About Us

PolishGranite work

PolishGranite Ltd has been on the UK market for over 7 years, therefore we now have the experience and knowledge that could help and bring your entire kitchen to life. We produced hundreds, if not thousands of kitchen worktops over the years, and the customers are always satisfied with our quality of work. Our fitters, customer service, manufacturers and other team members are constantly doing their best to please even the smallest potential customers, as well as offering you service that you, as a customer fully deserve.

This, our quality of work, can be clearly distinguished by our products. They are always made with precision and care, as if we were all to keep such product. Even if it’s just a small windowsill, all of our work is taken seriously. Most importantly our slabs of granite, quartz or marble are always prime quality, coming from only the best suppliers in Britain, that transport the slabs of stone into the UK from various parts of the world.

PolishGranite goals

Our biggest passion is to simply expand further; we would love to be a company that could provide stone related services for more than just our own country itself. As perhaps mentioned we operate around the whole of UK, though achieving more and perhaps providing services abroad would be a great idea. We opened up another branch recently in Poland, where we also sell, manufacture and distribute our made products, and this is only our start! Our main goal is to carry on providing the fantastic service and make the service area fully available for people around the whole of Europe.

Why polishgranite is unique

As a professional company, PolishGranite has never considered itself as ‘original’ or perhaps ‘distinct’ we much rather prefer the word unique. This is because we offer our services to people around the whole of UK, just by being based in Manchester. Therefore we are willing to even visit Scotland if it means so. Our team is fully dedicated to their job and they are the ones who consider every customer a priority. It is our biggest attribute, apparently, that we are really helpful even with services that are not entirely stone related, and all of our customers are both proud of us and full satisfied with our quality of work.

Getting started with PolishGranite

Now that you got to know us a little better, we welcome you to explore the rest of our site. It is hughly recommended that if, of course you are interested in any kitchen worktops, or other stone related products, then feel fully free to check out our 3D visualistation systems, they will definitely and significantly help you in choosing your material.

If you looking for kitchen workops prics, please visit our quotation page: free quotation for kitche worktops

However we also fully welcome you to visit our showroom, if it’s possible. Perhaps you live close, or you happen to be nearby, visit us as it is extremely helpful. We have a number of welcoming staff that will provide you all the information you require, not only that, they will help you with choosing a specific stone product and perhaps eventually fill you in with details about how our entire process works. Though of course, we full took into consideration the fact that not everyone can come and visit us, therefore we have our website literally filled with information that could help you with anything that you require. For example, from the manufacturing process to the stone care, we have it all here. Alternatively you could simply call our office on 0161 877 8361, our staff will be able to talk to you about any particular information that you require.