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Granite worktops Preston manufacturer

Polish Granite LTD is one of the leading suppliers of granite worktops across the North-West of England, and in particular the county of Lancashire. We often operate within rural places within the County, as well as larger towns and cities such as Lancaster, Bolton, Blackpool or Preston, where our presence is the most prominent. We are experienced professionals in the trade of stone masonry and are prepared to tackle any given project – this means that apart from granite worktops our team will also handle more complex creations, along the lines of: stone cladding, stairs, fireplaces, flooring etc.

We have an extensive knowledge in regard to stone, with each of our employee possessing 10+ years of masonry and fitting experience, which why all challenges are completed with full confidence and perfection.

Because we supply hundreds of material colours that are derived from all around the world, our bespoke granite worktops can fit both modern and traditional interiors. In the end all kitchen cabinets (no matter what colour), will have a perfect matching surface. Whether you’re after contrast or similarity of colours, you can have whatever you like! What’s more, we can adjust the cutting and polishing techniques to meet your individual needs and preferences so that granite worktops (or whatever stone product you desire), may be tailored to your unique requirements.

Granite worktops, wall cladding and flooring

Granite worktops aren’t the only possible stone application. As was aforementioned, our services also involve: wall cladding, flooring the ground with stone pieces, stair development and variety of smaller applications such as creation of windowsills, fireplaces and bathroom components. So far Polish Granite has completed many jobs in Preston, as well as majority of the main cities/towns in Lancashire, so if you’d like to see our portfolio or go through customer reviews then feel free to get in touch!

Granite worktops Preston – contact us

Be sure to contact us and ask for professional advice if you have any inquiries. Our team not only involves experienced fitters and masons, but also a variety of energetic and vigorous customer service assistants who will be willing to help you with any queries or arrangements. They can be met in our showroom too, so if you prefer a one-to-one chat, feel free to visit our headquarters in Salford Manchester!

Alternatively, if you are based in Preston and local surrounds, then give us a shout and we may arrange you a visit with one of our contractors who is based around the outskirts of Preston.