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Granite Drainer Grooves for kitchen worktops

Draining grooves are very popular addition to the worktops we create. They are a simple, set-of-five grooves, permanently engraved into the surface of the worktop, adjoining the sink.

They do not cost a lot, but most of our customers openly say that in the long term, this solution is 100% worth it. They are a useful kitchen work surface feature that guarantees a peace of mind and a clean, safe order in your kitchen.


  • Every stone worktop order with an undermounted sink cut out will be eligible for a set of 5 draining grooves, completely FREE of charge
Drainer Grooves
Drainer Grooves
Drainer Grooves
Drainer Grooves

Why drainage grooves are so vital for the kitchen worktop?

The grooves are evenly and parallelly cut into the material in order to make the excess water drain back into the undermount sink or belfast sink.

As a result, the water gradually pooling under the drying rack does not stay on the counter top, instead it slowly slides into the sink.

You might ask – ‘what’s the point?’ especially since granite, ceramic and quartz kitchen worktops are impregnable surfaces i.e. materials that are unaffected by water. The answer is simple: the drainer area helps to keep your worktop clean at all times. Whatever is splashed to the side, whatever water seeps down to the worktop from the drying rack, you won’t need to get your paper-towel out each time, preventing it from dripping on the kitchen floor. Instead, you’ll rely on the dedicated drainage to do the job.

Draining grooves also help to contain the dripping water within the sink-area. They chanel the water down to the sink, instead of allowing it to venture elsewhere on the worktop surface. Such flowing direction is especially pivotal if you rely on frequent use of the hand-washing the dishes, and you know for a fact you drying rack will always be filled.

Let’s not forget that one of the biggest attributes of stone worktops is the easy maintenance. The inclusion of drainer grooves into the kitchen worktop helps to carry on that trend. Our drainer groove system is specially profiled, polished and angled to improve efficient water flow.

By opting for the drainer grooves in stone, you also save some money in the long term. A lot of the drainage areas on standalone, mobile drying racks can easily rust or sustain damage over time. A lot of our customers claimed they have had at least a few replacements prior to opting for the worktop grooves.

Will I be able to pick the placement of drainer grooves?

Yes. When we come out to templating (measuring), we’ll ask you to approve of the drainage grooves side (left or right). Unless of course, you’ll have a custom design in mind (e.g. three grooves on the right of the bowl and two small ones by the smaller waste disposal), then we’ll go through it together and apply the changes.

How many drainer grooves do you provide?

5 is our drainer groove standard, spaced apart roughly 2-3 inches. However, we can create a custom number of grooves, should the customer have such desire. Of course, additional grooves, or intricate requests will be met with additional charges.

Is the drainer groove set of 5 the standard option? Can I pick a different number?

Absolutely. We’ve had many customers in the past who asked for three drainage grooves, but much thicker and deeper. We’ve had people ask us to create grooves on either side of the sink, or a bunch of very small grooves radiating from around the whole rim.

If you have a custom idea for your quartz worktops draining grooves, feel free to call or email us, and we’ll quote you for the service accordingly.

Do you provide the drainage grooves for oddly-shaped sinks?

Are drainer grooves a good idea for belfast sinks, oval sinks or multiple bowl sinks?

The answer is yes – our grooves suit all undermounted sinks: the big, small, two or even three bowled. We don’t discriminate!

Which side for drainer grooves is optimal?

Drainer grooves left or right?

This is entirely a personal preference question which we cannot answer. However, we can provide some suggestions:

Prior to installation, have a look at your kitchen design from a distant perspective. Ask yourself where you’ll place the drying rack; where the biggest sink-bowl will be placed; on which side you’ll place the tap-hole; whether you do a lot of hand washing up; where will it be most convenient for the grooves to sit (you don’t want them directly on your main cooking area, where you usually roll out the dough).

Once you consult these questions, the options should become a lot more clearer. Just think of the convenience, aesthetics and general sink-positioning. Our drainage grooves can stretch anywhere between 15-25 inches – so make a plan, prior to our templating arrival, where they will look best, and where their function will be most invaluable.

Do drainer grooves work on the 12mm ceramic kitchen worktops?

Absolutely. A drainer groove is only professionally incised to a depth of only around 2mm – therefore even the thinnest of worktops can be subjected to groove decoration. Good news is: such implementation won’t affect the integrity of the kitchen worktops – therefore no matter which stone material you choose, or which thickness – a drainer groove system is a must.

Contact us, if you have a question about Worktop Drainer Grooves!

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