granite upstands

Granite upstands.

The one thing that is missing when a granite worktop is installed are indeed upstands.

If you don’t plan to have tiles then granite upstands are a great solution! They are the small 10cm pieces that go up against a wall from the end of the granite worktop, thus joining the wall itself with a specific stone worktop and uniting the entire place together. Not only they look very nice, but also serve the purpose of stopping the dirt from getting in between the worktop and a wall, an issue that tiles or upstands prevent. The only difference is that upstands, in comparison to tiles are suiting the worktop very nicely, they are often the same colour as the worktop, thus creating a nice sense of the wall joining perfectly with the worktop. Choosing granite or quartz instead of regular tiles you will also save your time during the installation and there is no need to do a lot of grouting, and also you do not have to wait to long before it can be used. This is a very popular and functional solution. It is worth to consider the installation of it, as it will serve you for many years and keep the walls clean and safe. In most cases they are made from solid and durable materials such as granite to make sure that their functions are fulfilled correctly. This finishing element is not expensive and it helps to keep the kitchen clean and neat. Check our gallery and you will convince that this is a prerequisite of stylish and beautiful kitchen.

Furthermore the upstands could also have a decorative purpose, and when placed near the sink they could protect the wall from getting wet, and spillages occurring. Overall upstands have many functions, purposes and advantages, it is simply up to you whether you like the look of them or not!

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