Giallo Veneziano granite

Giallo Veneziano granite

A sandy colour with various shades and patterns, darker and lighter, white and dark veins, all resembling a beautiful layout of ranging crystallised insignias. It’s a composition which is very uncommon, and therefore Veneziano is a rarity amongst the granite selection. Some argue that it resembles a mix between Kashmir Gold and Kashmir White, however… Read more »

Amadeus Granite

amadeus granite

There are certain materials that have such an impact that one look is not sufficient to take it all in. Amadeus Granite is the one these types of material. Mainly because the texture of the granite stretches over a large area, a little section of Amadeus Granite is not adequate to fully appreciate its actual… Read more »

Baltic Brown granite

Baltic Brown Granite

Baltic Brown Granite,  grained granite carries a mainly brown color palette. It is made up of light brown spots of varing sizes with smaller brown and infrequently greenish spots spanning a black background. This uniform granite is additionally known as Baltic Rain and Bruno Baltico.

Granite Chopping Board & Quartz Chopping Board

granite chopping board 0001

Our Granite Chopping Board Varieties. Everything You Need To Know: Polish Granite LTD create Granite Chopping Boards and Quartz Chopping boards in vast colours. Our offcut range is bountiful with popular and the less common stone materials, therefore it’s worth contacting us whether we possess the material granite of your demand. Polish Granite’s Chopping /… Read more »

Window sills

granite window sills

Window sills can be made literally out of any material. This is a very popular product, which is offered by our company. Apart from the kitchen worktops, windowsills are next in line in terms of the popularity. They are often standalone pieces measuring around 15-30cm. Just like the usual windowsills they are there in order… Read more »