Marble samples gallery.

Marble is a natural product found as a resource of the earth, a metamorphic rock combined of recrystallized minerals, (mainly carbonate) which over time and due to the pressures and the harsh climate eventually turned into a beautiful product of the earth. Just like granite, yet a lot softer.

Marbles are used for many surfaces, from floors to cladding and fireplaces, sometimes even worktops! Though it isn’t used as this product often because it unfortunately does not possess the qualities that both granite and quartz do. This mainly means the tough composition that makes granite and quartz pretty much scratch-proof, durable to impacts and corrosion. It is the opposite with Marble, as a softer material it is exposed to many impacts. This is why it is mostly covering surfaces that are either not exposed to such regular impacts, or if they are then they do not have to be noticed. Two great examples are cladding and floors.

However it is still beautiful. And many would say that marble is in fact even better than granite in terms of the particles and patterns that are a part of it. There are hundreds of colours of marble to choose from and they certainly vary from light to dark, shades of mixed colours and patterns. It is pretty much guaranteed that someone who is a fan of marble, will find something that suits the expectations in every way.

Studies have shown that marble is a very comforting choice for decorating fireplaces. Perhaps because it’s surface has got this warm feeling to it, in comparison to granite. All colours associated with marble for example will fully suit the fireplace layout. Of course marble is heat resistant and certainly not vulnerable to high temperatures, at the same time not being threatened by many impacts, hence why the fireplaces perfect in terms of suiting marble materials.