Labrador Antique granite

Labrador Antique granite

If you want a granite that is both elegant and unique, then Labrador Antique granite is a wonderful option to choose. This beautiful granite is an increasingly popular choice owing to it’s different look; vivid flecks of reflective blue shimmer prettily in the warm chocolate brown tones of the granite itself, working wonderfully together to create a granite that is sure to attract admiration and envy.

Brown and blue are two colours not often seen together, but they work so well in Labrador Antique granite so it’s no wonder that this amazing colour is increasing in popularity. The reflective flecks of vibrant blue are so unusual that they bring a fantastic feel of exclusivity to any project, and the chocolate brown tones of the rest of the granite add a feeling of warmth and comfort. Labrador Antique granite works fabulously with practically any colour and cabinetry, though it looks particularly stunning with cream tones and oak cabinets. Together, they would create a kitchen with a very natural feel, one that oozes class and elegance but still speaks of modernity.

There are numerous reasons why granite worktops are such a good choice for countertops and other uses. Granite is incredibly durable and is both heat and water-resistant, which is especially useful if you put the kitchen to use a lot. It’s durability means that it is difficult to damage, a quality which can be very comforting in family homes with young children, and you won’t find yourself having to replace it in about five or ten years time. Granite is also very easy to clean and keep in beautiful condition, so you won’t lose any of it’s glamorous appearance quickly.

It is true that granite countertops are more expensive than options such as laminates or natural wood, but the benefits are great. Due to it’s durability and low-maintenance needs, granite countertops give you better value for money in the long-term. They are also an excellent investment if you could see yourself selling your home at some point in the future, as granite adds value to a property and means you can make more money from the sale.

One thing is for sure, choosing Labrador Antique granite will be an excellent decision, and you are sure to end up with a kitchen that is gorgeous and enviable. This granite is unlike any other and we are sure that you will love it. Granite countertops are a brilliant choice, but Labrador Antique granite countertops are even better!

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