What is the best stone for the kitchen?

What is the best stone for the kitchen? This is the question many of you ask when deciding on furnishing your kitchen. One of the possibilities are natural stones. They can give your kitchen classy touch and allure which some say may not be comparable with engineered stones. Texture, depth and colors of natural stones are truly unique and can really set your kitchen off. How to effectively use these qualities in furnishing your kitchen? The answer is to carefully consider your needs and find material with suitable features.

The best stone for the kitchen – important factors

Deciding on the best stone for the kitchen with so wide range of products available on the market paradoxically is not an easy task. As with engineered stones and surfaces there are many factors you need to take into account. First of all kitchen is most often a vital part of your living space, full of everyday activities. Therefore, it’s not only aesthetics that matters but also factors such as durability of the material used, its usefulness (think of all the spots and stains that need to be cleaned, of all the possible impacts that may affect the surface, of all the possible activities etc.) design which suits all your practical needs, the possibility of fabrication, installation and finally cost. Every kitchen is different, so there is no way to find the best stone for the kitchen fit for all.

The best stone for the kitchen – materials

The best stone for kitchen countertops considering the natural stones are: granite, marble and soapstone. They all have different features so it’s really important to carefully think over what suits our needs best. Granite is a rock formed from magma, densely grained and very hard. It can be polished in a variety of ways. It’s known for its unique color – each slab is different and its high durability – it’s almost impossible to scratch. Therefore, it’s a lifetime investment. However, you need to be careful with liquids, if they are not removed immediately stains may be left.
Marble is a metamorphic rock, the name derives from Greek and means to sparkle. It guarantees the timeless elegance with its unique color and veining. In contrast to granite marble is a softer material which can be scratched. Soapstone is made of mineral talc. Its name derives from the smooth surface, in touch similar to soap. It emanates certain warmth hence it’s often used in traditional interiors. It is hardly resistant to all kind of stains and bacteria. It’s also non porous so it doesn’t absorb liquids. The color range is however limited, from white to dark shades. These are just a few distinct features of the most popular best stone for the kitchen worktops.

With regards to price natural stones described here are not by definition more expensive then engineered materials. It all depends on variety of factors, starting from customizing the project, ordering material, fabrication, delivery etc. Certainly it’s an option worth considering.


Granite worktops – production and care

Granite worktops – why their production should be entrusted to professionals?

Stone processing is a difficult and time-consuming process. The final effect is achieved as a consequence of several actions such as giving the slab a desired shape, grinding, polishing, finishing the edges. In order to perform all these actions correctly, one needs to have knowledge, experience, years of practice and specialized equipment. So if you want to install elegant and durable granite worktops in your kitchen, entrust their production to professionals! There are several compelling reasons that justify this solution and we decided to discuss them.

Reasons why you should entrust the production of granite worktops to an experienced stonemasonry company:

  • Support of professionals – are you unable to choose the type and shade of stone and don’t know whether it will suit the shade of floor, walls and kitchen cabinets? The professionals from stonemasonry company will give you an advice and suggest best possible solutions. You just have to deliver all the necessary information and they will do their best to adjust the product to your individual needs.
  • Skills and modern equipment – stonemasonry companies, which have been producing granite worktops for many years know the requirements of the market, are up to date with modern technologies, improve their skills and invest in modern equipment. They do it in order to make the production process more efficient, expand the catalogue of products, increase the number of types of finish etc. In other words – the professionals do their best in order to meet the client’s needs and deliver item that he desires.
  • Information about estimated costs – almost every stonemasonry company, before processing the order prepares a quote and informs about estimated costs. This is very helpful because you get an idea about the costs before placing your order, you can compare several offers and choose the best one. Of course, in order to make it possible, you have to provide appropriate information such as dimensions of the worktop (width, length and thickness), choose type of stone, indicate the number of holes, define the type of edges etc. It is best to send a project, which takes into account all these parameters or use an online quote (if the company has one). Of course you can provide all the necessary information via phone or email.
  • Transport and installation – most renowned stonemasonry companies not only produce granite worktops, but they also deliver and install them (usually the cost of transport is included in the price, but sometimes you have to pay extra). The services are comprehensive and the company takes responsibility for potential damages that occur during delivery or installation. You don’t have to worry about anything. The seller takes all responsibility. It is convenient, safe and economic solution. Just think of the costs you would have to cover if you hired a shipping company and the worktop was damaged in transport!

How to care for your granite worktop

Granite worktop, like everything else in the house, require regular care in order to be admired. Responsible usage will ensure their beautiful appearance for many years to come.

Depending on the material used for granite worktop production, they require proper care. Laminate tops should be wiped using soft cloth with a small amount of washing up liquid and then polished with a microfiber cloth. For tougher stains one can use cream cleanser or baking soda mixed with water. The remains of the cleanser should be washed away with water and the tops wiped dry.

Granite worktops should be treated slightly differently. Stains should be  wiped off immediately and for granite tops cream cleanser (containing no bleach) should be used. One can buy special cleansers especially for granite and marble. For every day care, damp, absorbent cloth should be used for wiping the surfaces. It is advisable to protect those tops by impregnating them.

Wooden tops require special treatment. Wood can be easily damaged, therefore, it is helpful to use cleansers especially designed for it and to protect it from time to time using wax or oil. Regardless of what material the top is made, one must use cutting boards and mats to be placed under hot pots, which should not be moved  long the surfaces, thus avoiding scratches. All stains should be removed immediately with a damp cloth.

Following these steps will allow us to enjoy our beautiful kitchen and spotless tops.


Stone Offcuts – the best Decor material

Let’s say you have ordered a granite worktop for your kitchen. The product you received is of the best possible quality, you have invested a lot of money in this extremely durable and immensely beautiful element of the interior décor (and a necessary one too, as you cannot imagine a kitchen without a worktop, right?). But did you ever wonder how your worktop was made and what is left after the manufacturing process is complete?

Making a marble or granite worktop is not easy and it demands a lot of skill and experience in stonemasonry and industry equipment use. When the experts from the worktop company finish their work, which involves cutting, grinding and polishing huge and heavy slabs of natural stone to fit the material of your choice in your kitchen, their workstations are full of offcuts which are then transported to the warehouse. Why, you may ask? Because marble and granite are very expensive materials and simply throwing the stone offcuts or using them for a simple construction work (for example as an element of a building’s foundation) would be a waste of the properties and looks of those resources. That is why stonemason companies store offcuts instead of getting rid of them – to give their clients yet another superb decorative material for a fraction of a pracie of a whole granite or marble slab of stone.

If you are satisfied with your worktop, you might be also interested in using a similar material for window sills, wall decorations or any other idea you have in mind. That’s where utilizing offcuts come in handy, as you may simply ask the company which prepared your worktop to create other elements of the interior design out of the leftovers of the same material! This way, you can create a wholly coherent space for a fair price – prices of marble and granite offcuts are very low (especially if you compare them to the price of a whole slab of stone used for a kitchen worktop), while the properties, durability and beauty stays the same. These characteristics make offcuts the best solution for cheap, yet wonderful home décor for every house – no matter what design you have chosen for your home, a stone decorative element will surely find its place in the interior.


Spectrolite granite

Spectrolite granite will certainly bring a unique and beautiful element to your kitchen space, what with it’s dark blue-black base with flecks of bright blue and even deep purple hues. Depending on the slab, you can find a look in this granite that rather resembles the beauty of galaxies in space, which certainly sounds gorgeous. This granite really is a beautiful, unique choice and will certainly never fail to look amazing.

The dark blue-black base of this granite rather resembles a midnight sky and the varying flecks of blue add depth and mystery. This granite will look amazing with cabinetry in any colour and material, though many people find that it looks especially attractive with light-coloured cabinets, particularly in white. Still, this granite will surely look fantastic with any design you wish, and we are sure you will be able to create your dream kitchen with this gorgeous granite providing a wonderful focus point.

There are many reasons for why granite worktops are so popular, not least of which is that despite them being one of the more expensive options out there, they are so durable and long-lasting that you are getting great value for your money. Granite worktops are highly heat-proof and water-resistant, so they will hold up wonderfully against any kitchen activities, and this durability makes them very popular in family homes with young children or for those who do a great deal of cooking.

Spectrolite granite need little maintenance to keep them looking great, a factor which is especially useful in family homes or for those who may find they have little time to devote to caring for the countertops, and you are unlikely to find yourself having to spend more money on replacement parts in the future as you might with natural wood or laminate countertops. They also have the additional benefit of being wonderful investments if you want to add value to your property, especially if you can see yourself selling your home in the future. Spectrolite granite  are highly desirable and people are often willing to pay a higher price for homes with granite countertops already installed.

Spectrolite granite countertops will surely add a wonderfully unique element to your kitchen which is beautiful and effortlessly elegant, and you will surely find it admired by visitors for years to come. This gorgeous granite is utterly beautiful and we are sure that you will love it for years to come.


Dakota Mahogany granite

If you are looking to infuse an element of natural chic to your kitchen space, then Dakota Mahogany granite is certainly an option to consider. This lovely granite stands out with warm tones of brown and red, making it as beautiful as it sounds. Certainly this granite will be perfect to help you achieve a natural look in your kitchen.

The main tones present are rich mahogany brown and warm red, though you can also find flecks of blue, light grey and black as well. The warm appearance of this granite will work especially well with dark cabinetry and warm colour tones, which is certainly great for those wishing to achieve a more natural feel for the space.

There are plenty of reasons for why granite countertops are such a great and popular option, not least of which is the fact that they are so durable. It will take a lot to scratch or chip granite, and this natural stone is incredibly water and heat-resistant, a feature which is especially useful in family homes with young children or for those who do a lot of cooking. Granite countertops will certainly hold up much better against any kitchen mishaps you may have compared to other options such as natural woods and laminates, and they are incredibly low-maintenance which is great if you have a busy lifestyle that will leave you little time to care for your countertops.

While granite is one of the more expensive options for kitchen countertops out there, the fact that it is so durable is just one reason why it is such a good choice. Unlike other options, you are unlikely to find yourself having to spend extra cash on replacement parts as a result of damages in a few years time, and granite lasts decades without issue. You are certainly getting great value for your money with granite countertops, and you will also find that they add value to your property. This is beneficial for you, especially if you can see yourself selling your home in the future.

Dakota Mahogany granite is a truly beautiful colour choice and will certainly be excellent for infusing a warm, natural feel to your home. It is both beautiful and practical and will hold up excellently in the long term, and it will certainly never fail to impress visitors. If organic, timeless elegance is something you want for your home, then Dakota Mahogany granite is definitely an option to consider and we are sure that you will love it for years to come.


Indian Jet Black granite

If you are looking for granite countertops with great versatility, then you surely cannot go wrong with Indian Jet Black granite as your choice. Black is a colour that fantastically with practically every other colour, giving you an unlimited amount of design options for the rest of your kitchen space, and of course, black is a timelessly classic colour that will never look anything less than gorgeous.

The complete black colour of this granite means that you will have countertops with a completely uniform appearance, and it’s constant colouring gives you a lot of options for the rest of the kitchen. Indian Jet Black granite works brilliantly with cabinetry of any colour, and you have so much choice when it comes to backsplashes and walls because there are no additional tones to take into account. Whether you want a traditional or modern look, choosing Indian Jet Black granite is one of the most versatile granite options out there and you are sure of being able to create your desired look with this granite.

Choosing granite for kitchen countertops is an excellent choice for a number of reasons. While it is generally a more expensive purchase than other options such as natural wood or laminate countertops, granite is much more durable and long-lasting, giving you better value for your money. Granite countertops are highly heat-proof and water-resistant so they will hold up well against any kitchen mishaps you may have, and they are very hard to chip or scratch. They also require little maintenance to keep them in good shape and you are highly unlikely to find yourself having to pay for replacements as a result of damages within a few years because they are so durable.

Granite countertops also have the additional benefit of adding value to your property, a factor which is especially useful if you can see yourself selling your home in the future. Homes with granite countertops are incredibly desirable and you can make a greater profit with them installed.

Indian Jet Black granite is a fantastic choice for your kitchen countertops no matter what look you have in mind for your finished design. The classic black colour leaves you with plenty of choice for the rest of the room and your countertops will surely look sensational once they are installed. Some people do find that their granite may not work when they decide to redecorate again, but that will certainly not be a problem with this granite and we are sure that you will adore it for many years to come!


Angola silver granite

If you are looking for a granite that is classy and beautiful, then Angola Silver is an excellent option to consider. Simple but effortlessly elegant, this wonderful granite will not fail to help make your kitchen look utterly amazing, and certainly adds a touch of chic elegance to the space with it’s simple but beautiful colouring.

Featuring bright white and silvery-grey flecks on a uniform black background, Angola Silver granite is an option that will work brilliantly with any design and colour palette, though it looks particularly stunning with light coloured cabinetry and décor. Because of the simple colouring of this gorgeous stone, you can redecorate your kitchen in practically any colour and have it looking fantastic. Angola Silver granite is classically beautiful and timelessly elegant, and it certainly needs little embellishment to make it look sensational.

There are plenty of great reasons for you to choose granite as the material for your countertops, not least of which is the fact that it is one of the most durable natural materials out there. Granite is not easily damaged and is highly heat and water-resistant, meaning that it will hold up fantastically against any kitchen mishaps that may occur. This is a particularly useful quality in family homes with small children, and for those who do a lot of cooking. Granite is very easy to keep in good condition and is low-maintenance, which is especially useful if you have little time to dedicate to the task.

Granite is generally one of the more expensive options for kitchen countertops out there, with other options such as natural wood and laminates being fairly cheaper, but because of it’s longevity and durability, you are actually getting more value for your money and you are unlikely to have to pay extra amounts for replacements as a result of damaging. Granite also comes with the added benefit of increasing the value of your property, which will be very beneficial for you and your family if you decide to sell your home in the future.

Angola Silver granite is a truly beautiful colour option that will never go out of style, and it simple yet classic appearance will always be desirable and beautiful. This really is a wonderful choice that will help give you a kitchen space that will never fail to impress and we are sure that once it is in your home, you will adore it for years to come!


Peacock Green granite


Peacock Green granite is a truly lovely choice for any kitchen space, not least because it’s beautiful vibrant colours work brilliantly with any style. This is a choice of granite that gives you a lot of options when it comes to the rest of the kitchen, and you can be sure of your space looking stunning whether you want light or dark accents.

This stunning granite stands out with colours from iridescent blue-green to hints of black, and it is absolutely no wonder that it is such a popular choice for many people. Hints of grey, pink, gold, red, white and numerous shades of blue and green can also be seen, giving this granite a rich, dramatic appearance that makes it a perfect focus for any kitchen space. The unusual but beautiful mix of tones and colours really do make this granite stand out fabulously.

There are many reasons why granite is such an excellent choice for kitchen countertops, not least because this gorgeous natural stone is incredibly durable. Granite shows a brilliant resistance to heat and water damage, which is an especially useful factor is you do a lot of cooking or have young children. Granite is also easy to clean and maintain, something which is particularly useful if you know you will have little time to dedicate to cleaning the countertops and maintaining them, so you can be sure that it will continue look utterly amazing in the years to come with little effort on your part.

Granite countertops can be pricey in comparison to options such as laminates or natural wood, yes, but because of their durability, they last for decades with little chance of substantial damage that would require costly replacement parts. You will consequently have better value for your money and there is the added benefit of granite countertops adding value to your property, which is beneficial for you, particularly if you can see yourself selling your home in the future.

No matter the look you want to achieve, you cannot go wrong with Peacock Green granite countertops. The stunning mix of tones mean that this granite will work wonderfully with light and dark cabinetry and it needs little embellishment to look sensational. It is absolutely no surprise that this granite is so popular in homes and for commercial usage, and we are suer that you will love it for years to come. Granite is a wonderful option for infusing a natural feel into your home, and this granite also captures the beauty of a peacock’s feathers in a look that will never appear anything less than beautiful.


Emerald Pearl granite

Emerald Pearl granite is an option that is sure to look absolutely stunning in any kitchen, and will certainly infuse an element of class and beauty into the space. This beautiful granite stands out with deep shades of green and black, interspersed with flashes of peacock blue and even gold. Truly, this is an option of granite that is perfect for creating a kitchen space that is timelessly elegant and effortlessly modern.

The colours you see in Emerald Pearl granite are subject to the refraction of the light, and this means that you will be able to see an array of beautiful colours ranging from deepest black, rich emerald green and those stunning flecks of vibrant blue and warm gold. One of the most wonderful things about this granite is that it will work wonderfully in any design, and it works especially well with dark woods and even light tones such as cream and white.

Choosing granite as the material for your kitchen countertops is one that comes with a number of benefits. Granite is particularly useful in family homes with young children, or for those who do a lot of cooking as this hard natural stone can withstand high temperatures with ease and is also water-resistant. Granite countertops are low-maintenance and easy to clean, so the antics of the little ones can be easily cleaned up, and because of granite’s durability and hardness, it is not easy to break and is unlikely to chip or crack.

While they are, in general, one of the more expensive options out there as opposed to others such as laminates and natural woods, granite countertops will last decades and really do stand the test of time brilliantly, which means you are getting more from your money. Unlike with other options, you are unlikely to find yourself having to spend extra money on repairs or replacements, as granite is extremely difficult to damage. Granite countertops also have the added benefit of adding value to your property, a factor that is particularly useful if you can see yourself selling your home in the future.

No matter your desired look, Emerald Pearl granite is sure to look utterly amazing in any design you can imagine. This beautiful colour is effortlessly elegant, timeless and still fantastically modern, making it suitable for many styles and preferences, and you are sure to have a kitchen that will never fail to impress when it is completed.