Marble floors

Flooring made from granite or marble looks beautiful in our homes, business offices, restaurants and so on.

In the last few years natural stone became a huge hit among building materials. Despite any appearances, floor fulfills not only practical function. It becomes more and more a decorative element and even a visiting card of the room. We less often decide to choose ordinary ceramic tiles, nowadays more popular and fashionable are granite or marble, which thanks to their longevity are perfect finishing materials. When most of the building materials after many years of use have to be thrown out. It is enough to polish the natural stone to make it looks like a new one. All stone materials are easy and cheap in maintenance.

Our team at Polish Granite recommends that you have a look in our gallery at entire interior flooring made out of a specific stone, whether it’s marble or quartz, or even granite, all have been up to now favoured, making the interior look exclusive, unique and original. More recently we have been taking part in such projects, for example when making an entire floor of a hotel out of marble.

Stone floor in a living room will be supremely durable and very easy to clean, but also will give the room a certain style and unique atmosphere. Flooring arranged in a classic pattern will emphasize the elegant and traditional room. Smooth, rectangular and polished slabs will be ideally suitable for more modern designs. Granite floor, as well as granite stone, is lasting, tough, wear and acid or fats resistant. Consequently, it performs its function perfectly in places where marble flooring may be at risk of loosing its shine. Without any concerns it can be used as a floor finishing in halls and entrance corridors. According to many advantages of granite material, it is also suitable for kitchen and bathroom floors.


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