Ceramic vanity tops

Bathroom is one of our home’s room, which has an important role in everyday life.

Why is it so influential? It is like that because this is a place, where our day starts and ends. Bath is often our rest room, we can recuperate our strengths and calm down our senses after a day full of urgent matters and exhausting responsibilities. It is also a place, where we wake up our bodies to life and gather strength, good mood for all busy day.

The bathroom we need should emanate with positive vibrations. Living in a fast and crazy world these days, we all need the bath to be beautiful in design, everlasting, comfortable and easy to maintain. All these features are characteristic for ceramic exteriors.

Besides the floor, it is worth to choose the correct vanity top, as these are the areas, which attract our attention the most. These two spaces decide about the character of the room, so they should be well thought-out. We have the producer’s guarantee, that Neolit is a high performance material ideal for bathrooms applications. This is reflected both by the unique, amazing colours and textures, and also by characteristic features that they have. Ceramic tops are resistant to water and other liquids. What is the most important in rooms like bath, they are also extraordinarily hygienic and bacterial, fungus resistant. Besides, these surfaces do not need any special cleaning. Among the properties already mentioned, it is also listed Neolit’s chemical inertness. The fact of being completely unreactive, makes Neolith suitable for contact with any domestic or industrial cleaning detergent such as bleach or ammonia.

Recent manufacturing techniques have made it possible to perfectly imitate the look of real stone, without the flaws of porousness, price and water absorption. Even keen funs of traditional granite and marble will find something truly interesting.

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