Acrylic bar tops

The bar tops are in most cases are in the centre of attention because of their location and function. It is worth to take care of bar worktop’s condition as it is a calling card of the place. The perfect bar tops should be not only clean but even impeccable, as it is a space, where people are ordering, colleting their orders, paying, eating, drinking, talking – simply just nice spend the time together. That is why they should feel completely freely, almost like at home. The best bar worktop need to be so interesting, attractive and eye-catching that it make you can not resist to come into the bar. Ideally finished bar top will be not only the reason for pride but also excellent gimmick.

Bar tops are almost no different from usual kitchen worktops, but their shape need to be more diversified sometimes as there need to be an additional place for professional devices. Also happens that the bar area is very difficult to design because of its irregular shapes. According to this acrylic surfaces are the best, as they are easy to form in fabrication process. Thanks to this you can achieve astonishing and unique effects, balancing with shape, colour and size of fabric. Properties of acrylic countertops give unlimited design options and can be easily combined in every bar area. As bar tops are highly exploited spaces, they should be easy and fast to clean. This is also an advantage of acrylic material, as you need to wipe clean with a damp cloth or sponge. Some basic stains you can successfully clean with mild detergents or general purpose cleaners. In addition, acrylic solid surface materials are perfect for bar spaces, as they are highly hygienic and anti-bacterial. Among all these advantages, we have to list also non porous structure, stain resistance, scratch resistance, seamless and inconspicuous joins, 100% renewable and repairable material.

Bar countertops are available in a wide range of colours and finishings. In this gallery we present you the most popular projects, which are especially realized for bar areas.

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