Take a look at Hanex sample gallery:

The acryclic solid surfaces are made from only one great company, meaning Hanex. They are surfaces that have been an outbreak in recent years. Made out of environmentally friendly resources, they have already been made with over 100 colours ready to choose from.

The main applications where Hanex may be used, are for example: reception desks, offices, kitchens and restaurants, bathrooms and bars. They are literally a material that can suite any interior, or even exterior. It is resistible to most harsh impacts, for example heat – it can withstand even the highest temperatures. Though bear in mind that in the kitchen for example, do not place very hot pans or pots directly on the surface, as it can create unpleasant black rings as an outcome, which is a defect, sometimes very hard to remove.

In addition, though lesser chemicals will not impact the surface of the Hanex material, some may be actually very harmful and if left for longer, in the long term they will certainly damage the product.
As already mentioned, there are over 100 colours of Hanex that can be chosen by the customer. They are all man-made products therefore they will most likely always be available, unless temporarily out of stock. There are shades that differ in terms of lighter and darker textures, the inner particles and inner designs. For example some may be sparkly, with a wide variety of patterns, yet others can be plane colours instead.

Most importantly Hanex is certainly affordable, at times being a lot cheaper than standard quartz or granite products, despite of possessing and sharing a lot of positive qualities. Hanex has the highest FR classification, being a perfect product for all kinds of projects, from domestic even to the ones based on pure commercial use. It is highly recommended and is a fine competition to the other surfaces on the British market.