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Stone floor: Durable granite and quartz marble floor tiles that can withstand all abrasion

Implementing sturdy, long-lasting and resistant flooring in a public place like business offices, restaurants, banks or shopping centres is pivotal. There are thousands of feet treading through those places daily, therefore you want to avoid a surface that wears out over time, is difficult to clean or worst of all . . . requires frequent repairs.

Unfortunately wood, plastic, resin, acryl – they’re all such vulnerable products. At first they look beautiful – especially materials like oak or marble-lookalike resin. But in due course, you begin regretting including these materials into the design of the interior, whether it be a public place or private home living room.

Why granite flooring or quartz marble tiles should be considered for any interior:

As is mentioned above – the primary virtues of granite floor tiles is that they are extremely resistant against everyday harm. No scratches, no stains, chips or fading will affect stone floor tiles. They are the epitome of lifelong durability, products that are imbued with impenetrable quality.

That’s why these floor tiles are ideal products for places where a lot of people pass each day. This doesn’t necessarily have to be an open public place like a shopping mall toilet, swimming pool bathroom or a hotel entrance, corridor or hallway. On the contrary, sometimes the most obscure places (offices, restaurant kitchens, shop stock rooms) require the protection offered by granite floor tiles.

You must remember that by opting for granite tiles, you not only save yourself money by avoiding unnecessary repairs, you also invest into the quality of the interior/exterior. Every developer, architect or designer knows that stone is incredibly resistant. Longevity means less expense, therefore the price of the property where granite and quartz are implemented instantly rise in value.

Secondly, you’ll certainly be spending less on maintenance. This is especially important in a public area – where cleaners only have access at night, when empty, and they need to carry out a quick job before the sunrise. Man made and natural stone are perfect for easy cleaning. As we already mentioned, stone tiles do not absorb any grime, liquids or stains. Therefore little to no scrubbing is required. Any primitive cleaning methods (even using a cloth/mop and dollop of soap) will suffice to pristinely remove the mucky surface. That includes shoe/rubber stains, mud and grime (wet or dry), chewing gums etc.

Granite floor tiles, quartz tiles or ceramic floor tiles also deal brilliantly with intense heat. Therefore any kitchen, where boiling water, oils, fats or even acids are constantly spilling, should consider a network of quartz marble floor tiles.

Quartz marble floor tiles: Not just a functional product

  • Despite granite’s and quartz’s incredible properties, stone’s architectural utilisation isn’t strictly functional. Often so, they are also selected for decorative purposes, curtesy of their unique, exquisite appearance.
  • You can choose a cream floor tile with a marble-lookalike motif (either enriched with veins or clustered speckles); a plain black colour with either grains or mirror-chips; a ceramic with matte texture and appearance of a rust-clad metal; a mottled granite rich in intricate minerals and pigments.
  • The choices are plenty!
  • We invite everyone to our showroom, where we display cut samples of over 400+ different colours. Our showroom itself is clad in natural stone, both in terms of flooring and walls, so you’ll be able to get a first-hand idea of the grandeur, enormity and complexity of the projects handle.
Stone floor
Stone floor
Stone floor
Stone floor

Can you cut my bathroom and kitchen tile to size?

Yes. Every project we make is done according to custom measurements.

Once we provide you a price for the granite flooring project, and you agree to it, we seal the project by coming out and templating your ground area. We diligently look around, record all dimensions, work out all the logistics (whether its your home, office or suchlike) – then we come back with the plans, place orders for the relevant slabs (or utilise our own offcut supplies) and get on with the tile cutting.

Then we organise a delivery and installation date and, whenever you’re available, complete the fitting.

Which stone floor is the best for kitchen environment?

All materials we sell are optimal for a tile flooring project. Whether it’s natural stone like granite, or man-made quartz or ceramic. They all share the same, crucial attribute: the immaculate resistance. And while most of sintered-stone has rough texture (thought to be ideal for surfaces), polished items are also superb. You need not worry about slipping, because upon completion we layer the polished tiles with an anti-slip agent that adheres to the tiles, floor and grouting for at least a year.

Therefore what you choose will likely depend on your own style, preference and taste.

If you want to add a unique – otherworldly amalgamation of organic and alien – atmosphere to an interior, perhaps opting for colours like Blue Pearl, Stromboli, Nero Marquina, Calacatta Gold or Emerald Pearl will be ideal.

If you want to create a mesmerising modern impression, certainly the range of marble-lookalikes will come in handy (of which there are plenty).

Once again, the choices and categories are plenty. We kindly invite everyone to explore the samples in our dedicated Manchester and Preston showrooms. Or our Sample Gallery – abundant in digital representations of such samples.

How to clean stone floor tiles?

Frequently mopping the stone with a bit of dedicated liquid and water will do the job. Putting almost any chemical on the floors, besides perhaps bleach, will sufficiently clean the tiles.

If you opted for a polished finish on the tiles, once a year we’d recommend adding some anti-slip agent into your usual mop bucket and giving the whole surface a clean with such. This isn’t necessary, since the polished surfaces aren’t usually slippery, but we recommend it anyway – especially in public places, where clumsy children have access.

Can I connect my stone floor with underfloor heating system?

Absolutely. We don’t provide the underfloor heating systems ourselves, but we can clad them for you with custom cut stone tiles. We really commend such design, as stone is a natural insulator – therefore you can heat the tiles up, turn the heating off and for at least the next 30 minutes the stone will retain its warmth.

To request such service, please get in touch!

Do you create projects with stone floor and wall tiles?

We can clad anything a customer desires. From walls to flooring or ceilings. And in the case of thin – 3mm, 6mm, 12mm – ceramic, we can even clad furniture, doors and other miniscule domestic elements. Whether it’s in your bathroom or home kitchen wall, thanks to our professional CNC machinery we can precisely cut even the most complex shapes, then the fitters we employ – with at least 10 years of masonry experience – finish off the installation.

If you have any other questions, regarding quotation, project feasibility, restrictions or general prices, please get in touch via phone, email or online chat. We provide VAT inclusive, rapid quotations with fantastic prices.

Contact us, to discuss your new project!

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