World without granite – exercise your imagination

World without granite

Everything about granite

Granite is a natural rock that can be easily found all over the world. Granite deposits are many and it seems there’s no immediate danger of exhausting them. Granite builds rocks, mountains and can be found underground. Moreover, it’s also a highly durable rock with amazing properties.

Granite is extremely durable and can easily withstand severe conditions. It’s resistant to both external factors related to weather such as strong winds, high temperature fluctuations, freezing temperatures as well as house related harmful factors like heat, moist and spills.

What’s more, granite is also uniquely coloured – there aren’t two exactly the same slabs. Each granite slab varies, grains’ layout or underlying veining is simply too haphazard and complex. Granite’s uniqueness and unpredictability make it interesting.

Due to all these qualities granite makes perfect worktops, countertops or wall and floor claddings. It’s also perfect for creating external structures like tombs’ headstones, outdoor stairs, pavements, buildings and many others. Keeping all this in mind, can you erase granite from the world and imagine the world without granite?

World without granite

It seems that the world without granite would be a sad place. First of all, imagine that hills, peaks and whole mountain ranges suddenly disappear. The Granite Mountains are simply no more. Forget about all the ragged and jagged mountain tops – they aren’t there. Instead of all these mountains there are plain valleys or even deep holes going many metres down – empty and black.

World without granite means that all granite deposits throughout the world are gone as well. This leaves Earth’s surface torn and uneven. The places that were previously made of granite or granitic rocks are like gaping holes lacerated and mangled inside. From now on you should be really careful where you walk.

Unfortunately, that’s not the end. The world without granite means all granite things, structures, buildings, walls, floors and pavements are gone as well. Just imagine a city where half of its buildings disappear, what’s left are bare building skeletons with some steel or concrete elements here or there. All random and missing out.

Yet, the world without granite doesn’t end here. If there’s no granite there’s no trace of pavements or curbs, of some monuments or other structures. Forget about finding your loved ones on the cemetery – granite headstones are vanished.

What about your kitchen?

Finally, it’s your kitchen that suffers the most in the world without granite. Your favourite stunning granite worktop is gone. There’s an empty place where your granite worktop used to proudly stand. There’s nothing that gives colour to your kitchen, there’s no worksurface and no place to prepare your food and eat. That’s probably the most painful part of the world without granite. Losing the essential part of your kitchen can be painful. Unfortunately, finding a proper replacement to your granite worktop isn’t easy, so it’s better to stop wondering about the world without granite altogether.

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