Antique Brown granite

antique brown granite

The clue is in the name, the Antique Brown is a colour which has this vintage rusty look to it. Unlike any other pieces, this material is covered in patches of various colours, rather than having a sustained colouring with natural veins. This granite, native to Angola is something magnificent. It is beautiful in its own way, a collection of compressed elements, almost puzzle like, which come together to form a surface which is unique to Antique Brown.

There are lighter and darker elements which are joined, with majority having this brown shade to them. This style presents itself fantastically with traditional kitchens, where this vintage or antique looks is preserved and suits the wooden furniture and cabinets for example. However the main quality of Antique is also that it suits modern interiors and goes along well with various furniture designs, of both light and dark colours.

Antique Brown is a granite material that is worthy seeing in real light, on a big scale. It always amazes every customer and makes us wonder, how nature designed such creative material. Its composition is certainly special and original, which is why there is constantly a high demand on this product, in spite of its rare production.

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