Ceramic Worktops – The perfect alternative to laminate, wood or quartz

Ceramic worktops

Ceramic worktops – Everything you need to know about maintenence, colours and prices! Ceramic worktops – Maintenence, Cleaning and General Use: Neolith, Dekton and Lapitec surfaces are nowadays the top choice among all solid stone surfaces. Ceramic worktops are a definition of modernity and stylishness, but most of all, they are durable and hygenic solutions… Read more »

Acrylic vanity tops

In home designing we usually concentrate on kitchen and living room, forgetting about bathroom. Unfortunately, the bathroom is the most catchy and memorable for many people. First things, which attract our attention are vanity top and basin. Consequently, we should think quite carefully about which type of worktop will be the best and the most… Read more »

Acrylic bar tops

The bar tops are in most cases are in the centre of attention because of their location and function. It is worth to take care of bar worktop’s condition as it is a calling card of the place. The perfect bar tops should be not only clean but even impeccable, as it is a space,… Read more »

Merry christmas

marry christmas

Dear Customers, Upcoming Christmas Holidays bring a lot of joy and reflections on previous period and plans for the coming New Year. In these exceptional days we would like to wish a lot of satisfaction and success taken with challenges. Let upcoming Christmas spent in the company of loved ones will bring you much joy, warmth and optimism. Best wishes from Polish Granite Ltd

Black granite

Black granite kitchen worktop

Black granite – favorite material for kitchen worktops. Black granite is the widely used material for cooking area worktops with 90% of our clients selecting these types of colours. As they are the a excellent choice for anybody trying to find a plain black colour that should complement almost any type of kitchen. Black granite… Read more »

Recessed area

Recessed areas on bespoke worktops. We consistently strive to make the products in our offer more up-to-date, using advanced technologies available on market. Now we can propose our customers new, very functional solution for the most current kitchens. Our latest idea seems to be one of the most popular these days and it was appreciated… Read more »

Granite and Quartz – The Uses and Attributes.

granite upstanda

In general, all of the building materials are very durable. However most of the time they don’t possess any special aesthetic aspects. Therefore they are practically never used during the decoration process of interiors. The only exception are the granite and quartz worktops, natural and man-made materials that are widely known for decorating certain areas,… Read more »

Granite gallery by colors

Check out our granite gallery to get inspired about your kitchen design. Colors plays an important role in our day-to-day lives and influences our moods. Colors creates an atmosphere and transmit feelings and lifestyles. Color gives a room a personal touch and make it reflect our feelings, our personality, our taste and even our attitude towards life.… Read more »

Granite worktops vs laminate worktops

kitchen granite worktop

Why granite and quartz worktops are a better choice than laminate. It doesn’t take long to figure out if a specific kitchen worktop is a high quality worktop. In fact most of the time it is a very clear realization! It is important that a person, who is determined to have a kitchen that could… Read more »

Granite or quartz worktops vs laminate.

Is your Kitchen worktop high quality?  In fact most of the time it is a very clear realisation! It is important that a person, who is determined to have a kitchen that could be attractive for long time, will actually make the right choice, beginning with a worktop. Laminate worktops have been a very popular… Read more »