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Reception Desks: Marble, Quartz and Granite Desk Top Cut to Size.

A stunning reception desk is a must in any business premise. Whether it’s large, small, round or cubed piece of furniture, it has the sole purpose of being a staple of any business. After all, many company clients will stumble through the reception to get to the conference room; directors, shareholders or investors will pass the reception to get to

Why is a granite or marble top the ideal product for a reception desk?

In order to impress, the reception desk must match one crucial criteria: it needs to look, but above all BE sturdy and awe-inspiring.

You can achieve that by opting for a granite or marble top encasing:

  • Making the reception desk a distinguishing centrepiece of the entire interior is vital. And there’s no better material to complete that job than granite, ceramic, marble or quartz. All of these are beautiful and in a lot of ways unique products that instantly transform the given interior. The mineral-rich granite, sourced directly from the earth is the epitome of wondrous and stunning surface. Used as cladding material for the existing desk/furniture will certainly intrigue, but most of all turn heads.
  • While other surface products like natural oaken wood are highly sought products, they don’t survive the reception conditions for very long. Wood stains, scratches, dis-colours and easily burns. Since the reception table is all about first-impressions, you don’t want to boast a damaged desk. You need to count on high-quality and high-resistance stone materials to withstand the jeopardy of constant contact with solid objects and high usage frequency.

Granite & Quartz Marble: The missing component of a reception space

Instil a sense of grandeur, luxury, beauty and prestige within your clients. Show them that the quality of your business starts at the welcoming reception and ends at the warehouse. The saying ‘dress to impress’ also applies to the whole business environment, starting at the furniture . . .

It’s necessary that your reception is set up to its highest standards as it represents your institution. The reception is a visiting card of each hotel, company or guesthouse.

Functional and ergonomic solutions, which facilitate receptionist’s work are our priority. So it is essential the ornamentation and furnishing reflects the character and activity profile of the company. You want to avoid creating psychological barrier manifested via observations which considerably obstruct the underlying, true essence of your company.

Drawing from our many years of experience, we know exactly how to create a hospitable and inviting stone products that match any interior, suit our customer needs and inundate the interior with a touch of class.

With your original ideas, our interior design knowledge and contribution of our incredible stone products, we can design an amazing reception space! A fantastic room that ticks off all the boxes.

Reception Desks
Reception Desks
Reception Desks
Reception Desks

Can you clad my home office desk with marble quartz?

Of course. We don’t limit our services only to reception desks for big corporations. We also serve the individual customers who want to transform their bedroom bedside table, work-room desk or even dressing table into something truly wonderful.

A lot of our clients purchase stone not just for decoration purposes, but also for functionality. Many of our clients know that the resilience of granite/quartz is unmatched – but also that such stone is easily maintained. So if you constantly scrape the laptop mouse over the desk surface, maybe you use the table as a workbench for gluing your airplane-models or working your jewellery, or you utilise this area for your children’s arts and crafts, then stone is a perfect product.

You practically can’t scratch it, you cannot stain it or blemish it with paint, oils, glues or heavy liquids. Not to mention granite can withstand heavy heat – so if you’re soldering or hot-gluing items together, granite is the only desk product to consider.

Can I buy a full marble desk with drawers?

Unfortunately Polish granite only supplies the worktops or cladding material for your desk. If you require a desk with gold legs, a marble desk with silver legs or a marble desk with storage then we can only suggest some inspirations, options or frame/furniture suppliers.

Our business only takes care of the ‘decor’, finishing end. Essentially we template your chosen furniture or frame (i.e. the underlaying material), and use that frame to clad it with our stone material.

Likewise, we neither supply the chairs for marble desks.

What colour are your marble desk for sale in?

We possess hundreds of different products. Whatever stone desk was on your wish list, both in terms of colours, composition and texture – the likely chances are we’ll have it available.

Our collection of colours ranges from blue to black, white and grey. Some stones are plain, others have imbedded vibrant minerals, while another group has the marble-lookalike appearance.

My reception desks are of an elaborate hexagonal design. Can you layer such shape with granite tops?

Not a problem. We value and respect the demand of any customer and have thus far completed far more complicated designs. Our team of manufacturers are equipped with 10+ years each of invaluable masonry experience. Likewise, our CNC cutting machinery offers precision, perfection and reliability, eliminating potential of a human error.

Not to mention we only deal with world-known and respected quartz, marble, ceramic and granite suppliers like Compac, Silestone Cosentino, Levantina, Fugen, Cimstone, Caesarstone etc. Therefore we guarantee you a high-quality stone product that will last a lifetime.

Therefore whatever project you have in mind, feel free to contact us by giving our landline a call or sending us an email. If you send you plans along, we’ll invite you to our showroom where you’ll be able to chose your perfect material and discuss the project logistics with our team of professionals.

I have a flimsy dressing table - will my furniture hold up the granite weight?

Usually, we’d recommend a stable furniture unit to hold up a granite or quartz marble top. Such worktop items can weigh a lot – even up to 40-80kg, depending on the marble table you elect.

We’d also suggest traditional frames i.e. support offered by legs from all 4 (or more) corners.

If you have a fragile dressing table, you might need to opt for addition of support. If it’s a storage table, maybe adding some wooden staves would suffice to hold the marble top up.

Can I opt for a delivery option for my order?

Indeed! We offer delivery for our customers across the whole of UK. No matter the post code.

If you are planning to place an order, yet you’re concerned about delivery (maybe you live on a high flat or in a remote UK area), please call us and we’ll answer your queries.

Likewise, if you have questions regarding other matters, feel free to contact us via email or landline.

Contact us, to discuss your new project!

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