How to care for your granite worktop

Granite worktop, like everything else in the house, require regular care in order to be admired. Responsible usage will ensure their beautiful appearance for many years to come.

Depending on the material used for granite worktop production, they require proper care. Laminate tops should be wiped using soft cloth with a small amount of washing up liquid and then polished with a microfiber cloth. For tougher stains one can use cream cleanser or baking soda mixed with water. The remains of the cleanser should be washed away with water and the tops wiped dry.

Granite worktops should be treated slightly differently. Stains should be  wiped off immediately and for granite tops cream cleanser (containing no bleach) should be used. One can buy special cleansers especially for granite and marble. For every day care, damp, absorbent cloth should be used for wiping the surfaces. It is advisable to protect those tops by impregnating them.

Wooden tops require special treatment. Wood can be easily damaged, therefore, it is helpful to use cleansers especially designed for it and to protect it from time to time using wax or oil. Regardless of what material the top is made, one must use cutting boards and mats to be placed under hot pots, which should not be moved  long the surfaces, thus avoiding scratches. All stains should be removed immediately with a damp cloth.

Following these steps will allow us to enjoy our beautiful kitchen and spotless tops.


Quartz Worktops – Desire of Every Cook

A kitchen makes way for an entire home. Combined with the elegance and pleasing appearance of other rooms in the home, families also need a perfect kitchen which provides the pleasure and pleasure of cooking great foods. It is therefore very important for individuals to find the right materials for that kitchen add-ons and fittings like sink, cabinets and countertops. Kitchen worktops come in a number of materials like granite, quartz, wood, etc. It’s an important decision for the folks to find the right material that might be effective by means of investments and utility. Any material that’s selected ought to be less costly and durable. It ought to last a long time. The fabric ought to be heat and scratch resistant to ensure that any danger from hot kitchen items could be averted.

Quartz movement worktops are extremely common nowadays because it possess the majority of the qualities that the ideal kitchen worktop material should posses. Quartz movement kitchen worktops are comprised of the natural combination of epoxy resins which behave as a glue and quartz movement mineral. The fabric enables removing food stains with tepid to warm water and cleaning soap with no damage. Quartz movement worktops are less expensive than granite kitchen worktops. Although the benefit of granite is much more than quartz movement, the price involved with quartz movement worktops are extremely less as in comparison to granite worktops. Quartz movement kitchen worktops will be a very good choice for those who have limited earnings. The quartz movement worktops possess a matte finish that makes it among the best materials. The constant maintenance price is very low without any dependence on sharpening and resealing. They’re non-porous and haven’t associations using the discoloration risks.

Once the choice between various materials for kitchen worktops comes, everything is dependent around the preferences from the purchasers. While coming to a such purchases, it might be essential for anyone to softly evaluate the qualities that every material offers. Specialist help where needed ought to be taken so the best is received from the investment. That material ought to be selected which doesn’t compromise around the desires of individuals according to the kitchen’s looks.


Quartz worktops

About quartz worktops.

Quartz worktops adds a unique style and design to any kitchen. From modern, kitchens to more classical styles, there are over 60 colours and many different finishes (polished), suede (matt) or volcano (rustic), to choose from. The unique physical-mechanical and hygienic characteristics of quartz for example, its beauty, resistance to stains, scratching and strong knocks, as well as its bacteriostatic properties makes it ideal for a work area such as the kitchen worktop. With quartz, the kitchen worktop will always look as good as new.

Engineered Quartz is an artificial stone which consists of 94% quartzite and other additives such like resin, natural detritus, mineral pigments etc. This material has a high resistance to staining and corrosion, and it’s extremely durable, as a stone worktop it can be even stronger than granite. Quartz is a man-made material, this means it will come in many colour options, such as plain colours, with imitation of natural veins, or with shining mirrors which will reflect the light in order to add more style to modern kitchen worktops. It really is a hard wearing, elegant, high quality product that offers you extreme number of possibilities for any designs.

Quartz worktops gallery.

Most common uses for quartz

Quartz is an even more durable and long lasting materials than granite, therefore often used for floors, claddings, worktops and other surfaces. Quartz is widely used in kitchens for quartz worktops, counters in pubs and bars, utility rooms, window sills, bathrooms, wall and floor tiles, and many others.

Edges and finishes

More importantly, same as granite it can have a variety of finishes and edges. As mentioned earlier this includes polished, honed, anticato, flamed or brushed. In terms of the edges  many varieties are also available, either pencil edge, half bullnose and even full bullnose, there are many options to choose from. Check them all out here.


Granite worktops in your kitchen.

Advantage of granite worktops.

Our most popular products are indeed kitchen granite worktops, this is because many people want stone worktop in their kitchens, a beautiful mottled look, comes in a wide range of colours, and is incredibly hardwearing. Obviously the types of granite worktops we do is simply up to the client, you decide how the worktop will look like, which colours, edges and details to pick. We basically do the job!

Where I can choose color for my granite worktops ?

You have two option to check available colors:

Remember that some colors are really hard to get, and some of them are not available anymore. We’ve put on ours pages only colors, which are still on the UK market. If you have questions about availability, feel free to contact our office to get advice.

Our granite worktops gallery

We have a full gallery of kitchen granite worktops that we have done in places around the entire UK. We hope that this will help you in choosing perhaps a specific material for worktop, or even some kind of special design, although remember that your kitchen countertop can be as unique and stylish as possible.

How much i need to pay for Granite worktops?

If you like our work and want to find out how much you need to pay for granite worktops, we’ve prepared for you spacial quotation system. In few simple steps you can get instant online quote without any obligations. Our system presenting many option starting from colors  through shapes finishing on edges and extra accessories such us upstands and splashback. Quotation process is simple and will give you roughly idea how much you need to pay including templating and installation.

If you would like start quotation now, please visit online quotation from top menu or straight by this link: online quote

Why granite worktops are so expensive ?

Online quote - free granite worktops estimationA lot of people might end up being disappointed when checking of granite worktops prices, either online or in a showroom, most think that it is simply too expensive. Although most customers looking for a worktop are not aware that the suppliers are not charging a wholesale amount for such worktoptops. There are many reason why natural stones such as granite are actually this expensive in comparison to laminated worktop for example. First of all granite is a natural stone and therefore very durable, easy to maintain clean and regularly very beautiful. Apart from that it is also resistant to heat, scratching etc.

Another reason why the  granite worktops are more expensive is because they are extremely unique. Their entire appearance is never identical to another, even if it is the same colour, e.g Star Galaxy. Therefore there are a number of patterns and veins within that are simply one of a kind, although to make the colour even more unique, the workrtops can be offered in either matted or honed surfaces, instead of the standard shiny one. There are many ways to keep the surface protected and clean, although one of the most popular means of protection is in fact a sealer. Any stone surface can, or in some cases has to be frequently sealed. In terms of cleaning, this is rather simple as well as most surfaces can be cleaned simply with water and a cloth. However there are also various specialised products that will maintin the fantastic condition of a specific stone countertop.

One of the main attributes of natural stone worktops, is the huge variety when it comes to colour, patterns and veins, thus the stone surface cost is also significantly higher than standard worktops. It is certainly guaranteed however that all of the natural stone products are very unique.

In order reduce cost a little, discounts are also available. Within the UK region there are many competitive companies and products, on the other hand it is guaranteed that we offer only the prime quality products,  making us a respected company and appreciated by thousands of customers. We try our best in order to suit the budget of any person, and if a specific product is too expensive, we simply offer different solutions and alternatives that could also benefit that customer. Therefore in order to make things even easier a product can be quickly purchased with the help of our professional  and experienced staff. In later stages this is followed by proficient services.

Feel free to have a look at our range of products, colours, shapes and finishes. We also recommend looking at extra pieces such as backsplashes and upstands, that would make your worktop stand out even more. quality

Granite worktops attributes.

In general, all of the building materials are very durable. However most of the time they don’t possess any special aesthetic aspects. Therefore they are practically never used during the decoration process of interiors. The only exception are the granite and quartz worktops, natural and man-made materials that are widely known for decorating certain areas, but most of all they are both extremely durable, not to mention beautiful materials, thus providing only the best comfort when used in specific interiors or even exteriors.

Such attributes have made granite widely used within the architectural designs, as they can play the role of pieces that support the construction elements or simply serve a decorative purpose for worktops, stairs, table tops and overall a huge range of other products. No matter where we decide to use the granite  materials, it is guaranteed that we will always be satisfied as it will exploit our aesthetic expectations as well as remain its beautiful quality and colour for years.

All it takes is simply looking at the most beautiful buildings created in the past – from Acropolis to the Palais Garnier, all of the buildings are/were finished off with astonishing natural stone, granite. A stone that has remained its unchanged and stunning qualities for many years. In order to make your granite or quartz as durable and as beautiful for so many years, all it takes is simply to take care of them, for example specialised cleaning or regular sealing matter greatly. It may seem like a lot of effort but in fact it’s very simple! To look for more information look at: ‘Granite Care’ and find out the true and the most simple ways of keeping your worktops or other stone related surfaces shiny, gorgeous and striking for many years.

You can read more about granite: here