Kitchen islands – your own haven

Kitchen islands

Kitchen islands – designs and functions

Kitchen islands have never lost their popularity. Styles and designs may change but kitchen islands are always functional and elegant. Today you can choose from variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Yet, this basic division between traditional and modern style is still visible. Modern kitchen islands can be easily distinguished by their simple and clean lines, contrastive colours, minimalism and functionality. Traditional kitchen islands are much more solid and have plenty of smaller decorative elements and drawers. They tend to resemble farmhouse or cottage furniture.

Whereas, modern and traditional kitchen islands differ a lot, their functions remain the same. Islands are there to provide space for work and general food preparation, and sometimes they also accommodate some additional space for some other activities like playing with kids or doing homework. In order for kitchen islands to be functional they need to have proper design, shape and size. Let’s not forget about materials, not all of them can guarantee high durability and low maintenance. After all, these are the most important features with regards to kitchen furniture and appliances.

Kitchen islands – materials

Kitchen islandIn case of kitchen islands it’s best to go with quality materials that can, on the hand, guarantee resistance to variety of harmful factors and, on the other hand, they can set off the kitchen due to their unique colouring and other aesthetic properties. Let’s keep in mind that kitchen islands are usually located in the very centre of the kitchen – therefore they tend to naturally draw attention. Consequently, they can’t be made poorly with low quality materials. The best materials to choose from are natural stones or engineered materials.

Granite and marble are the best choices when it comes to natural stones. They are both very durable and resistant to such kitchen-specific factors such as: moist and humidity, heat, spills and heavy impacts. They are both non-porous, which makes them immune to accidental spills and liquids. Finally, granite and marble have unique colouring and underlying veining – each slab is different. In case of engineered stones like quartz you have the advantage of colour – it can be easily manipulated, therefore colour range isn’t limited. All the practical properties of manufactured stones are pretty similar to those of natural stones.

Your area of peace and rest

When furnishing the kitchen most of the people focus on its functionalities and low maintenance. People somehow tend to forget that the kitchen needs to be customised to our individual needs and preferences and should retain some dose of personality. Kitchen islands can be used to add this personal touch without destroying  general kitchen layout. Contemporary natural stone suppliers offer fully customised kitchen islands with combination of materials. You can choose from wooden base and have it fitted with granite worktop. Whatever your needs you can be sure that modern suppliers and fitters can easily meet them.

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