What is the best stone for the kitchen?

What is the best stone for the kitchen? This is the question many of you ask when deciding on furnishing your kitchen. One of the possibilities are natural stones. They can give your kitchen classy touch and allure which some say may not be comparable with engineered stones. Texture, depth and colors of natural stones are truly unique and can really set your kitchen off. How to effectively use these qualities in furnishing your kitchen? The answer is to carefully consider your needs and find material with suitable features.

The best stone for the kitchen – important factors

Deciding on the best stone for the kitchen with so wide range of products available on the market paradoxically is not an easy task. As with engineered stones and surfaces there are many factors you need to take into account. First of all kitchen is most often a vital part of your living space, full of everyday activities. Therefore, it’s not only aesthetics that matters but also factors such as durability of the material used, its usefulness (think of all the spots and stains that need to be cleaned, of all the possible impacts that may affect the surface, of all the possible activities etc.) design which suits all your practical needs, the possibility of fabrication, installation and finally cost. Every kitchen is different, so there is no way to find the best stone for the kitchen fit for all.

The best stone for the kitchen – materials

The best stone for kitchen countertops considering the natural stones are: granite, marble and soapstone. They all have different features so it’s really important to carefully think over what suits our needs best. Granite is a rock formed from magma, densely grained and very hard. It can be polished in a variety of ways. It’s known for its unique color – each slab is different and its high durability – it’s almost impossible to scratch. Therefore, it’s a lifetime investment. However, you need to be careful with liquids, if they are not removed immediately stains may be left.
Marble is a metamorphic rock, the name derives from Greek and means to sparkle. It guarantees the timeless elegance with its unique color and veining. In contrast to granite marble is a softer material which can be scratched. Soapstone is made of mineral talc. Its name derives from the smooth surface, in touch similar to soap. It emanates certain warmth hence it’s often used in traditional interiors. It is hardly resistant to all kind of stains and bacteria. It’s also non porous so it doesn’t absorb liquids. The color range is however limited, from white to dark shades. These are just a few distinct features of the most popular best stone for the kitchen worktops.

With regards to price natural stones described here are not by definition more expensive then engineered materials. It all depends on variety of factors, starting from customizing the project, ordering material, fabrication, delivery etc. Certainly it’s an option worth considering.


Quartz Worktops – Desire of Every Cook

A kitchen makes way for an entire home. Combined with the elegance and pleasing appearance of other rooms in the home, families also need a perfect kitchen which provides the pleasure and pleasure of cooking great foods. It is therefore very important for individuals to find the right materials for that kitchen add-ons and fittings like sink, cabinets and countertops. Kitchen worktops come in a number of materials like granite, quartz, wood, etc. It’s an important decision for the folks to find the right material that might be effective by means of investments and utility. Any material that’s selected ought to be less costly and durable. It ought to last a long time. The fabric ought to be heat and scratch resistant to ensure that any danger from hot kitchen items could be averted.

Quartz movement worktops are extremely common nowadays because it possess the majority of the qualities that the ideal kitchen worktop material should posses. Quartz movement kitchen worktops are comprised of the natural combination of epoxy resins which behave as a glue and quartz movement mineral. The fabric enables removing food stains with tepid to warm water and cleaning soap with no damage. Quartz movement worktops are less expensive than granite kitchen worktops. Although the benefit of granite is much more than quartz movement, the price involved with quartz movement worktops are extremely less as in comparison to granite worktops. Quartz movement kitchen worktops will be a very good choice for those who have limited earnings. The quartz movement worktops possess a matte finish that makes it among the best materials. The constant maintenance price is very low without any dependence on sharpening and resealing. They’re non-porous and haven’t associations using the discoloration risks.

Once the choice between various materials for kitchen worktops comes, everything is dependent around the preferences from the purchasers. While coming to a such purchases, it might be essential for anyone to softly evaluate the qualities that every material offers. Specialist help where needed ought to be taken so the best is received from the investment. That material ought to be selected which doesn’t compromise around the desires of individuals according to the kitchen’s looks.


Stone Offcuts – the best Decor material

Let’s say you have ordered a granite worktop for your kitchen. The product you received is of the best possible quality, you have invested a lot of money in this extremely durable and immensely beautiful element of the interior décor (and a necessary one too, as you cannot imagine a kitchen without a worktop, right?). But did you ever wonder how your worktop was made and what is left after the manufacturing process is complete?

Making a marble or granite worktop is not easy and it demands a lot of skill and experience in stonemasonry and industry equipment use. When the experts from the worktop company finish their work, which involves cutting, grinding and polishing huge and heavy slabs of natural stone to fit the material of your choice in your kitchen, their workstations are full of offcuts which are then transported to the warehouse. Why, you may ask? Because marble and granite are very expensive materials and simply throwing the stone offcuts or using them for a simple construction work (for example as an element of a building’s foundation) would be a waste of the properties and looks of those resources. That is why stonemason companies store offcuts instead of getting rid of them – to give their clients yet another superb decorative material for a fraction of a pracie of a whole granite or marble slab of stone.

If you are satisfied with your worktop, you might be also interested in using a similar material for window sills, wall decorations or any other idea you have in mind. That’s where utilizing offcuts come in handy, as you may simply ask the company which prepared your worktop to create other elements of the interior design out of the leftovers of the same material! This way, you can create a wholly coherent space for a fair price – prices of marble and granite offcuts are very low (especially if you compare them to the price of a whole slab of stone used for a kitchen worktop), while the properties, durability and beauty stays the same. These characteristics make offcuts the best solution for cheap, yet wonderful home décor for every house – no matter what design you have chosen for your home, a stone decorative element will surely find its place in the interior.

Quartz – A cheaper alternative to granite

Quartz worktops as cheaper alternative.

Granite is a natural material, formed from the volcanic rock over a period of millions of years. It can now be transformed into kitchen worktops, flooring or even wall cladding. However because it is a natural product, and due to its quality and uniqueness, granite may be very expensive. This is especially considered if a specific granite is very rare, and can be only gained from one source or the transportation of the granite is time consuming and expensive.

There are many other factors which can make a granite expensive, for example the durability of the granite, and if the specific granite crumbles easily or is vulnerable to breaking or cracking during the manufacture process, all of this might have a negative effect on the pricing, because it takes a lot more effort and risk to deliver such granite to a customer in an untouched and undamaged shape.

Quart worktops

More importantly a granite is far more respected than any other materials, it appeals to many people that the stone is all natural and unique in its own way, which is why many manufacturers and suppliers take that opportunity in order to make prices a lot higher than they should be.

Be mindful however that the prices change from one year to another, and something that was once expensive due to unknown reasons, may now be a lot cheaper and accessible.

However do not let that stop you from getting a stone worktop that you dreamed of for so long, there is an alternative which will allow you to access a stone for a fairly reasonable price! Yes, as you might have guessed from looking at the title, it is quartz.

Quartz is a fantastic way of decorating your kitchen with a worktop for much less than you would normally give for a granite. Of course, same as with the granite, all materials differ, even in the quartz category, and some quartz’s may be priced for even more than average granites! However it is not a usual case, and instead it will be often for a customer to find a beautiful quartz, without spending thousands of pounds.

Technistone is a company which provides prime quality materials, and you have our word, that they are a very respectable and a reliable company, that we’ve been cooperating with for many years. Their selection of colours ranges from light to dark, touching on more unique shades such as light red or green, therefore the choice is certainly there, and it is up to the costumer (meaning you of course) to choose the best solution.

We offer the company’s samples and we can always freely send them to any location around the United Kingdom. It is important for a customer to actually see and feel the piece in real life, before purchase, mainly because some shades of quartz may not be actually reflected perfectly via a computer, no matter how HD the resolution is. Therefore we always recommend either to visit a showroom, or ask for samples. However if you are interested in a particular piece, by a particular supplier, you may visit their website. It is more than likely that the pictures that are shown there almost exactly reflect the true colours of the particular material.

You may think that quartz is a lesser material than granite, but in fact it is just as great regarding the durability. In some cases it may be even better. A quartz is a man-made product therefore it provides the manufacturers freedom to add their own elements into the components, which make up a quartz material. Silestone for example uses anti-bacterial components to impregnate their choice of quartzs, making their surfaces unique and indeed, hygienic.

The man-made process which quartz goes through, provides the freedom to implement the stone, and make it even more durable. Quartz is no longer vulnerable to easy cracking, seen as there is no natural vein system running through the pieces. In addition there are particles added which enhance the overall toughness of the material and protect against the negative exposure to impacts.

However, it is the pricing that matters, and pricing which is what many people will consider. In all honesty, the price can truly differ if you take into consideration a reasonable supplier. In order to check the price, you will first have to go through the quotation system offered on our website and find that it will estimate a price for your quartz. You will have a choice of suppliers to choose from, and from that you will be able to decide which colour to proceed with.

Finally, the price matters, of course. On the other hand do not make the mistake of choosing a piece of material simply because you wish to have a stone in your kitchen, and you require it to be cheap. Be reasonable with your choice, and certainly do not be hasty. Being hasty and progressing too quickly with your purchase may spoil your worktop. Many people rush in to buying a stone for their kitchen, with the hopes of gaining good deals and good prices. This is not the approach, be mindful and strongly consider the colour you would like in your kitchen. Consider multiple times, whether it will suit the rest of your kitchen, and lastly choose a reliable supplier, and a manufacturer which will make sure that the job is done correctly and with no faults.

We cannot stress enough to our customers how important it is to consider such points before choosing your worktop. We always assure them that yes it is possible to purchase a great quality quartz, with a reasonable price, however one must be truly happy with it, and don’t only choose it because of low price reasons. This will most definitely conclude with a customer dissatisfaction and a negative impact, not only on you, but also on us.

Therefore indeed, quartz is much cheaper, with a much larger variety of colours to choose. If you wish to have one then feel free to visit our showroom, call us or send us an email with your request, and we will provide you an estimate for the most reasonable solution.

Stone in interiors and exteriors

stone in interiorsA stone product which is used within any interior, is a perfect element that joins every interior. It is a beautiful, key product that easily can be found in the entire house.

For example, we can find the same colour of a stone in either floors, decorations, fireplaces, claddings, utilities, windowsills or worktops etc. This is surely their biggest attribute, as they can be made to suit literally any place. The choices are limitless, and as a customer, you choose where to place them and what they should look like. The job may also be left to the professional designer or an architect, they will perform their tasks according to the customer. However, bear in mind that apart from the undoubting decorative function, the stone settled in interiors should also have other functions such as working use.

Most of all, the smooth and even/polished surfaced stone is used in many interiors. The rough surfaces are not recommended due to their uneven structure, thus being troublesome when in use. Amongst the uneven surfaces however, the matted ones are amongst the most popular natural surfaces. Despite of their slight uneven area, they are still somewhat smooth, harmless seen as it isn’t sharp, therefore neither damage your clothing, but most importantly it is very easy to clean and maintain it. The interiors are always decorated with many different materials, such as limestone, soft alabaster, with medium tenderness marble or much harder granite or quartz.

Stone worktops

stone coutertops in kitchen

Stone worktops makes your kitchen unique and increse property value.

A kitchen is a place where worktops are a subject to many external factors. It is a place, where despite of the overall look, the worktops is increasingly exploited and must be resistant to damages and impacts, both minor and major. From mechanical damages to liquids, acids, detergents, oils and tempereatures. The main role of the manufacturer of such worktops is to allow the customer understand that worktops do not only serve a decorative role, they should be used also, without fear of damaging them.

Though that at the same time every user of stone worktops should be aware that the long lasting beauty depends highly on how you approach them in terms of maintenance. This includes the realisations that some things will have a big impact upon them, for example: An oil splashed from the pan, spilt ketchup, mayo and mustard, vinegar, acids even as weak as the citric acid, even sparkling water may to some extent be of some damage. This is something that any worktop must be resistant to if they have to be always aesthetic and should be pleasing every eye of both, householders and visitors. Therefore because of this, some materials are completely useless when used for worktops. We definitely have to ignore all limestone – marble, alabaster and travertine. Indeed, some customers may request this regardless, but the choice, as already mentioned, remains to you.

A question often asked is – what of the chemicals? And all of the detergents that prevent damage and strengthen the surface of the stone worktops? They the PZH certificates and approvals! – Indeed, but has anyone ever seen a chemical detergent for stone, which could have a PZH certificate for a direct contact with food? I highly doubt it, and the certificate we are mentioning here is the approval given by the department of Food research. Therefore the only detergent which may be used for safety and later preservation of the natural stone worktops is – beeswax. It is great for dealing with younger and less stable granites.


Quartz worktops

About quartz worktops.

Quartz worktops adds a unique style and design to any kitchen. From modern, kitchens to more classical styles, there are over 60 colours and many different finishes (polished), suede (matt) or volcano (rustic), to choose from. The unique physical-mechanical and hygienic characteristics of quartz for example, its beauty, resistance to stains, scratching and strong knocks, as well as its bacteriostatic properties makes it ideal for a work area such as the kitchen worktop. With quartz, the kitchen worktop will always look as good as new.

Engineered Quartz is an artificial stone which consists of 94% quartzite and other additives such like resin, natural detritus, mineral pigments etc. This material has a high resistance to staining and corrosion, and it’s extremely durable, as a stone worktop it can be even stronger than granite. Quartz is a man-made material, this means it will come in many colour options, such as plain colours, with imitation of natural veins, or with shining mirrors which will reflect the light in order to add more style to modern kitchen worktops. It really is a hard wearing, elegant, high quality product that offers you extreme number of possibilities for any designs.

Quartz worktops gallery.

Most common uses for quartz

Quartz is an even more durable and long lasting materials than granite, therefore often used for floors, claddings, worktops and other surfaces. Quartz is widely used in kitchens for quartz worktops, counters in pubs and bars, utility rooms, window sills, bathrooms, wall and floor tiles, and many others.

Edges and finishes

More importantly, same as granite it can have a variety of finishes and edges. As mentioned earlier this includes polished, honed, anticato, flamed or brushed. In terms of the edges  many varieties are also available, either pencil edge, half bullnose and even full bullnose, there are many options to choose from. Check them all out here.