Customise your granite worktop – kitchen tailored to your needs

granite worktop

Granite worktop in your kitchen

Granite worktop can completely change the way your kitchen looks. Even the most boring and dull kitchens can be jazzed up with properly chosen granite worktops. After all, granite worktop is essential and with its unique colouring and underlying veining can create your kitchen anew. Let’s not forget about granite’s unique properties.

Granite is a natural rock that’s commonly known for its high durability and resistance to multiplicity of harmful factors. It’s enough to mention such internal kitchen-specific things like moist, heat, spills. What’s more, granite is similarly resistant to external factors related to weather conditions such as high temperature fluctuations, strong wind or heavy rains. All these practical qualities make granite perfect for fitting worktops, countertops, flooring or cladding as well headstones or outside stairs.

Yet, it’s granite worktop that’s definitely drawing attention. It’s the air of royalty and magnificence that comes off granite worktop and makes it such a beautiful thing to look at. Very often granite worktop is the king of your kitchen. If your granite supplier is good your fitting and installation processes are smooth and easy. Yet, sometimes something is still missing – the best way to deal with it effectively is to customise your granite worktop.

Customise your granite worktop

Granite worktop in itself is stunning but it can be even more so if you decide to customise it to meet your individual needs. Luckily, most of the suppliers design and subsequently cut your granite worktop to fulfil all your needs. Therefore, it’s pretty rare to do it yourself. Still, it’s best to know what can be done with your granite worktop to fully customise it to your kitchen needs.

Consider the following:

First of all, consider cut-outs. Basically, cut-outs are empty spaces created to fit in various kitchen appliances. Cut-outs can be of different sizes and shapes, everything depends on the way you’re willing to integrate your kitchen appliances into your granite worktop. Of course, it’s possible to keep all your kitchen appliances as freestanding units, but sometimes space-efficient integrations systems are simply better.

Secondly, you can effectively customise your granite worktop with upstands or splashbacks. Upstands and splashbacks that run up and along your back walls protect your kitchen from accidental spills. They also make your granite worktop installation look finished, smooth and elegant. Of course, you can easily play with upstands and splashbacks – for example you can choose different colour than your granite worktop.

Finally, think of customising return ends. Return ends can make all the difference when it comes to your kitchen design and style. There are various ways to customise return ends – you can choose clean cut straight edges or you can decide to have a sophisticated curve running along your whole set-up. The possibilities here are limited only by your imagination. Don’t forget to ask your granite supplier for detailed information concerning possibilities of granite customisation.

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