Amadeus Granite

amadeus granite

There are certain materials that have such an impact that one look is not sufficient to take it all in. Amadeus Granite is the one these types of material. Mainly because the texture of the granite stretches over a large area, a little section of Amadeus Granite is not adequate to fully appreciate its actual… Read more »

Baltic Brown granite

Baltic Brown Granite

Baltic Brown Granite,  grained granite carries a mainly brown color palette. It is made up of light brown spots of varing sizes with smaller brown and infrequently greenish spots spanning a black background. This uniform granite is additionally known as Baltic Rain and Bruno Baltico.

Uba tuba granite

Uba Tuba granite

Found naturally in Brazil, Uba Tuba Granite is quickly becoming the most requested granites for bath and kitchen granite worktops. It has a smooth, very easy to maintain surface. Uba Tuba Granite worktops are glossy, giving the owner which has a high quality professional appearance. Uba Tuba granite even offers an exceptional durability not found… Read more »

Astoria Ivory – granite

The Astoria Ivory, also known as Crema Astoria is a very resistant granite stone material, which is imported from India. Its patterns are bizarre yet very unique. It is neither beige nor creamy, and often possesses dark brown, grey and black veins which clearly show that it is a natural product. At times it could… Read more »

Kashmir white granite

Kashmir white granite as a material for kitchen worktops. For several years Kashmir White also known as Cashmere White granite worktops are quite popular. The natural beauty of Kashmir White with it is creamy off white background, grey and black veining has made it a really popular choice. Also the truth that not a single… Read more »

Black granite

Black granite kitchen worktop

Black granite – favorite material for kitchen worktops. Black granite is the widely used material for cooking area worktops with 90% of our clients selecting these types of colours. As they are the a excellent choice for anybody trying to find a plain black colour that should complement almost any type of kitchen. Black granite… Read more »

Granite gallery by colors

Check out our granite gallery to get inspired about your kitchen design. Colors plays an important role in our day-to-day lives and influences our moods. Colors creates an atmosphere and transmit feelings and lifestyles. Color gives a room a personal touch and make it reflect our feelings, our personality, our taste and even our attitude towards life.… Read more »