Prada Gold granite

Prada Gold granite

For an effortless look of elegance and sophistication that is grown-up and timeless, you really cannot go wrong with Prada Gold granite. Also known as Lemon Spice, both names fit perfectly with this beautiful granite, which boasts tones of creamy gold and lemony tones, mixed in with darker tones of brown and black. The mix of colours really does look amazing and you are sure to love it whether you wish to achieve a contemporary or classic look for your kitchen space.

Prada Gold granite has such a warm mix of tones that it will look amazing with both light and dark colours on both the walls and for cabinetry, though it will certainly look most amazing with similar colours to what it boasts. Such tones are perfect for infusing warmth and a glamorous sense of elegance and class into your kitchen space and the granite itself with make a perfect centrepiece. The mix of light and dark gives you a lot of versatility for the end look of the space, and the granite is a perfect way for adding something bright to your kitchen no matter which way you choose to go.

There are many reasons why granite is such a good choice for countertops, not least because it is incredibly heat-proof and water-resistant, meaning that it holds up fantastically well against any kitchen mishaps that may occur. Granite is low-maintenance and highly durable, a feature which can prove especially useful in a family home with young children or if you know you have little time to spend on maintaining your kitchen countertops.

Countertops made from granite are, admittedly, generally more expensive than options such as laminates and natural woods, but they are wonderfully unique as no two slabs are the same and their durability and longevity means that you get greater value for your money. They are also an excellent investment as they add value to your property, something which is especially useful is you could see yourself selling the home in the future.

Regardless of design, Prada Gold granite is sure to look utterly sensational no matter what and give your kitchen a finishing touch that is both classically elegant and chicly modern. This stunning granite can work with practically any design to produce a space that is beautiful and timeless, and we are sure that once it is in your home, you will utterly adore it for years to come.

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