Taps and sinks

Granite worktop without sink will simply look incomplete.

If you are not sure which sink would suit your needs, please take a look at huge range of Sinks and Taps offered by our partners. Simply click on links below and choose a sink than will suit your needs. The 1810 COMPANY and ASTRACAST are well known companies with plenty of experience and good quality material. If you would like to choose any sink, we will provide you with it for additional charge.

Comapnies we recomend:

the 1810 company  astracast
The 1810 Company. We supply sinks, taps and accessories, and thats it! We have a simple philosophy, which is to supply innovative.AstracastŽ is recognised worldwide as a market leader in the manufacture of kitchen sinks, taps and accessories, supplying award-winning, innovative yet practical solutions for over 20 years.