Samsung Staron


Take a look at Samsung Staron sample gallery:

The Samsung Staron products are Acrylic surfaces used on multiple projects. From simple kitchen worktops even to exterior cladding and flooring. Their main purpose is to be a direct decorative expression and a representation of a given project. It provides not only beauty but style and an elegant look.

Staron is unique in one way compared to all other surfaces. First of all it has imperceptible seams, which proves that it is a product of fine quality combining an entire kitchen (for example) as one unity. The worktops for example brilliantly combine with sinks, splashbacks, upstands etc. It all combines simply too well. What is even better is that despite of it being a brand new product, it has the potential to grow into a very popular acrylic product, especially that Samsung, one of the world’s most know companies, is in charge of supplying it to customers and manufacturers, like us. We can therefore already guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Their functionality is also very important. They are in the end products that are easy to clean andare certainly very hygienic. But more importantly, as most acrylic or stone worktops they are ideal for kitchens due to their tough nature and composition. It is durable and rarely affected by heavy impacts.

Another, brand new kind of acrylic surfaces, mostly resembling the quartz worktops and other stone related products. They possess features which none other acrylic surfaces do, and this is what makes them stand out the most. They are the fine and truly representatives of what Staron can do with their products, how well they can be customized and how well they can appeal to most customers out in Britain, and not only.

What is the biggest advantage with both of the Tempest and regular Staron products is their repairable attribute. For example if a little of the worktop is scratched or is chipped away it may be easily sanded out instead of being replaced, which we all know, is an absolute troublesome situation.