing that is missing when a granite worktop is installed are indeed upstands.

If you don’t plan to have tiles then granite upstands are a great solution! They are the small 10cm pieces that go up against a wall from the end of the granite worktop, thus joining the wall itself with a specific stone worktop and uniting the entire place together. Not only they look very nice, but also serve the purpose of stopping the dirt from getting in between the worktop and a wall, an issue that tiles or upstands prevent. The only difference is that upstands, in comparison to tiles are suiting the worktop very nicely, they are often the same colour as the worktop, thus creating a nice sense of the wall joining perfectly with the worktop. Choosing granite or quartz instead of regular tiles you will also save your time during the installation and there is no need to do a lot of grouting, and also you do not have to wait to long before it can be used. This is a very popular and functional solution. It is worth to consider the installation of it, as it will serve you for many years and keep the walls clean and safe. In most cases they are made from solid and durable materials such as granite to make sure that their functions are fulfilled correctly. This finishing element is not expensive and it helps to keep the kitchen clean and neat. Check our gallery and you will convince that this is a prerequisite of stylish and beautiful kitchen.

Furthermore the upstands could also have a decorative purpose, and when placed near the sink they could protect the wall from getting wet, and spillages occurring. Overall upstands have many functions, purposes and advantages, it is simply up to you whether you like the look of them or not!


Kitchen Islands

Granite kitchen islands

This type of kitchen area is one big kitchen unit with worktop on it, usually used as an additional place for meals preparing, cooking and serving. It is a great solution. Thanks to it you will save a lot of free space and you will be able to cook handily along with other householders. It is very simple to make some mistakes in kitchen isle design if you are not a professional. As an effect, it can complicate your kitchen works. Trust our many years of experience and hundreds of successfully realized projects. We have corresponding knowledge and tools to create amazing, stylish and unique isle perfectly adapted to your needs. The most important is to find right place for island arrangement. It has to be installed in such a way that it will provide the access from all sides and it will not intrude the communication in remaining kitchen space. It also can not be situated at the entrance to the other rooms or to close to the doors. Also important is to match accordingly the size of the island with the kitchen appliances, which will appear in it and provide a space for free use in your kitchen.

According to your kitchen, and the size of it, you could always consider including an island within your kitchen. Kitchen islands are generally pieces of granite quartz or marble, that are separated from the remaining worktops. The use of them is usually the same, they could either be a simply decorating piece of worktop, it could be used as a dining table, or sometimes even hobs are inserted into islands. Therefore adding this unique and modern design to the kitchen. Over the past few years we have made hundreds of islands that people requested, and all were extremely satisfied, the only issue with the islands is that a small kitchen simply would not suit island itself, they are more likely to be used in larger kitchens.