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Material types for stone products.

Granite is a material that is considered to remain its natural beauty for a long time. The standard measurement of the stone worktops is usually 30mm and they normally are finished off either with a gloss or a honed matt surface, though remember that the honed finish will cost more. Moreover they are very durable and tough materials and usually very hard to stain or scratch.

There is a lot of variety within granite materials that tend to be lighter in colour, for example there is a definite larger variety of veins and grains. On the other hand the darker colours do not have as much of a range of colours, however they do have their distinctive patterns and vein systems, though perhaps not as visible. They are very heavy for worktops, definitely much more heavy compared to laminates for example.

The best use of granite worktops is that they can be literally put into any area, not only just kitchens, but also bathrooms, living rooms and even bedrooms, at times even exteriors! In the end a granite worktops that is suited into any place around the house will create a fantastic decorative layout.

The granite care: Very limited, in fact most of the time all it takes is a simple wipe with a wet cloth, or for harsh stains and a refreshing look a number of special products can be used.

The sealing is in fact required to be done every few months, it can prevent the unnecessary stains that are often caused by drinks such as wine, coffee, coke etc. Remember that it is an optional thing, however sealing has so far benefited all customers that possess granite.

The durability is very high, it is very hard to scratch and there must be a high force of energy used to even chip a bit of granite away. Furthermore another one of the granite’s attributes is that all the spillages will never stain the granite, as long as they are swiped up immediately. Although some stronger acids or harmful substances can be exceptions. In terms of the resistance to heat, granite worktops do not tolerate extreme heat from pans and pots very well, and in many cases black rings have occurred on the surface due to the extreme heat of pans, therefore for general safety, they should always be placed on another surface such as they hob or a specific matt.

One of the best things about granite worktops is that they can be designed and shaped in any way possible. It is always up to the customer how the worktops looks, the finishes, edges, corners, it is all a huge attribute of the flexibility of working with stone worktops.

The price always varies. It all honestly depends on the size of the kitchen, the worktops itself, the material used and in many cases additional features being included. For example a splashback, rounded corners, upstands etc. Though notice that the price sometimes also needs to include the installation and delivery processs, therefore it might significantly increase. We recommend highly to complete the online quotation for an idea of the estimated price.

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Quartz are a material that is man-made, unlike the natural granite. It is a mixture between resin, colour pigments and bits of stone, and sometimes even mirror. Nevertheless this mixture tends to generally create a beautiful pattern.

Why is it purchased? The reasons are very simple, it is durable and easy to clean, resistant to scratching and heat. Overall it is a perfect material for places where a larger variety of colours is required.

Same as granite worktops, quartz is very heavy and the transportation and installation processes are pretty much the same. The exact same colour of the worktops simply cannot be 100% guaranteed as it is very much a man-made product. Therefore even if the colours are the same they will still very in patterns.

The most popular and the most suitable place for a quartz is the kitchen. It proves that a modern or a traditional kitchen can be finished off with a professional style. It is very easy to maintain and clean and therefore there is less trouble with it than with any other worktops. On many occasions the quartz materials also include anti-bacterial elements, making it even more hygienic – thus being perfect for kitchen areas e.g. where food is often served or made. When considering the durability, it is pretty much the same as with granite, therefore it is resistant to scratching, staining though quite sensitive to extreme heat.

Unlike granite, there are much more variations of the colours of the quartz, perhaps because it is a man-made material, and therefore the variations are limitless. There can be many types of edges added and the surface area can also vary – from high gloss to honed matted look. Moreover if you are interested in the colour standing out and being strictly reflected then perhaps considering the mirrors within the worktop is a great solution.

In terms of the sealing, it is also an optional action, and not necessarily required. However same as with granite, if you would like your quartz to sustain a fantastic look for a very long time then sealing it regularly should be considered. However the regular maintenance and care can also be more than enough to maintain the constant beautiful look of the worktop. The care itself is very simple, all it takes is a damp cloth and regular cleaning, or the use of special products.

Once again, just as granite, quartz materials are stone materials therefore they can be cut into many shapes, as according to the individual needs. There are many edges and finishes offered.

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Corian products are often made with the use of a mixture similar to quartz, however more that 2/3 of stone is mixed with the acrylic resin and different pigments – that create the variety of colours. Furthermore because there is far more resin added into the process, Corian has a better and a slightly more appealing look rather than other stone-related products.

You may ask yourself, why corian? The question is simple. It is easy to clean and easy to repair in case any stains or scratches occur. Something that is very very hard to do with granite or quartz. There is barely any visible signs of joins, often a fault with granite and quartz materials. The worktops are also not as heavy as stone products.

It is important to bear in mind that Corian is the far more expensive material and the most exclusive of all. The installations and repairs are also completed by specialists. Furthermore not sealing is required!

Corian is very useful for areas where the surface is very voulnerable to wet areas, for example bathrooms – thus being perfect for showers, sinks etc.

There are over a hundred colours to choose and any of the colours match either r modern or traditional styles of the housing, from dark to lighter and pale colours. Though it is also recommended to experiment and present different contrasts between the colours in order to achieve the best solutions.

Corian in general is very easily cleaned, same as the stone worktops, all it takes is a simple wipe with a damp cloth and a finish with a special product in order to achieve the best standard of the quality of the product, the special prodcuts can be found on the Corian website and are great for tougher stains.

Great resistance to scratching and heat, though it is still recommended not to place hot pots and pans straight onto the surface. The biggest attribute of Corian is that when any scratches or stains do occur, they can be always easily removed or polished. In addition once in the process of production, it can be turned into any shape and is perfect for extra islands, splashbacks or sink areas.

Even though there are many similar products to Corian, they definitely do not possess the same quality as Corian, and most of all they can be distinguished as weak and unreliable products. They are often very cheap and the services such as templating,m delivery and installation are often not necessarily required.

Why do people purchase them? Mainly because no professional services are required, and therefore it is even cheaper to purchase the product.

The most common and best use for such look alikes is simply to use them anywhere, though recommended for areas that are more vulnerable for example to water, heat, staining, scratching etc. It is a very durable material and in fact rather resistant to most dangers, however still, it is always recommended to maintain its regular cleaning for the best quality achievements. Most of all, same as Coran sealing is not required, and unlike some worktops out there Coran and its look alikes are prevented from gathering moisture.

According to experts some colours do in fact look astonishing, for example greyish, blueish or creaminsh colours can be perfect colours for either modern or traditional designs

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Materials used to manufacture stone products.
Materials used to manufacture many stone products for your home. You can choose between granite, quartz, corian and ceramic.