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A granite window sill: Order your own to a custom design or measurement

Sturdy window sills are pivotal in any households. Exposure to constant sunlight, the moisture built-up during winter-cold nights, stains from pot plants – these are just some of the risks faced by window sills. The likes of wood, laminate, plastic or even metal materials can be very fragile when rendered into sills. They either absorb the stains, warp due to moisture, fading colour due to the UV radiation – the list goes on.

Why you should consider stone window sills during house refurbishment?

Our stone products: granite window sills, quartz window sills and ceramic window sills can resist it all. Conglomerate and natural stone are some of the toughest building/décor materials out there and no aforementioned threats will affect these surfaces. They repel water, withstand impacts, do not lose original colour – but above all they do not lose their shape, scratch or weaken as a result of passing time.

Our stone window cills not only offer ever-lasting protection against everyday wear and tear or elements, they are also abundant in colours. We have over 600+ colours available (just check out our Sample Gallery!). So regardless of your preference, our stone window sill for sale colour choice is there to fill your window opening.

Window Sill
Window Sill
Window Sill
Window Sill

Can you deliver my marble window sill?

Indeed. Our delivery service covers the whole of UK. We can also offer the installation service, should you require one.

Can I order my window sill while placing the order for the worktops?

Absolutely. If you complete our Online Quote system, in the final steps you even have options to select ‘worktop additions’ like window sills, side panels etc.

Offcuts are ale an optimal way of buying cheap windowsills. So, if you’re wondering where to buy just the windowsills, feel free to visit our showroom, check out our granite & quartz stock and order yours for a discounted price.

How to replace a stone window sill? I have an old sandstone that needs exchanging for quartz

You can give us a call. We’ll organise a fitter that will cleanly take off the old window sills and fit the new ones. We also have contacts with trusted, specialist decorators that can finish off the plastering/paint work on site.

How much are stone windowsills?

The price of a windowsill will depend entirely on the length & measurement of your desired material. Our worktop offcut materials (whether its granite, quartz, ceramic or marble), all cost the same. Therefore the price will depend entirely on the length of a windowsill and the labour involved to get the piece cut, polished and potentially installed at your home.

Please remember, however, that all of our offcuts are greatly discounted – therefore regardless of the length, you won’t have to worry about spending too much money.

If you need to get your granite windowsill project priced, feel free to call or message us via email. We’ll provide you quotations, suggestions and advice regarding cleaning treatment, kitchen worktops, UK deliveries and the lot.

Contact us, to discuss your new project!

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