Reception desks

reception desk

Reception desks quality shows the quality and prestige of your company.

The first impression is the most crucial impression ever made therefore it’s necessary that your reception is set up to its highest standards as it represents your institution. Here at Polish Granite Ltd we will assist you sort out and build that perfect first impression with the help of our specialists. We employ experts in manufacturing and fitting main reception desks throughout the U.K including areas such as Edinburgh.

Reception is a visiting card of each hotel or guesthouse. Functional and ergonomic solutions, which facilitate receptionist’s work are our priority. We take care about the comfort of two people, which are on opposite sides of our reception desk. Wide selection of materials, colours and textures, from which we make our countertops can combine perfectly with any reception area. We always count on high-quality and high-resistance materials, as the reception desk is put in jeopardy of constant contact with solid objects and high usage frequency. Our team is made from professionals, who create also an arrangements of whole reception area. Our countertops are always perfectly matched to the existing interior, accordingly to your individual project. One of the most important things for us is to create unique and unrepeatable countertops, especially for receptions. As it is a visiting card of a specific place, it should be associated only with this place. Reception desk often is the first object noticed by a client, who steps into your company. So it is essential to make it to reflect the character and the activity profile of the company, to do not create a psychological barrier which considerably obstruct the first contact. Drawing from our many years of experience, we perfectly know how to create a hospitable and inviting to join rooms. With your original ideas and our knowledge we can design an amazing reception space!

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