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To begin with, granite is an igneous rock formed from magma that has been gradually forming underground for millions of years. Granite is made out of large mineral grains that have been compressed together. The final mineralogy, texture and chemical composition of a granite is often distinctive as to its origin, overall it is a dense-grained, very hard stone. It can be highly polished or finished in a variety of other ways Also a broad spectrum of colours is available.

Most common uses for Granite

Granite’s intense durability and resistance attributes make it perfect for kitchen worktops and other surfaces, including floors, walls, cladding for interiors and exteriors etc.

Granite, main things you should know:

Usually granite could last even for a lifetime, it is nearly impossible to scratch, either with a knife or other sharp objects, making it a perfect material for your worktop.

Granite simply doesn’t accept extremely hot pots and pans right from your oven/burner An extremely hot pan can create a dark ring on your worktop, which is very difficult to remove. Therefore it is recommended to use a chopping desk for extremely hot pots and pans.

Once sealed, granite will not stain under normal everyday use, if ever. Some of the granites are very dense, and they do not have to be sealed. If the granite requires sealing, it is recommended to repeat this action every four months or-so.

The granite surface can be affected by most liquids, if not removed immediately. However the biggest threat are liquids such as citric acid, coffee, tea, alcohol, wine, bleaches, etc. of course only if the spillage is left for many hours. That is why it is highly recommended to swipe up any spillages immediately in order to avoid stains being created or decolouring to occur.

The uniqueness of granite

Of course granite is a natural stone therefore it’s uniqueness and beauty can be observed straight away. Likewise, every slab is different and varies from each other. Simply because it is fully natural, and as mentioned before it is made from compressed natural minerals that form over millions of years. So even if the specific colours might be the same i.e Star Galaxy, indeed the general colour will be the same, but not identical and the inner composition will always differ. It’s almost like humans, we are all unique, with our own attributes, just like granite.
If you are interested in a specific material, or anything original then feel free to visit us or our suppliers! We could always show you the true beauty of granite, and how potentially a specific granite could be turned into your worktop.

Finishes and edges.

Remember that granite worktops can have either a polished, honed, anitcato, flamed and brushed finish – depending on the actual project and the customers choice. The same deal applies for the edges, that can vary, either from pencil edge, to half bullnose and even full bullnose, there are many varieties.