How to take care of stone floors

Stone floors

Stone floors – characteristics

Stone floors definitely look beautiful and give your home a classy touch, no matter the stone or style. Yet, they need to withstand a lot of harmful factors. Only think of splashing water, heavy lid thumping down, dirt and dust rolling all over. Stone floors are by nature resistant to all these factors. They are proved to be durable and difficult to scratch. Heat and liquids also won’t do them any serious damage. Still, to keep them clean and shiny for years they need to be taken care properly. Before even starting to mop the floor bear in mind its characteristics and the material. Only then cleaning can be truly effective.

Stone floors – ways of cleaning

There are of course many ways of cleaning. It all depends on the specific material and its qualities. First of all, be sure that your floor is properly sealed. This you need to check with the installer. Stone floors in bathroom and kitchen need to be additionally protected from ever present moist. Only then when your stone floor is properly sealed and caulked, if necessary, you can think broad how to take care of stone floors. Stone floors need to be regularly dusted to keep off the dirt. Good idea is to use vacuum, but remember to check it’s set on ‘hard floor’ mode. Never use ordinary rotating brush. This can destroy stone surface. Once a week or so you should clean your floor with damp mop. Be careful to use detergent designated to particular kind of stone. Best idea is to check with your floor supplier to be on a safe side. Mops should be soft. Never use abrasive cloths or brushes. Avoid strong cleaners, especially the ones containing acid or lemon juice. They can only scratch the surface. Summing up, to keep your stone floor clean remember to dust it with soft mop or vacuum and clean with wet mop with specially dedicated detergent. Basically that’s all.

Stone floors – further tips

What are other useful ideas how to take care of stone floors? To keep the dirt of it’s good idea to put mats at the entryways. In this way a lot of dirt can be kept away. This can be further helped if you use slippers inside your home. These simple ways can easily help you in keeping stone floors clean. Although, stone floors aren’t very porous if something spills make sure to wipe it dry immediately. In this cases you don’t need any special treatment. Generally, remember that stone floors don’t require any dedicated supplies or tools. Vacuum with ‘hard floor’ mode, soft mop and a few clean cloths is really everything you need. Clean water and some mild detergent can keep your floor clean. To make it shiny just polish the flooring with a cloth with few drops of oil. Also, you don’t need to wax your floor or hire professional cleaners. If you just follow these simple tips your stone floors should last you for many years.

However, to keep it safe every few years you may want to think of resealing your floor. This you should check with your supplier. If you have problem with discoloring, which can happen in rare cases try to use some bleach. Best practice here is to contact your supplier once again. Not all bleaches are safe for particular stones.

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