Quartz worktops Manchester

Quartz worktops Manchester – Best worktop installations in North West of England

Polish Granite’s methods of working have been widely complimented by customers and the Company’s contractors alike, primarily because of our efficiency and reliability. Over 11+ years on the market we have developed an organised system of carrying out all services:

  • The completed quotations that land to us via email or website are revised and sent back to the customer within 1hr.
  • The quotations that are completed with accordance to the provided plans are sent to the customers in PDF form via email within 1-2hrs.
  • The templating takes as little as 1-2hrs, with our team always arriving on time and on the pre-arranged date. We measure, inspect the cabinets, create templates and deliver them back to our workshop.
  • The installation takes 2-3hrs, with our team coming prepared and carrying out the job without any delays or complications. We give the cabinets a last check, fit the worktops, give everything a thorough clean and be on our way.
  • Any other services, deliveries, repairs, offcuts etc. are fulfilled with minimal wait time, and small costs.

We have strictly stuck to the model presented above, and thus far successfully realised thousands of projects across all of UK, receiving positive feedback and little to no complaints. This is precisely why our company has been dubbed as well-grounded and devoted to every job.

Quartz worktops Manchester – Quick and efficient process

We have been told on many occasions that it is rare nowadays to find a company who will carry out complex procedures such as renovations or installations from start to finish without any major issues or obstacles arising (e.g. delays, price changes, final effect lacking lustre etc.). We’re glad that we were able to show better example and provide people the services they truly desire and have signed up for. For example, if you receive your quote from us, it will detail the final price incl. VAT for everything that you’ve asked for e.g. rounded corners, delivery, draining grooves, fitting of quartz worktops Manchester etc. In other words, the final balance for entire project. And only once you see this and show approval, we’ll be able to begin the work.

We are firm about our work strategies, and we want our customers to know exactly what to expect before they ask us to carry anything out. With Polish Granite there is no leaving things until last minute or requesting more money than what was originally discussed. Everything is formalised and finalised before any work commences. And it stays that way until the worktops are fitted and final balance is paid.

Quartz worktops Manchester – Contact us

If you’re based in Greater Manchester or any surrounding areas, and you’re after a quick, reliable stone worktop service then Polish Granite will be glad to assist you. You can receive our price plan either through completing the online quotation or phoning/emailing our office, after which we’ll take all your measurements and other demands, thereafter rendering an immediate quote and sending it through.

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