Range cooker

According to the fact that our company realize complete kitchen designs, you will find here also wide selection of range cookers.

We are able to offer our customers cookers excellent for small or big kitchens created in classic or modern style. We can help you to choose kitchenette suitable for your needs. We will propose you different size, colour, fuel source cooker with any feature you wish. Among various cooking possibilities, we can list a rotisserie for spit-roasting, grill pan, grill pan handle, slide-out shelves and also separate grill compartment.

As there is so many cookstoves available on market, we perfectly understand that it can be quite difficult to select the best one. Among them, there are ranges with different number of burners, with small or large second oven, with diverse distance needed between a cookstove and the cabinets. Nowadays most of kitchen electrical appliances have programmers, which can be used as a timers or you can program the start and finish cooking time. It is a very useful function, as it makes our kitchen duties simpler and more organized.

We will also help you to choose between ceramic and induction hob. One of the most important qualities of cookers is safety, so it is worth to check features as child lock and vestigial heat indicators. Equally important is that the kitchenette was energy-efficient. If you decide to buy quite a big cooker, you should necessarily check the number of ovens. Most of them have two ovens, what is considerably comfortable. Trust our many years of experience, we always keep up to date with all novelties on market in this industry. We take care of your future kitchenette was easy to clean, safe for you and your family, ecomonic, ergonomic and have some additional storage place. We will provide you a durable, high quality cookstove with long warranty and for reasonable price.


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