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Granite worktops –  the beauty of natural stone in your kitchen:

Granite is an igneous, volcanic rock that solidified millions of years ago in a process of magma cooling and crystallising. These processes were happening across the globe when volcanoes were widespread and highly active. As such, composition of granite varies extensively – some granites, like Absolute Black, can be uniformly black and are native to Asia, predominantly India. Other granite rocks, like Blue Pearl are formed of blue, clear and reflective minerals and can be found in Norway’s highlands wherein it’s quarried. The structure of any granite will depend strongly on the circumstances, cooling processes and properties of amalgamated liquid magma – thus available granites are completely unique across every continent.

Granite kitchen worktops: Why are they #1 stone worktops on the British market?

Granite has been used as decorative resource in external and internal projects since antiquity. Humans are naturally attracted to granite - it's strong, durable but most of all beautiful. No doubt this desire carried over to modern times as this product is consistently utilised as part of domestic architecture and interior design. Whether in form of kitchen worktops or vast cladding projects, granite is integrated into more and more households each year. Not only because fashion for mottled, hard-wearing stone still stands, but also because - contrary to popular belief - granite is very affordable.

Polish Granite is always ready to deliver you any of the 60+ varieties of granite work tops, allowing you to implement any stone colour within your home. Whether you pine for stunning Emerald Pearl or Verde Ubatuba - we can supply it all. The process is very simple: Choose your favourite granite worktops colour within our Sample Gallery, either get in touch via phone or email, send us your kitchen plans via message, receive a quote, and we'll book you in for template & installation!

Advantages of granite worktops


Staining or de-colouring is a constant threat to your surfaces. Whether it be during cooking: using oils, vinegars or citrus ingredients – these are all harsh liquids that impact your worktop. However, with granite, you won’t have to worry about any of those problems as the material repels all liquids and prevents staining – but remember, frequent impregnating your kitchen worktops with a special sealant will be necessary to guarantee non-porosity!


Granite is essentially a solidified, hard rock able to withstand virtually any wear and tear it ‘s daily subjected to. It’s therefore a perfect product for your kitchen worktops, where blades, knives, utensils and appliances are constantly being shuffled across the surface. You may go as far as slicing your veggies on top with a sharp object or dicing your steak with a knife – granite will combat any sign of damage.


Granite’s resistance to fire and heat is unparalleled. The stone was created with help of both, so naturally high temperature is a part of its integrity. With granite you’ll be free to put boiling pans, hot plates, even oven trays on the kitchen worktops surface – nothing will scorch it. The same goes for melting your marshmallows or crème brûlée with a blowtorch – you need not worry about harm being done to your granite worktop.


Granite worktops are sleek, glossy and smooth so wiping down any dirt, grime, grease or stains becomes effortless. There’s no need for a detergent – all it usually takes is a bit of damp cloth + soap, a single wipe . . . and voila! Disposing of any blemishing or even hard staining will be a quick and undemanding task, enabling you to take more pleasure out of cooking.


The resistant virtue of granite and the high-quality, flawless polish means that no food will enter cracks, gaps or crannies of the worktops. Granite is therefore rendered essentially bacteria-free. Plenty other materials, such as wood or laminate, crack, warp and split over time, especially when exposed to water-absorption. Such deformities may seem innocent, but it’s where food easily hides and grows in abundance. Granite benefits prevent that from happening. It’s well-nigh indestructible nature allows a granite worktop for kitchen to structurally remain flawless for decades, enabling you to constantly keep the countertops hygienic, sterile and debris-free.


No UV Radiation, rain, ice, snow or critical temperature changes will impact the texture, structure or original colour of granite. This makes granite an ideal resource for external cladding, BBQ kitchen worktops, patio surfacing etc. You will never have to worry about your granite rifting, splitting or fading in colour – it will remain pristine through even harshest of weather conditions and retain the organic, beautiful quality it had the day you received it.

Where can I explore the available granite worktops colours?

You have two options to browse through our collection:

Samples Gallery

Sample Gallery

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Why Granite Worktops are worth the investment?

Premium Resistance  

With granite worktops you can forget about the possibility of scratching or staining. You may chop your veg on the solid kitchen worktops surface, slice bread with sharpest of blades, leave a scorching pan on the polished finish, even drop a porcelain mug on it and observe no damage whatsoever. The resistant nature of granite will prevent it from sustaining any scratches, blemishing, discolouration or chipping. Compare that to wood, or laminate, or even metal for that matter – materials which easily fall victim to spillages and faintest mechanical impact.

Granite is a natural stone – a volcanic, igneous rock composed of tightly compressed minerals. It’s structure is therefore strong and invulnerable, making it an ideal product for everyday use in the kitchen. From making breakfast, to cooking dinner, baking a cake or creating cocktails – kitchen worktops are always in the centre of attention: they are subjected to splashes of hot oil, shuffling of metal oven trays, banging of the meat hammer – and they must endure it all. With bespoke granite worktops, this reliability is guaranteed.

Investment for Life

The points mentioned above bring us nicely to the following argument: Granite Worktops are an Investment For Life. Because of the liquid, heat, impact and scratch resistant attributes of granite kitchen worktops, you’re essentially purchasing a product that will last you a lifetime. After all, it’s built for permanence, it’s been made to last. Indeed, a granite worktop may be a tad more pricy than wood or laminate counterparts, however, that’s because granite kitchen worktops do not require replacement every 3-4 years. It’s quality over quantity.

One, solid payment versus frequent small investments. You need no expert to tell you which option is more profitable from a financial standpoint. In essence, granite worktops cost more but – contrary to every other non-stone material on the market – will last you a lifetime. What’s more, your anxiety of having to replace or repair your worktops every so often will completely vanish; purchasing high quality asset like granite will erase your worries of staining, scratching or damaging your worktop. Last but not least, homeowners will be glad to hear that kitchens with granite worktops, or more specifically homes containing granite tend to be priced higher, as property value is increased, irrespective of house / flat type.

Maintenance Time Saver

It’s a well-known fact that granite kitchen worktops are easy to clean and maintain – whether surface texture of your granite worktop is polished or honed, it matters not. All you need is a damp cloth with a drop of soap and all stains – no matter how unpleasant or potent – will come off at an instant. Scrubbing your granite worktop will be a once in a blue moon occurrence. Tackling grease, coffee or acidic stains with chemical agents will be a thing of the past. Bear in mind that – when sealed – granite worktops surfaces will repel any substance, even when left on to dry.

Furthermore, due to the immaculate durability of granite – i.e. it’s lack of scratching, splitting or fissuring – you’ll be guaranteed that no food particles will enter the crannies of the worktop. This means your granite worktops will also be hygienic products, preventing any mould from growing or bacteria from developing – issues often suffered by laminate or wooden kitchen worktops.

The Best Applications for Granite:

Kitchen granite worktops are definitely one of the most popular interior solutions for natural stone. They’ve been used in this form for decades across the world, and demand has not halted. Because granite isn’t just a material that is unique, beautiful to look at and aesthetically pleasing thus complementing each kitchen. Above all else, a granite work surface is a practical product. It’s endurance, longevity and resistance against most damage renders it an ideal material for kitchen worktops, where we cook almost on a daily basis. All of us want to possess kitchen worktops that will eliminate our anxiety about accidentally scratching or staining the surface, or save us money by not having to replace granite worktops in a few years. At the same time we want our granite worktops kitchen to stand out, have a bit of colour, give off that wow-factor. All of this can be guaranteed with a granite worktop.

Although kitchens granite worktops are fantastic way to embellish an interior, they aren’t the only solution.

  • Internal applications for granite range from flooring, to cladding of walls or ceilings. Granite instantly evokes connotations of modernity, luxury and cleanliness. Plus, let’s not forget: an interior cladded with granite astonishes everyone. But once again, aesthetics aren’t the only factor for selecting granite as cladding material – no doubt functionality of natural stone plays a big role in the choice. Floors do not scratch when walked upon, so they are perfect for any interior, especially a public place. Walls retain heat – despite being cold and associated with cool rock, granite is in fact a great insulant.
  • Windowsills – they’re perfect because they resist UV light and moisture which may build up on the surface.
  • A range of granite sheets can be used to encase office and reception desks. 20mm thick materials are regularly used to wrap larger structures, granting these work surfaces elegance and style.
  • The list of internal uses for granite is enormous – vanity tops, coffee tables, dining tables, fireplace coverings to name a few. Both granite and marble are often used for showroom or bathroom decoration etc. If you’d like to find out more about granite applications, or gain some inspiration, visit our blog.
  • Since granite can be impregnated with anti-slip solvents, it can be used for external projects, either around your home or in public places. Reasons such as increasing safety is a perfect excuse to clad stairs, hallways or use these work surfaces to layer your patio or terrace, ensuring your children are always protected.

What's the Cost of Granite Worktops?

The Basics

Unfortunately there isn’t a single, universal definitive answer as to how much exactly granite worktops cost, and even estimating is difficult, as overall price will in large be dictated by your kitchen design. After all, when it comes to granite countertops, large proportion of overall costs is made up of material itself. So, if your dream kitchen is huge, with a U-Shape layout + an island & other elements such as splashbacks and upstands, naturally we will have to order more slabs from uk suppliers than for a simple L-type kitchen. Therefore instead of providing rough, sometimes misleading estimates here, we always prefer to ask the customer for kitchen designs, plans or even simple sketches. We can create a quick quotation in accordance to those measurements and provide you an accurate and reliable granite worktop price, granite worktops advice and recommendation.

The overall price for granite worktops will also be strongly reliant on ‘extras’ and other kitchen worktop elements you may request. Going by the logic mentioned above, a kitchen with granite worktop that contains complex edge profiles, drainer grooves, two undermounted kitchen sinks, two tap holes, custom induction plate cut-outs and six rounded corners will be naturally more expensive than a simple kitchen project with one overmounted sink, a standard hob cut-out and a simple pencil edge profile. After all, manufacturing everything to fit a particular kitchen is a laborious process, necessitating a lot of man-power and time to complete. To complete the cutting and polishing process for a single medium-sized kitchen, our fabricators require at least 5-6 working days. Then additional labour is required for delivery and kitchen worktop installation.

Another factor impacting granite worktops prices is the granite itself. What do we mean by that?

Well: some granites are more expensive than others – it all depends on the current supplier prices, the demand for granite, the rarity or availability of granite types and of course the finishes themselves. For instance, granite for worktops with honed, matte or slate polish will be more pricey than the ordinary polish. Although that may seem odd, all granites are automatically polished as soon as they’re sourced from quarries, so de-polishing comes at a higher prices.

Likewise, contrary to common belief, granite worktops for kitchens and their range of colours are not all priced same. As mentioned above, availability and popularity of certain colours really does the difference. A slab of popular, yet readily available Absolute Black granite may cost a couple of hundred pounds, yet a rare Labradorite granite countertop may cost over a thousand pounds for a single sheet. Once again, before you make a final decision, and you find yourself asking how much granite worktops cost, please consult your idea with our customer service and we’ll provide you all information.

Granite or Quartz – Which one is cheaper?

In terms of price per slab, granite, quartz and marble are very comparable. Whether its quartz or granite worktops, cheap products start at roughly £600 and can rise up to £2.5k per single slab – it all depends on three factors mentioned above: availability (rare vs common), design (complex veining and patterns versus uniform designs), and supplier rates.

The main comparison between quartz worktops, granite worktop prices etc. can be made when gauging slab sizes. An average sheet of quartz measures 3.2metres x 1.6metres; by comparison granite provide their variety of slabs in approx. 3metres x 1.9metres. So, what does that tell us? Well, this difference in slabs means that it’s much easier to extract sufficient worktop pieces for medium-sized kitchen from one granite slab, as opposed to quartz. Therefore, it’s often the case that customers elect granite, and end up only needing a single slab to complete their kitchen project, while for those seeking quartz worktops, slab requirement might double, and price will rise.

Do you have any other enquiries?

Learn how our process of cutting, templating and installation works:

  • Feel free contact us and request pictures of how our manufacturers prepare the worktops, granite, marble or quartz, or videos containing the template and installation procedures.
  • Our staff can divulge the insight into how our services work and the length of completion. We also can confirm that we’ll deliver to your area, since we fit granite worktops anywhere in the UK, and visit our customers in number of places, even if very remote.
  • Read through About Us & Testimonials to gain an understanding of our ethos, team experience and standards of work + high quality granite services.

Explore our range of available products:

  • Enquire about granite colours, finish categories, thickness differences & pattern range.
  • Make use of our Online Gallery and peruse through all samples of worktops: granite, quartz & ceramic.
  • Request samples of granite worktop patterns: the plain designs or the beauty containing veining.
  • Ask us for advice regarding the choice of units, cabinet styles, colour matching, themes, contrasts or general granite worktop kitchen design. Many of our employees originate from interior design background, so they will grant you valuable advice on matching your home theme & décor with any given granite worktops.

Consult with us other stone worktops alternatives:

  • When it comes to worktops quartz, worktops granite, or marble worktops or even ceramic alternatives like Dekton Cosentino or Neolith, we have it all available. Visit our showroom to browse our wide selection of granite, quartz and ceramic samples – you can even request to lend one!
  • If you require any more insight into the comparison between each stone product, be sure to read our blogs or contact us directly via phone or email to receive further information. We are offering help to all our customers, or those simply interested – ensuring that you receive a granite worktops that match your needs, guaranteeing you full satisfaction.

Enquire about the costs

  • Request a manual price plan for your worktop granite or have a go at our Online Quote system. If you need help with any of our website functionalities & tools e.g. the Online Quote system, 3D Kitchen system etc. get in touch!
  • Polish Granite also provides useful advice regarding best solutions that match your budget. We can give you insight into most recent offers or change / differences in price of granite worktop, quartz worktops, ceramic or marble worktops, providing you up-to-date information to ensure your worktops quartz or worktop kitchen granite suit your assigned budget.

If you have any granite worktops related questions that correspond with the topics above, feel free to contact us. Our staff are composed of knowledgeable, professional people with plenty experience; they will help you in relation to any area of enquiry.

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