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Leading suppliers of kitchen worktops across the UK

Our expertise and prowess in the masonry industry allows us to specialise in the production and installation of high-grade worktops wrought from ceramic, quartz and natural granite. Among all the areas across the North West, we strive to deliver and fit the worktops in vast places, namely: Liverpool, Manchester, Blackpool, Preston and many other villages, towns and cities scattered across the North of England.

We value the properties and essence of stone. Its unique colours, patterns and everlasting durability, resistance to heat & scratching. Making granite and quartz worktops is our passion and we wish to transfer some of these rich feelings to our customers. It’s our primary objective to allow our customers experience the many attributes and true benefits of these organic & man-made worktops. After all, it’s a satisfaction which will last a lifetime, and one that cannot be substituted with purchase of other worktop alternatives.

Over the last 12 years we have gained plenty of experience in the granite worktop business and established a solid, respected presence in Liverpool, Manchester and areas alike.

Spreading our granite wings into the heart of Merseyside – I.e. why our presence is so dominant in the Northern counties

In the last 8 years Polish Granite has been gradually branching out to all places local to Manchester e.g. Liverpool or Chester. In fact, by 2019 we’ve been regular visitors in counties like Lancashire, Merseyside and Cheshire. In these counties alone we’ve already fitted approx. 3,500 granite worktops (most of which are evidenced in our gallery, blog and Facebook webpage). Our bespoke worktops materials are made from top quality slabs, provided by the best European stone suppliers. Among the main brands, the likes of Compac, Samsung Radianz, Caesarstone, Technistone, Silestone, Levantina, Fugen can be found– all providing granite, quartz or ceramic materials.


Our manufacturing Process

Once the slabs are supplied to our workshop factory, they are artfully manufactured and turned to beautifully crafted stone worktops that correspond with your design. It doesn’t really matter if you’re dreaming of an excellent modern kitchen or a traditional concept in Liverpool. Our granite and quartz worktops can be cut in such ways that it fits almost any visualisation. So, if you’re after some stone worktops, do not hesitate to let us know and we’ll prepare you a quote.

Design your granite and quartz worktops and let us estimate your costs! This is the beauty of working with stone: you can create original worktops in shapes & sizes that fit almost any kitchen layout or distinct cabinets.

Unfortunately, it is a common misconception that there are limits to stone. But this is absolute nonsense! Granite and quartz worktops can be shaped, polished and grinded as much as wood! Our team of professional specialists always ensure that your Liverpool kitchen worktops are be fitted perfectly. We’re dedicated and passionate about our job, so we approach any project with care and full commitment. As a result, we’ve never encountered disappointed or dissatisfied customers, rather, our granite worktop services satisfy and fulfil all those who cooperate with our company.


If you’re located in Liverpool and you’re after some granite or quartz worktops, then feel free to contact us! We’ll be happy to help and grant you the great service you require! It’s as simple as sending us an email or phoning us up.

Other than that, we also have our online quote calculator system available on our website. By completing it, a price plan will be generated for your granite or ceramic or quartz worktops. Creating your own quote will mean that you won’t have to rely on the consultation of our amazing customer service team. In 5 easy steps and 5 minutes time you will be able to make your own quartz worktops quote, and receive an instant plan with attractive prices.

Our showroom doors are also widely open! Within, you can find a multitude of stone granite, ceramic or quartz samples, and everyone is welcome to choose a particular material for their worktops/kitchens by browsing the wide selection we have displayed. We even give out some granite & quartz samples so you can compare them against your cabinets at home! So, if you’re debating which choice of granite / quartz finish to go for (pencil edge, half bullnose, dupont) or you’re in a dilemma about the worktops surface type (polish, matte, honed etc.) then visiting a showroom is your best shout. Here you’ll be able to touch and behold each material in real life, providing you a much better perspective.

We strongly recommend that you pay us a visit, especially that our quartz showroom is located merely 40 mins away from Liverpool. It will certainly be worth it, and our team will assist you with anything!