Recessed area

Recessed areas on bespoke worktops.

We consistently strive to make the products in our offer more up-to-date, using advanced technologies available on market. Now we can propose our customers new, very functional solution for the most current kitchens. Our latest idea seems to be one of the most popular these days and it was appreciated even by our most demanding clients.

A recessed area is located around the entire sink (and draining grooves) if included. It is a little fall created in order for the water that is splashed from the sink to gather within the recessed area instead of other parts of the worktop. You have to remember that water never flows to the sink without any help. It is our job to manipulate the surface in such a way to guarantee the water drain system. This solution seems to be not very important but, as a matter of fact, they have an essential function in whole arrangement. We always make sure that our details not only look beautiful, elegant and stylish, but also are well prepared to serve our customers for a very long time.

The recessed areas are fantastic little additions to your worktop that create an even bigger satisfaction of the material. Not only they allow you to enjoy the worktop even more, but they also serve a function of being a protection for the rest of the worktop from the water. Of course water itself cannot be a harm, but if left over time it will damage it in the long term due to microscopic cracks that appear within the worktop. Even if they are sealed, water can damage them in the long term, and the recessed area will prevent this.

Surfaces designed like this have not only useful features, but they look also very decorative. According to our experience and our customers suggestions we try to bring to perfection all of our projects.

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Recessed area

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