Modern kitchen design – smooth and shiny

Modern kitchen design

Modern kitchen design – what’s that? Kitchen is the essential part in many households. What’s interesting, it doesn’t need to occupy much space to be so crucial. It’s not the square metres that matter but the actions that are taking place there. In many houses it’s the kitchen that’s bustling with everyday life and action.… Read more »

Customise your granite worktop – kitchen tailored to your needs

granite worktop

Granite worktop in your kitchen Granite worktop can completely change the way your kitchen looks. Even the most boring and dull kitchens can be jazzed up with properly chosen granite worktops. After all, granite worktop is essential and with its unique colouring and underlying veining can create your kitchen anew. Let’s not forget about granite’s… Read more »

What’s new on our site

What’s new on our site

Our new site Finally, we’ve managed to successfully redesign our website and we’re really happy to introduce the newest look of Polish Granite. We’re really satisfied with the redesign’s final effects and updates that have been implemented. To give you a quick overview, we’ve changed the look, remade the layout and added great new features… Read more »

How to take care of stone floors

Stone floors

Stone floors – characteristics Stone floors definitely look beautiful and give your home a classy touch, no matter the stone or style. Yet, they need to withstand a lot of harmful factors. Only think of splashing water, heavy lid thumping down, dirt and dust rolling all over. Stone floors are by nature resistant to all… Read more »

Kitchen visualisation – make your dream kitchen alive

Kitchen visualization

Kitchen visualisation – online tools Before even starting remodelling your kitchen you need to be sure what to do. You can always simply throw the walls down and see what’s left standing to start with, but much safer and cleaner option is to get prepared and think it all over. If you don’t want to… Read more »

Acrylic vanity tops

In home designing we usually concentrate on kitchen and living room, forgetting about bathroom. Unfortunately, the bathroom is the most catchy and memorable for many people. First things, which attract our attention are vanity top and basin. Consequently, we should think quite carefully about which type of worktop will be the best and the most… Read more »

Acrylic bar tops

The bar tops are in most cases are in the centre of attention because of their location and function. It is worth to take care of bar worktop’s condition as it is a calling card of the place. The perfect bar tops should be not only clean but even impeccable, as it is a space,… Read more »

Merry christmas

marry christmas

Dear Customers, Upcoming Christmas Holidays bring a lot of joy and reflections on previous period and plans for the coming New Year. In these exceptional days we would like to wish a lot of satisfaction and success taken with challenges. Let upcoming Christmas spent in the company of loved ones will bring you much joy, warmth and optimism. Best wishes from Polish Granite Ltd