Granite offcuts – practical applications and creative design

Granite offcuts

What are granite offcuts

Many granite suppliers offer not only final granite products such as for example granite kitchen countertops, bathroom worktops, wall claddings, flooring or table tops. Their offers very often include things generally called granite offcuts. As the very name suggest granite offcuts are offcuts from granite, leftovers from pieces of granite used for production of the above mentioned things. They are simply unused pieces that, what’s interesting, come in different shapes, sizes and colours. Since they are offcuts their sizes and shapes can be non-standard and sometimes problematic. Yet, a creative handyman can do wonders with such products.

Granite offcuts and their creative applications

granite offcut


Granite offcuts find plenty of really interesting applications. In the end, they are really practical and what’s more, they’re relatively cheap. In case of their low price there’s really no surprise since they are the leftovers. Granite offcuts can have variety of possible applications – these are for example: table tops, coffee tables, vanity tops, window sills, bath surroundings, fireplace surrounds and hearths, utility rooms, speaker stands etc. There’s simply no end to offcuts possible applications. Generally, various kitchen equipment can be completed with granite pieces, the same goes for all home interior and furniture. Particularly skilled handymen can effectively process granite offcuts, cut them into fitting shapes and sizes and simply make them fit anything they actually want. Truth be told, there’s no limit to granite offcuts usage and it’s only your creative imagination that can block you.

Granite suppliers

Where can you find granite off cuts? The first and obvious place to check is your local granite supplier. Since granite suppliers provide granite and process it, it’s natural they also have granite leftovers. Purchasing granite off cuts is relatively easy, yet you should always be sure that you know what to do with them. Due to their unusual shape and size granite offcuts can be pretty difficult to process and you need some kind of spatial imagination, practical skills and tools to turn offcuts into model pieces. What’s more, it’s not only imagination, skills and tools that matter – there’s plenty of practical knowledge that you should acquire before starting your work with offcuts.

After all, offcuts are made of granite and therefore you should know its qualities. Granite isn’t a just a rock, it’s a special kind of rock that’s widely recognized for its unique qualities. Although, it’s very hard and almost difficult to scratch it’s not indestructible. If treated improperly it can be damaged – this concerns both final granite products such as kitchen worktops as well as granite offcuts. In order to prevent any damage remember to store your granite pieces properly, don’t put too much tension on them, cut them with proper tools (usually diamond blades) and basically treat them with great care. In return you can be sure that your final application of granite offcuts will satisfy all your needs. If you want to learn more about pricing of granite offcuts send us query here.

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