Breakfast bars

breakfast bars

Granite breakfast bars. Here at Polish Granite Ltd we offer our customers the best range of products and services that’s available to them. In this section we offer you luxury high quality breakfast bars of your specific choice. You can pick the size, shape, colour, shades and material from quartz, acrylic or granite. Everything goes… Read more »


granite upstands

Granite upstands. The one thing that is missing when a granite worktop is installed are indeed upstands. If you don’t plan to have tiles then granite upstands are a great solution! They are the small 10cm pieces that go up against a wall from the end of the granite worktop, thus joining the wall itself… Read more »

Stone worktops care

granite worktops wales 1

Stone worktops care and maintenance Granite and quartz care is one of the most important priorities after acquiring a worktop. Right after the specific stone worktop is fitted it is impregnated, thus fully sealing the micro gaps on the surface of the worktop, and stopping any liquids from getting inside. A completely new layer of… Read more »

Reception desks

reception desk

Reception desks quality shows the quality and prestige of your company. The first impression is the most crucial impression ever made therefore it’s necessary that your reception is set up to its highest standards as it represents your institution. Here at Polish Granite Ltd we will assist you sort out and build that perfect first… Read more »

Bar tops

Granite rounded kitchen island

Stone bar tops. Bar tops are very similar to ordinary kitchen worktops, although often the standard design of a stone worktop changes as bar worktops can sometimes be very flexible, long, thick, and the polished edge often varies. Apart from the additional features added to the bar tops, there are sometimes additional cut outs required,… Read more »

Fireplace surrounds

granite Fireplace surrounds

Stone fireplace surrounds are great, turning your living room into a warm cosy and tranquil place. Polish Granite takes care of making the fireplace surrounds stand out even more. The stone we surround the fireplaces with not only keeps the fireplace nicely decorated but also adds a shine to the living room. The same as… Read more »

Wall cladding

wall cladding

Wall cladding is something you should go for due to the fact it brightens up your house. Wall cladding can be used anywhere on the building whether it’s internal or external, either way it makes your building look more professional rather then having a simple boring wall. There are loads of benefits to why you… Read more »

Window sills

granite window sills

Window sills can be made literally out of any material. This is a very popular product, which is offered by our company. Apart from the kitchen worktops, windowsills are next in line in terms of the popularity. They are often standalone pieces measuring around 15-30cm. Just like the usual windowsills they are there in order… Read more »

Coffee table tops

coffee table tops

Stone coffee table tops. Do you need to make-over your old coffee table? Furniture is perhaps the most costly a component of decorating your home. The equipment article that will truly pull your style and design together is a table with granite top. Are you ready for a brand new coffee table, or ready to… Read more »