Edges visualization

3D edges visualization.

This 3D edges visualization of the variety of stone products edges allows you not only to fully visualize the edges on countertops in a realistic way, but more importantly to make a reliable choice.

You are presented with a range of choices of the edge profiles. All stone solid surfaces differ, from granite, to quartz and marble. But their standard thickness is almost the same, 30mm. However if you prefer to have a thicker size then we also offer so called downstands, additional quartz or granite pieces that extend your overall size of the countertop by either 10, 20 or 30mm. Feel free to explore our ranges of the edges and downstands and progress with your quotation here

How edges visualization works?

Our application is using Adobe flash technology. Make sure your internet browser support flash technology. Right plugin, could be downloaded form: here. Every single edge type was rendered in special 3D animation software and put together with descriptions into a flash application.

Edges visualization options:
  • Choose desired edge profile
  • Choose stone colour

3D edges visualization.

Visualization futures.

At the moment our software support only few granite colours. Because 3D rendering technology  is quite expensive and time consuming, we’ll extend edges databases once receive some feedback’s from customers. Please share this page with you friends, so we’ll know that software is useful and helpful.

Feel free to contact us about program futures, we can improve it by adding more options or colours. Anyway if you found something broken or not working, just send us message through contact form or straight to mailbox: [email protected]

All software on this page is made by Polishgranite Ltd and can’t be used on other websites without our permission. If you’re interested with using it on your website please contact us by emial or contact form.