How to care for your granite worktop

Caring for Your Granite Worktop

Granite worktop, like everything else in the house, require regular care in order to be admired. Responsible usage will ensure their beautiful appearance for many years to come.

Depending on the material used for granite worktop production, they require proper care. Laminate tops should be wiped using soft cloth with a small amount of washing up liquid and then polished with a microfiber cloth. For tougher stains one can use cream cleanser or baking soda mixed with water. The remains of the cleanser should be washed away with water and the tops wiped dry.

Granite worktops should be treated slightly differently. Stains should be  wiped off immediately and for granite tops cream cleanser (containing no bleach) should be used. One can buy special cleansers especially for granite and marble. For every day care, damp, absorbent cloth should be used for wiping the surfaces. It is advisable to protect those tops by impregnating them.

Wooden tops require special treatment. Wood can be easily damaged, therefore, it is helpful to use cleansers especially designed for it and to protect it from time to time using wax or oil. Regardless of what material the top is made, one must use cutting boards and mats to be placed under hot pots, which should not be moved  long the surfaces, thus avoiding scratches. All stains should be removed immediately with a damp cloth.

Following these steps will allow us to enjoy our beautiful kitchen and spotless tops.

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