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Stone worktops care and maintenance

Granite and quartz care is one of the most important priorities after acquiring a worktop. Right after the specific stone worktop is fitted it is impregnated, thus fully sealing the micro gaps on the surface of the worktop, and stopping any liquids from getting inside. A completely new layer of protection is created, preventing dirt and liquids from getting inside, but more importantly preventing the major staining. It is therefore important that your worktop is sealed regularly, approx every 3-4 months in order to keep it’s always natural beautiful look and its unique colour.

granite worktops care and maintance

The cleaning process of the granite and quartz worktops is very simple, just follow these little suggestions:

  • A crucial thing to remember is to simply avoid cleaning products that contain any harmful acids. This includes a citiric acid, formic acid, phosphoric acid, acetic acid and hydrochloric acid etc. Products that contain any of the mentioned acids are often aimed at harsh stains placed on the surfaces, or sediment etc. Using them on a granite or quartz worktops might damage it very badly and in a long term it might prevent the surface from shining, in fact it could even tarnish
  • Bear in mind that that all bleaches are very harmful for the stone worktops, they may highly affect the colours, especially marble worktops.
  • However its generally safe to use ordinary washing up liquids, though it isn’t completely recommended, as when left behind it might limit their resistance to hot pans and pots, thus reducing their effectiveness and enhancing the effect of rings that might be left behind by very hot cooking ware objects.
  • Products which are neutral for marble are those which pH is equal to 7. This is significantly important as substances even with ph5 might harm the structure of the worktop.
  • It is always the best to use either simply water or specialised cleaning products on the worktops, but especially when considering marble as it is the most sensitive stone material. The water used for marble should neither be distilled nor mineral, as this likely may cause slight decolouration.
  • The best products for marble are the completely neutral liquids, matching the scale of pH 7. It’s valid that none of the products used on marble go too much above or below the neutral scale, as even substances with a ph5 scale can be rather harmful for marble worktops.
  • You have to remember that liquids and substances which include silicone oils should always be avoided. This may include products that are aimed at cleaning either glass or furniture etc. They may not harm the stone worktops permanently, and any effects might be possibly seen only during a long term period of time. Though it has been proven that various smudges and traces could form, a very unpleasant, hard to remove result of using such substances.
  • Another chemicals which you should avoid under any circumstances are products that are aimed for cleaning ovens, consisting of high levels of baking soda and potassium chemicals. Unlike the minor products that were mentioned before, these can be a major harm to your worktop, spoiling the surface and causing huge decolouring and staining damages.
  • Quartz , marble and granite counter tops cannot have contact either with petrol, acetone and dense oils, as these have the same negative effects as the oven cleaning products, they might permanently harm the worktops.

Last but not the least…

In order to treat your granite, marble and quartz worktops right it is crucial to use specific products made only for the care of stone worktops, that provide a safe and reliable treatment . You can purchase them either online or in our showroom. They are fantastic for a regular care, and not only they keep your worktops looking originally beautiful but also enhance the unique colour of any given stone worktop.

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