How to get a price online.

1. First thing you have to do is choose a colour of the granite quartz or marble that interests you. Remember that not all colours of the worktops cost the same price, almost all differ, however the differences aren’t usually huge.

2. The next step involves you choosing a similar shape layout to how your kitchen looks like, or where the worktops are required. Don’t worry if none of the provided options are the ones you are looking for, all we need is an approximate idea of the layout. If your kitchen completely doesn’t match the provided shapes, feel free to tick the box below which states that ‘none of the shapes reflect your layout’. The next step is simply choosing your preferred measurement unit, where you could provide us all the measurements of your kitchen.


  • If you selected a shape similar to the size of your kitchen simply click next and provide the measurements in the provided boxes, as well as selecting the polished edges.
  •  If you clicked on the box which confirms that none of the choices reflect your kitchen layout then click next and simply enter the width and length sizes of your kitchen, followed by entering the added sum of the polished edges


4. After that you have to choose your own polished edge, remember that you can always check out our 3D edge visualisation here in order to get a better idea how the edge may look like, the standard edge is pencil edge.


  • The next step will require you to enter all the remaining details, for example if you would like to add any extra features to to your worktop, i.e Undermounted or overmounted sinks, just select the features you would like. Example: Number of rounded corners: 2.
  • If you require any window sills, then same as in the previous step, select the appropriate measurements. The last requirement for this step is your area of the installation and date (though this is optional).



  • The last step requires you to fill in your details, though most are optional, it simply makes it easier for our team to identify you in our system, just in case you contact us back, or vice versa. Please provide either your email or phone number so we could contact you back, it is crucial in order for us to optionally make adjustments to the price and evidently contact you.
  • Likewise if you would like to let us know about any additional information, such as extra holes in the granite, extra cut outs or anything else related, please write us a short message simply stating something we should know about. Of course once again this is an optional field, only required if the importance of the message perhaps will affect the price or if there are other inquiries.


7. Last but not least you will get a full price plan according to the information provided. Bear in mind that this is not official and if you’re still not happy with the price, or if the overall price looks ridiculous then simply contact us either through email or by phone, and we will provide any information you require, adjust the already made price plan or alternatively make a brand new one.

Remember that the online estimate is only giving us an approximate idea of the entire process, this isn’t a final price plan. If you have no problems and once you complete it and send it off to our office, we will check it thoroughly and email you back with the checked price plan, sometimes there might be slight variations that will occur in price, but that is rare.

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