Granite and Quartz – The Uses and Attributes.

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In general, all of the building materials are very durable. However most of the time they don’t possess any special aesthetic aspects. Therefore they are practically never used during the decoration process of interiors. The only exception are the granite and quartz worktops, natural and man-made materials that are widely known for decorating certain areas,… Read more »

Granite worktops vs laminate worktops

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Why granite and quartz worktops are a better choice than laminate. It doesn’t take long to figure out if a specific kitchen worktop is a high quality worktop. In fact most of the time it is a very clear realization! It is important that a person, who is determined to have a kitchen that could… Read more »

Granite or quartz worktops vs laminate.

Is your Kitchen worktop high quality?  In fact most of the time it is a very clear realisation! It is important that a person, who is determined to have a kitchen that could be attractive for long time, will actually make the right choice, beginning with a worktop. Laminate worktops have been a very popular… Read more »

Stone worktops care

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Stone worktops care and maintenance Granite and quartz care is one of the most important priorities after acquiring a worktop. Right after the specific stone worktop is fitted it is impregnated, thus fully sealing the micro gaps on the surface of the worktop, and stopping any liquids from getting inside. A completely new layer of… Read more »

Installation process

Manufacturing process of stone worktops

Quartz or granite kitchen worktop installation process. Our main goal is always to complete the installation to a highest standard. We do this not just to satisfy you but also ourselves as our teams job requires the attributes of a perfectionist.  Not only this makes our job look great but it also affects how long the… Read more »

How to get a price online.

1. First thing you have to do is choose a colour of the granite quartz or marble that interests you. Remember that not all colours of the worktops cost the same price, almost all differ, however the differences aren’t usually huge. 2. The next step involves you choosing a similar shape layout to how your… Read more »