Range cooker

According to the fact that our company realize complete kitchen designs, you will find here also wide selection of range cookers. We are able to offer our customers cookers excellent for small or big kitchens created in classic or modern style. We can help you to choose kitchenette suitable for your needs. We will propose… Read more »

Mondo corner unit

In our offer you will find also instruments to make your kitchen more comfortable, functional and amazing. We propose you very popular and modern solution to make use of free space in the corners, which are worth to develop especially in small kitchens. Mondo corner unit it is a storage unit designed to smooth unused… Read more »

Full splashbacks

Kitchen granite splashback

Full splashbacks like additional up stands   Splashbacks are usually larger pieces of either granite or quartz placed right behind the hob or electric cooker in order to protect the wall from being stained. Full splashbacks fill up all free space between countertop and wall cabinets. Their biggest aim is to blend in with the… Read more »

Belfast sinks

Belfast sinks – ideal with granite worktops A Belfast kitchen sinks resting upon a kitchen cabinet and also butts as much as the bottom part of the granite. This could appear quite effective with a contrasting granite worktop. Check the examples above to see exactly how a Belfast kitchen sink might look in your home… Read more »

Over mount sink cut out

Top sink with over mount sink cut out. Nowadays there are so many different and beautiful sinks available on market, that each of them will make your kitchen looks unique and stylish. Most of them are not only very elegant but also functional. Sink producers overtake in ideas to create the product with many useful… Read more »

Hob cut-outs

Perfectly placed hob The hob cut-outs for are very convenient these days when it comes to having a hob in the kitchen. The cut outs allow our team members to directly place the hob on top of the cut outs, thus creating a sense that they are perfectly joined. This looks professional, modern and original.… Read more »

Pull out sockets

Pull out sockets – another type of a cut out that we offer to all of our customers. At times when receiving your worktop you will require a specific hole to be put in, or a larger cut out either for personal uses or standard ones such as cables for example. Therefore to make everything… Read more »

Granite Chopping Board & Quartz Chopping Board

granite chopping board 0001

Our Granite Chopping Board Varieties. Everything You Need To Know: Polish Granite LTD create Granite Chopping Boards and Quartz Chopping boards in vast colours. Our offcut range is bountiful with popular and the less common stone materials, therefore it’s worth contacting us whether we possess the material granite of your demand. Polish Granite’s Chopping /… Read more »

Granite join

granite joins

Remember that in order to put you kitchen together, granite, quartz or marble worktops need to be cut into pieces. The entire kitchen can never be a one piece because it would be too large. This means that ordinary pieces of the granite or quartz worktops are joined, which may seem too most like a… Read more »

Oval worktops

According to unconventional shape of oval granite worktops they can be used in many different ways. Decorating your kitchen with the oval worktop, you will make it more unique and also more practical and ergonomic. This kind of solid surface is perfect for compact kitchens and these, which are difficult to design. They are suitable for… Read more »