Nero Impala granite

nero impala granite

Black on white or white on black? It cannot be resolved with the colour of Nero Impala. Its features contain a mix of both colours, combined to form various patterns and lines on the surface of the granite. When polished it looks magnificent as the surface retains the mix of colours, though the surface is very smooth. However when matted, the surface has yet another effect, its rough surface can actually allow to distinguish where the white and black colouring meets.

Its home is South Africa, this is where the quarries with this material are found and distributed around the world. Nero Impala is constantly in demand, because I’s white and black shade appeals to many who desire such patterns in their kitchen or other interiors. Due to its light and dark combination, it suits many other surrounding colours and shades, as well as other granites and even quartz’s.

It can also be a great material for flooring or cladding, once again due to its distinctive colours it can suit any design, and as matted it will reflect perfectly on the entire interior, whether it is a kitchen, a living room or a bathroom. Nero Impala is a great purchase if one isn’t yet sure whether to choose dark or white colours for their worktops. This colour resembles dark and white chocolate mixed together, the best of both worlds!

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