Polish Granite’s Kitchen Worktop Offcuts : Granite Offcuts & Quartz Offcuts – What’s New In Stock?

worktops offcuts

Our range of granite, ceramic, marble and quartz worktop offcuts is increasing by the day:

The masses of kitchen worktop offcuts stored in our warehouse are coming and going week by week. Customers visit the Polish Granite showroom, pick out their favourite stone pieces, leave their plans behind and we manufacture the raw quartz / granite offcuts into sleek projects, designs of their choice.

Anything from:marble offcuts

  1. chopping boards,
  2. utility-room worktops,
  3. windowsills,
  4. fireplace surrounds,
  5. shelves,
  6. to coffee tables etc.

(Browse through the full list of off cut project examples, by visiting our main worktop offcuts webpage)

What are kitchen worktop offcuts & how are they made (brief reminder for those who don’t know):

Our worktop offcuts are generated during manufacturing of the worktops for full-sized kitchen worktop projects. If an average slab measures 3 x 1.6 metres, and the worktop surface area is small, or big enough so that 1 + 1/2 slabs are required, then we’re bound to be left with some leftover material – hence ‘worktops offcut’. These remnants of the original slab material are essentially discarded granite, quartz, marble and ceramic materials that were not needed for the main project.  To understand more on this topic e.g. the quality of these materials, possibilities and applications please visit the link above ⬆️

worktops offcuts

So what’s new in the Polish Granite offcut warehouse, and what quartz / granite offcuts are actually in stock?

Despite the quartz / granite offcuts constantly altering in size, material and quanitity, as of January 2020 we’ve had an enormous, relatively steady influx of quartzes and ceramics. Quartz nowadays is very high in demand. We manage to sell at least 3-4 full-size quartz worktops projects every week, so as you can imagine the abundance of kitchen worktop offcuts (or leftover discarded material as explained above) just keeps rapidly growing.

Reader Question: ‘What offcut quartz colours are the most popular?’

Presently we have a lot of marble-lookalike quartz worktop offcuts at hand. The fashion for this type of stone has been continually on the rise and they currently dominate the market. Out of all kitchen worktops we sell per month, roughly 6/10 have some sort of marbling element within.

To be speicific, below we’re naming a couple of our best sold products, and therefore the worktop offcuts colours we tend to have in stock:

  • Superior Calacatta (Fugen Stone)
  • Bianco Eclipsia (Fugen Stone)
  • Cararra (Fugen Stone)
  • Avalanche (Fugen Stone)
  • Unique Carrara (Compac)
  • Unique Calacatta (Compac)
  • Unique Marquina (Compac)

To see actual pictures of all colours, please visit: Compac Quartz Website & Fugen Quartz Website

Disclaimer: Please bear in mind that, as mentioned above, the quantity and stock of Polish Granite kitchen worktop offcuts as well as the sizes constantly fluctuate. Though most of the time quartz colours mentioned above are available, at times we do simply run out. To ensure that we have a specific material available, please either give our customer service a call on: 0161 877 8361 or email Polish Granite office on [email protected] and enquire about the updated list of availabilities.

marble offcuts

Why the strong favour towards the marble lookalike quartz? Why do these hues dominate?

Almost every quartz supplier out there (Technistone,  Compac, Fugen, Silestone, Unistone etc.) has created a quartz marble lookalike material of their own. Materials with that ‘marbling’ pattern i.e. are covered in veins, light / dark blemishes or irregular snaking motifs are simply in fashion. Based on our sales alone, we can safely say that people nowadays adore the imitations of natural elements, especially of organic marble. Many find these unpredictable veiny patters very pleasing and soothing to look at, not to mention that they generally suit any kitchen format & colour out there. As such, quartz suppliers take advantage of this.

However, instead of selling natural, real marble or granite itself, they create quartzes with that effect. Why? Because real marble isn’t recommended for kitchen worktops. It’s a soft material, thus scratches, chips, decolours, stains very easily – have one in your kitchen and the worktops will need replacing in a year or two, even if you’re careful. Therefore quartz suppliers want to grant people the opportunity to have that organic-looking ornament in their own kitchens, without worrying about damaging the worktop. After all, man-made synthetic quartz is one of the most sturdy, resistand and impact-protective kitchen worktop surface material out there. So why not have the best of both worlds, ey?

worktops offcuts

A damage-free material corresponding in style with nature . . . it seems like an ideal combination.?

Because of that, there are currently tens of marble / granite looking quartzes out there, available to buy. We ourselves have more or less 70 samples scattered across our Polish Granite showroom: just observe the picture to the right. The image may not be very clear, but all light colours are from the marble / granite quartz patter collection. They’re dominating, to say the least.

This also has a chain effect on the customers. Because they sell very well, we also prioritise to showcase them in visible places around our Polish Granite showroom (see picture to right), and as a result get more kitchen worktops related projects. Because there are more worktop projects utilising these granite / marble quartz materials, more kitchen worktop offcuts are produced! Does it start making sense now? ?

Reader Question: ‘Do you also sell sintered-stone / ceramic offcuts?’

We do indeed! Not as many as of quartz, but always have some in stock. However, once again, the pattern repeats: marble / granite looking ceramic offcuts are also the most popular. Both Neolith and Dekton made sure to produce a plethora of the organic-selection materials. So when we have ceramics in offcut stock, iour reserves are usually ample in organic imitations.

Get in touch today and reserve your quartz, dekton, ceramic or granite offcuts in our workshop. We can keep your desired worktop offcuts reserved for up to a week if you call us in advance.

We also welcome you to contact use if you have any questions regarding stone worktops, treatment or cleaning of offcuts or any other enquiries.

Polish Granite always recommends to all customers to visit our workshop / showroom and inspect the offcut prior to purchase. Not because it’s of poor quality, but because it’s always best confirm the colour with your naked eye. Unfortunately, even modern computers cant reflect true colour picture of materials on online images, so whatever you see via smartphone/computer screen may not reflect the true representation of the product. At times this can also lead to disappointment . . . so double check and book your offcut appointment with our team.

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