Granite worktops

Advantage of granite worktops.

Our most popular products are indeed kitchen granite worktops, this is because many people want stone worktop in their kitchens, a beautiful mottled look, comes in a wide range of colours, and is incredibly hardwearing. It is quite resistant to temperature, stains and fluid damage, and can be pre-cut to contain kitchen sink inserts and draining grooves. It’s usually supplied polished and very glossy, but you can choose a honed matt finish. Obviously the types of worktops we do is simply up to the client, you decide how the worktop will look like, which colours, edges and details to pick. We basically do the job!

Where I can choose color for my worktop ?

You have two option to check available colors:

Remember that some colors are really hard to get, and some of them are not available anymore. We’ve put on ours pages only colors, which are still on the UK market. If you have questions about availability, feel free to contact our office to get advice.

Our granite worktops gallery

We have a full gallery of kitchen granite worktops that we have done in places around the entire UK. We hope that this will help you in choosing perhaps a specific material for worktop, or even some kind of special design, although remember that your kitchen countertop can be as unique and stylish as possible.

How much is a Granite worktop?

If you like our work and want to find out how much you need to pay for stone worktop, we’ve prepared for you spacial quotation system. In few simple steps you can get instant online quote without any obligations. Our system presenting many option starting from colors  through shapes finishing on edges and extra accessories such us upstands and splashback. Quotation process is simple and will give you roughly idea how much you need to pay including templating and installation. Remember that prices are only estimated and if you wish exact price we may need to ask you more details about your kitchen.

You my find some more useful information about granite worktops prices in our guide, which is located here: granite worktop price.

If you would like start quotation now, please visit online quotation from top menu or straight by this link: online quote

Please use our free online quotation application for an instant granite worktops prices. Our software will allow you to get a rough idea of an expected stone worktops costs including delivery and installation.

We believe you will find this tool very useful as the whole quoting process is split into sections, where we guide you step by step, up to the final part, where the price plan is being presented.

Small pieces of stone.

If you are looking for fairly small pieces of stone feel free to call us on 01618778361, we have only the best quality off-cuts on the entire British market. We suggest that if you have a small piece to order, just give us a call or email us to get the appropriate, reliable and updated price plan, based on the off-cut information.

We have in stock over 1000 off-cut colours, materials etc. It’s great opportunity to reduce costs when renovating kitchen! Instead of buying an entire slab of a stone material, you can always purchase off-cuts that suit your cost. Bear in mind that our quotation software is using full slab prices, even if you are looking for a very small piece of stone, therefore the estimated price will always be higher than desired.

Why granite worktops are so expensive ?

01a Granite worktops A lot of people might end up being disappointed when checking prices of stone worktops prices, either online or in a showroom, most think that it is simply too expensive. Although most customers looking for a worktop are not aware that the suppliers are not charging a wholesale amount for such worktoptops. There are many reason why natural stones such as granite are actually this expensive in comparison to laminated worktop for example. First of all granite is a natural stone and therefore very durable, easy to maintain clean and regularly very beautiful. Apart from that it is also resistant to heat, scratching etc. Therefore it costs more, especially that granite worktops are guaranteed to last for years.

Another reason why the  granite worktops prices are more expensive is because they are extremely unique. Their entire appearance is never identical to another, even if it is the same colour, e.g Star Galaxy. Therefore there are a number of patterns and veins within that are simply one of a kind, although to make the colour even more unique, the workrtops can be offered in either matted or honed surfaces, instead of the standard shiny one. There are many ways to keep the surface protected and clean, although one of the most popular means of protection is in fact a sealer. Any stone surface can, or in some cases has to be frequently sealed. In terms of cleaning, this is rather simple as well as most surfaces can be cleaned simply with water and a cloth. However there are also various specialised products that will maintin the fantastic condition of a specific stone countertop.

One of the main attributes of natural stone worktops, is the huge variety when it comes to colour, patterns and veins, thus the stone surface cost is also significantly higher than standard worktops. It is certainly guaranteed however that all of the natural stone products are very unique.

In order to make the price a little cheaper, discounts are also available. Within the UK region there are many competitive prices and products, on the other hand it is guaranteed that we offer only the prime quality products, also at a reasonable price, making us a respected company and appreciated by thousands of customers. We try our best in order to suit the budget of any person, and if a specific product is too expensive, we simply offer different solutions and alternatives that could also benefit that customer. Therefore in order to make things even easier a product can be quickly purchased with the help of our professional  and experienced staff. In later stages this is followed by proficient services.

Feel free to have a look at our range of products, colours, shapes and finishes. We also recommend looking at extra pieces such as backsplashes and upstands, that would make your worktop stand out even more. quality

What area do you operate in?

Our company operates in Manchester but we’re operating in whole UK including Scotland. We’ve satisfied customers in: London, Manchester, Birmingham, south and north England and more. Fell free to check ours reference’s  page to find out what customers think about us. There is no fake reviews only real customers. There is no place in England where we can’t install our products.

Fabrication process

If you’re interested with granite worktops manufacturing process visit  this section: manufacturing process. You’ll find step by step description of countertops fabrication process including taking measurements and cutting stone. We’ve added some movies so you can watch how granite worktop is prepared.

Stone worktop care and maintenance:

Clean with a mild washing up liquid solution, Don’t use abrasive cleaners, or ones containing lemon, vinegar or other acids, as these will dull the surface.

Before we choose the worktop and install it in our kitchen, we have to figure out what advantages or disadvantages it he has. That lets us know the product better and thereby choose for us best solution. Remember, it has to be good quality product, as it serves us in many activities.

What kind of worktop we should choose?

Obviously, choosing worktop we have to take into consideration it’s aesthetic, because in many cases it decides about our kitchen final look. If the worktop is properly and professionally matched, it will superbly emphasize the room’s character. Therefore, choosing kitchen worktop we should pay our attention to it’s appearance and also functionality and utility. First of all, installing the worktop in kitchen or bathroom we have to choose the one, which is resistant to moisture and in addition it can be cleaned easily with any types of chemicals. Thanks to this, trough the whole duration of use our kitchen worktop maintenance will be easy and simple. If we mismatch the worktop, it will shatter whole room’s look and in addition it will be useless.
We are wondering, worktop made from which materials will be the best for us. Obviously, a lot depends on our finance’s condition. However, in this respect we should not save to much.

The cheapest worktops

If we choose the cheapest kitchen worktops, we need to know, that they are made from laminated material. First of all, this material is chipboard, which in practice is laminate covered. This type of material is available in many colours and patterns, that makes we can choose for our needs matt, shiny, smooth or rugged worktops. Unfortunately, buying these worktops we have to take into account that they are not damage proof and they can not be fixed. Additionally, these worktops are not resistant to high temperatures and it is easy to scratch them.
Currently, we often choose worktops covered with tiles. This material may be, for example clinker, gres tiles and terra cotta. These worktops have more advantages, additionally they are relatively cheap to purchase. Apart from that, material they are made from will be perfectly suitable for almost any interior, therefore they are superbly presenting in traditional kitchens and in modern also. Unfortunately, these worktops have one disadvantage – it is hard to make a joint. Additionally, this joint gets dirty fast, destroyed and thereby it is difficult to clean it.
Kitchen worktops made from wood are also very popular. Often hard wood like beech or oak is used as a material, which is additionally protected by lacquering. These types of worktops are quite expensive, but have some features that make them extremely practical. Wooden worktop is a great cost, but also very viable. If we choose a worktop in excellent quality we will be sure that it will serve us for a long time and it will not distort.

The most expensive worktops

The most expensive worktops are these, which are made from stone. As all they have advantages and disadvantages. First of all, you should know that these worktops easily get dirty, what cause that they need to be impregnated from time to time. Often they are made from stone, which is granite. This type of material is one of the most resistant to damage and also to high temperature. It makes that we can put on them hot dishes and even carve and chop the meat. Currently, these worktops are one of the often chosen, as they are very popular and appreciated. These worktops are characterized by unusual reliability, as regarding it’s nature it is hard to destroy the stone. Obviously, current producers give us a lot of possibilities, because natural stone can be replaced by synthetic stone. One of those materials is corian, which is made from milled stone and also epoxy-acrylic resins. Additionally, in the cake are also pigments. Currently, the worktops are made exactly from this material. Those worktops are not expensive and excellent in use.

Very expensive worktops are those made from glass and metal. Their characteristic feature is that they look more esthetic in modern interiors, but they are also used in traditional kitchens. These worktops give our interiors individual features, which make them difficult to compare with others.

Kitchen worktops – prices

Ordering the worktops to our interior we should remember also about the prices. We will pay much more for the worktop, ordered in kitchen studio than for this, which we will buy straight from producer, stonemason or even in a home-improvement store. This is because the kitchen studio will collect a large part of the amount for the project realization. In the second place we will pay only for the worktop, what will make the cost a lot bigger.

If you are looking for an idea, which worktop you should choose for the white kitchen, we advise you to match the colour with the floor or contrastingly – dark or bright wood.