Rosette granite

rossette granite

If you want something that is beautifully unique and wonderfully stylish, why not choose Rosette granite for your worktops? The rich, warm, sandy colours evoke images of a stunning desert landscape and will no doubt bring an exotic feel to your kitchen. Standing out with rich tones of deep brown, golden brown and darker tones,… Read more »

Juparana Bordeaux granite

Juparana Bordeaux granite

Juparana Bordeaux granite is a stunning option that stands out with it’s rich tones of red and alternating darker and lighter hues mixed in. This wonderful option is mined in Brazil and it’s exotic appearance will make it a great centrepiece in any kitchen, providing you with a countertop that is both aesthetically pleasing and… Read more »

Rosa Porrino granite

Rosa Porrino granite

Rosa Porrino granite is as beautiful in looks as it is in name, and it is sure to look utterly wonderful in your home. The gorgeous pink stone originates from the area of Porrino in the Galicia region in Spain, and it is very hard natural stone that is in high supply. In colour, it… Read more »

Black pearl granite

black pearl granite

Black Pearl granite has ever been a popular colour of choice for kitchen worktops, owing to it’s naturally elegant appearance, versatility and cost effectiveness. A dark base flecked and veined with lighter tones such as silver, grey, and even green and blue, give a beautiful pearlescent look that oozes understated class and elegance, and it… Read more »

Tan Brown granite

tan brown granite

Tan Brown granite – a material transported directly from India, it composes of brown patches layered on a dark grey background. This is one of the few granite piece which retains such effect, especially with the two contrasts of colours, grey and brown. However the brown patches themselves aren’t simply brown. They are distinctively tiger-skin… Read more »

Nero Impala granite

nero impala granite

Black on white or white on black? It cannot be resolved with the colour of Nero Impala. Its features contain a mix of both colours, combined to form various patterns and lines on the surface of the granite. When polished it looks magnificent as the surface retains the mix of colours, though the surface is… Read more »

Antique Brown granite

antique brown granite

The clue is in the name, the Antique Brown is a colour which has this vintage rusty look to it. Unlike any other pieces, this material is covered in patches of various colours, rather than having a sustained colouring with natural veins. This granite, native to Angola is something magnificent. It is beautiful in its… Read more »

Shivakashi granite

Shivakashi granite

Once again, every piece of Shivakashi is a true one-of-a-kind due to the uncommon dark on white vein system which appears on every piece of this material. This distinctive contrast is indeed very rare, and it suits the creamy colouring of the material perfectly. It is like dark rivers flowing through beige fields of corn,… Read more »

Giallo Veneziano granite

Giallo Veneziano granite

A sandy colour with various shades and patterns, darker and lighter, white and dark veins, all resembling a beautiful layout of ranging crystallised insignias. It’s a composition which is very uncommon, and therefore Veneziano is a rarity amongst the granite selection. Some argue that it resembles a mix between Kashmir Gold and Kashmir White, however… Read more »